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Dr. Fate (Character)
from "Justice League" (2001)

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"Smallville: Absolute Justice (#9.11)" (2010)
Dr. Fate: Your fate is utterly binding. You are invaluable, Clark Kent. But you, you walk the same path as a I do, Chloe Sullivan.
Clark Kent: Who are you?
Dr. Fate: Let me show you, my friend.

Hawkman: [to Clark] Dr. Fate says you're a big deal. I don't see it.
Dr. Fate: Clark Kent is not like the others. His path is righteous.
Stargirl: If Dr. Fate says he's okay, that means he's okay, right?
Clark Kent: Why have you been watching us?
Stargirl: Sylvester wanted to bring together a new Justice Society - One with the surviving members and us new kids.
Hawkman: It wouldn't have worked, Courtney. People never learn. This generation will make the same mistakes the last one did like the one before that. Obvious by how you've skipped your homework, you don't even know who we are.
Clark Kent: You don't who we are either. But none of us here are the bad guys.
[an arrow is shot into the JSA's framed picture, Oliver enters the Brownstone]
Oliver Queen: You sure about that, Clark? The winged warrior here threw me through a window.
Hawkman: I hope I didn't make you cry.
Oliver Queen: Drop the mace, Conan.
Hawkman: I will... on your head.
Oliver Queen: Bring it, Big Bird. Just for the record, you started it.
Hawkman: I'll finish it.

Dr. Fate: The hope for tomorrow that your alien friend spoke of - you are that hope. I have seen it.
Clark Kent: Because you see the future?
Dr. Fate: I see everyone's fate but my own. Sometimes that scares me. But when I see the future of someone such as yourself, I believe in tomorrow again.
Clark Kent: When you saw my fate, what did you see?
Dr. Fate: You will lead this generation as Hawkman once lead ours.
Clark Kent: You sound like a group I met from the future. They hinted at my destiny, but they were as vague as you are.
Dr. Fate: Then let me be specific. Although Lex Luthor is your ultimate opponent, you will triumph over him.
Clark Kent: Lex? Lex is dead.
Dr. Fate: And when you show yourself to the world, it will be a different age than ours, Clark. A silver age of heroism that will start when they look up into the sky at you with hope for tomorrow. You will have everyone to embrace it.

John Jones: I appreciate the assist.
Dr. Fate: I'm interested in you. You are not a human, but you are forced to be.
John Jones: I used to have special abilities like Clark.
Dr. Fate: But you sacrificed them to save Clark Kent. You see what I see in Clark Kent but without the aid of the helmet of Nabu. Its magic reveals the fates of people around me. I look into the window of the future and witness might be. But, eventually, it became too much. I saw too much. Before your people were destroyed, did you have a wife, John?
John Jones: And a daughter.
Dr. Fate: You miss your family as do I.

John Jones: We're too late. He's already been here.
Dr. Fate: It is not your fate to die this day, Martian.
[he restores John's abilities]

Dr. Fate: I see your fate, Lois Lane. You are the one he will need. He is the one you will need.

Lois Lane: Nice helmet.
Dr. Fate: Thank you.

"Justice League Unlimited: Wake the Dead (#1.11)" (2004)
Clark Kent: [referring to Amazo] You let him out of the Tower now?
Dr. Fate: I'm curious to see how you would dissuade him.

Dr. Fate: The creature knows only rage and seeks only oblivion. Your mace may be the one object on Earth that can grant him peace.
John Stewart: What are you saying?
Shayera Hol: Your favorite movie's "Old Yeller"; you know *exactly* what he's saying. Is this my destiny? To be a destroyer? To betray yet *another* friend?
Dr. Fate: It's not that simple. It never was.

Dr. Fate: I could've told you that wouldn't work.
Aquaman: She was once one of the fiercest warriors I'd ever met. What's she doing here?
Dr. Fate: Trying to find her way. Leaving the Justice League was difficult for her. I've provided her sanctuary, a place to meditate on her life and future. We must allow her the time she needs to...
[Fate stops in mid sentence and senses something]
Dr. Fate: Excuse me.
[Fate leaves the room as Amazo sets up the chess board]
Amazo: [to Aquaman] New game?

Dr. Fate: Solomon Grundy's grave is empty.
Aquaman: Tell me where to find those responsible. Then dig more graves.
Dr. Fate: We are dealing with something far more sinister than mere human avarice. Grundy's grave was forced open from the inside. The site reeks of chaos magic.
Aquaman: He left under his own power?
Dr. Fate: Far more power than he ever evidenced before.

"Justice League: The Terror Beyond: Part II (#2.16)" (2003)
Dr. Fate: Be on your guard!
Ichthulhu: Speak not until spoken to, dust mote.
Hawkgirl: Okay, that was just rude!
Ichthulhu: Wind Mote, who are you?
Hawkgirl: Shayera Hol, Hawkgirl!
Ichthulhu: You have the stench of the Thanagarians upon you.
Hawkgirl: Says the giant squid!
Ichthulhu: *Definitely* Thanagarian!

Superman: Everybody okay?
Solomon Grundy: Okay.
Wonder Woman: Fine.
Dr. Fate: I am unharmed.
Hawkgirl: Let's get on with this.

Dr. Fate: He's here. I feel him.
Shayera Hol: Where?
Dr. Fate: I'm not sure. Everywhere!

"Justice League: The Terror Beyond (#2.15)" (2003)
Dr. Fate: It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Grundy. I am Dr. Fate.
Solomon Grundy: [swallows what he was chewing on and points to Inza] Girl gave Grundy the cookies...

[last lines]
Superman: Tell us what you're doing here, now!
Dr. Fate: [a rumbling sounds and a portal opens revealing a monster] We were trying to prevent *that*.

"Justice League Unlimited: The Return (#1.8)" (2004)
[the Green Lantern Corps want to destroy Amazo because they believe he destroyed Oa, but Dr. Fate steps in their way]
Dr. Fate: Wait. Please. The android's nature has proved benign before. I believe it will again.
Green Lantern: Benign? You call destroying Oa benign?
[the entire Green Lantern Corps aim their power rings at Dr. Fate]
Green Lantern: Not even you can stand against the Green Lantern Corps.
[Dr. Fate steps aside]

Inza Nelson: Are you all right?
Dr. Fate: Fine. Although there was a moment when I actually thought John Stewart was going to attack me.
Shayera Hol: Oh I don't know about that... His bark's a lot worse than his bite.

"Young Justice: Denial (#1.7)" (2011)
Klarion the Witch Boy: Give it up, Nabu! Order went out of style in the 20th century.
Dr. Fate, Wally West: This battle is pointless. You sought to take the helmet before it gained a host. But you are too late.
Klarion the Witch Boy: SHUT IT, YOU OLD FART!

"Young Justice: Revelation (#1.14)" (2011)
Aqualad: [to Miss Martian] Plan B.
Wotan: [the ship drops the duffle bag, revealing the contents] The Helmet of Fate.
Kid Flash: No, Aqualad! Don't...
[Kid Flash is attacked. Aqualad puts on the helmet]
Kid Flash: Oh dude.
Dr. Fate: Wotan. You are mine!

"Superman: The Hand of Fate (#2.20)" (1997)
Dr. Fate: One thing I've learned from centuries of combat is that no matter how thoroughly you think you exterminate the evil, it comes creeping back like a cockroach.