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Clark Davis (Character)
from Love Comes Softly (2003) (TV)

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Love Comes Softly (2003) (TV)
Clark Davis: The truth of God's love is not that he allows bad things to happen. It's His promise that He'll be here with us when they do.

Clark Davis: Where did the skunk find you?
Marty Claridge: In the barn.
Missie Davis: We need some more tomatoes, Pa. It took a whole bushel to get her smelling this good.

Marty Claridge: There is no way you're going to be my - my midwife! Find someone else!
Clark Davis: There ain't no time for that.
Marty Claridge: *Isn't!* I'll be fine. I'll be fine. Did you deliver Missie?
Clark Davis: No, there was Sarah...
Missie Davis: But Pa's delivered plenty of calves.
Marty Claridge: [sarcastically] Oh, that makes me feel so much better.
Clark Davis: Missie, we'll need a lot of hot water and the shears from the barn. They'll need to be sterilized.
Marty Claridge: Missie! Missie, don't you dare!
[Clark gestures and tells Missy to go]
Marty Claridge: I would rather give birth in a field than have you in here!
Clark Davis: Child birth is a natural event.
Marty Claridge: Ooooooh, if you feel what I'm feeling you'll see how natural it is. Now get out!
[she has another contraction]
Marty Claridge: Oh, I can't do this alone. Please help me. Please!
[she holds up her left hand which has her wedding ring on it]

Clark Davis: You look beautiful, Missie.
Missie Davis: Thanks, Pa.

Clark Davis: A man loses his horse he goes after it. It's as simple as that.

Clark Davis: A man loses his woman, he goes after her. It's as simple as that.

Clark Davis: Father, I don't know why you brought Marty into my life only to have her leave like this. I don't always understand your plan, but I ask you with a shattered heart, please help me to accept it. Amen.

Marty Claridge: I have to stay for the right reasons
Clark Davis: Stay because I love you. I love you!
Marty Claridge: Maybe I should stay because I love *you*.

Marty Claridge: The books. How did you know they were mind and not Aaron's?
Clark Davis: Oh, well, a man would have thrown them off the wagon at the first big hill. Unless he was trying to please a stubborn woman.

Missie Davis: [Missie and Clark find the chicken coop a mess and the stump with blood on it] Looks like a coyote got in there, Pa.
Clark Davis: [looking at the stump] Or a wild woman with an axe.

Clark Davis: Missy could fall down and hurt herself, even if I'm walking right there beside her. That doesn't mean that I allowed it to happen. She knows, as far as unconditional love, I'll pick her up and I'll carry her. I'll try to heal her. I'll cry when she cries. And I'll rejoice when she is well. In all the moments of my life, God has been right there beside me. The truth of God's love is not that he allows bad things to happen. It's His promise that he'll be there with us when they do.

Love's Enduring Promise (2004) (TV)
Clark Davis: The way a man grieves, that's a personal thing.

Marty Davis: Are you really here with me?
Clark Davis: I'm here.
Marty Davis: And you'll never leave me?
Clark Davis: Never
Marty Davis: Promise?
Clark Davis: Promise.
Marty Davis: How can I be certain?
Clark Davis: [Clark leans in to kiss marty] Because the two shall become one.

Marty Davis: [crying] Dear Lord, you heal the lame. Please, please heal this good man and give us the strength to endure this.
Clark Davis: He will

Clark Davis: Never despise meager beginnings.

Clark Davis: Lord, we thank you for the blessings that you have bestowed on this family, my family. and to Nate, our very own miracle who has reopened our eyes to your enduring promise.

Missie Davis: Pa, my heart is breaking.
Clark Davis: Mine too
Missie Davis: Can you fix it?
Clark Davis: Not this time no. Not this time. Go ahead, your husband's waitin' on ya.