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Quotes for
Orion (Character)
from "Superman" (1996)

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"Justice League Unlimited: Flash and Substance (#3.5)" (2006)
[after questioning the Trickster about the other villains' whereabouts]
Orion: What about your enemy?
The Flash: Oh, right.
[to the Trickster]
The Flash: Dude, as soon as you finish your drink, turn yourself in.
The Trickster: [raising his mug] Got me again, Flash!

Orion: I can't believe you let that buffoon manipulate you. You'd never catch me at one of those museum openings.
[Batman just looks at him]
Orion: ...It's not black tie, is it?

Orion: [to the Flash] I understand now. You play the clown to hide a warrior's pain.

Orion: You're tied to a very large boomerang.
The Flash: [sarcastic] Yeah?

"Justice League: Twilight: Part II (#2.2)" (2003)
Orion: [after punching Darkseid] Hello Father, don't I get a hug?

Orion: As long as Darkseid is in power, there can be no real peace.