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Quotes for
Mai (Character)
from "Dragon Ball" (1986)

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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods (2013)
Pilaf: Our goal is wealth!
Mai: Wasn't it to rule the world?
Pilaf: Wealth comes first now. I'm tired of living in poverty. In this body, I can't even acquire a part-time job!

[Trunks approaches the Pilaf Gang]
Trunks: I was trying to act cool, and I called you my girlfriend...
Pilaf: ME?
Trunks: Not you!
Shu: ME?
Trunks: How did it come to that? That girl there!
Mai: Me?... Why would I be with a kid like you?
Trunks: You're a kid, too. I'm sorry, but could you just act for a little while...
Mai: Act as your girlfriend? What should I do?
Trunks: Uh... how about holding hands?
Mai: [shocked] EH? How did kids these days get so revolutionary?

[Pilaf, Shu and Mai are now children]
Mai: We finally managed to make a wish to Shenron... and you asked for youth!
Pilaf: There wasn't much point asking to rule the world, when we'd aged and had only a few years left to enjoy ruling...
Mai: But he made us TOO young!
Shu: Well, I can't complain. As a dog, I've already exceeded my life expectancy.

[Mai takes Trunks hostage]
Trunks: Mai...
Mai: Shut up, hostage!
Trunks: ...I can feel your breasts.

[English sub]
Mai: [holds uo a Dragonball] I used the diamond to distract the boy, while I sneaked out with this! They don't have a clue the Four-Star Dragon Ball has gone missing thanks to me!
Pilaf: Wow, you've really earned your keep this time!... But wait a second, we can't wish for money with just ONE Dragon Ball!
Mai: Oh, don't worry, I've got it all figured out! We'll demand a huge ransom from them! We'll say we won't return the Ball, unless they give us one million Zeni xash!
Pilaf: Oh, that's brilliant! Mai, you're a genuine evil genius, a real-deal rascal!
Mai: Nothing compared to you Pilaf, you're even eviller!
[both cackle]
Shu: I'm pretty sure that diamond was worth more than a million zeni, couldn't we just have taken it and left?
[awkward pause]
Shu: ...or not?
Pilaf: Don't be stupid! Nobody wants to be THAT rich, it's way too stressful! It's about balance!
Mai: That's right! You'll be so stressed, you'll start wetting yourself all the time! And I'm not washing your pee-pee pants!
Pilaf: ...Okay, that just went to a weird place. I expect my evil henchmen to have a little class.
Mai: I'm sorry, my bad.

"Dragon Ball Super: Saisen Gokû Burakku! Sûpâ Saiyajin roze tôjô (#1.56)" (2016)
Trunks: MAI! You're okay!
Mai: I could say the same about you.
Trunks: I was worried about you!
Mai: I should say the same about you.
Trunks: I'm so glad...
[takes Mai's hand]
Mai: [blushes] Hey!
Trunks: [in tears] I'm so glad... I was sure you had died...
Mai: You idiot. A man shouldn't burst into tears so fast.

[Black Goku attacks]
Mai: [to her troops] Do not be intimidated! Trunks will bring reinforcements from the past! So let us not give up on life!

Mai: [in tears] I was not able to save everyone...
Son Gokû: You did the best you could. You have nothing to be ashamed of.

"Dragon Ball Super: Episode #1.67" (2016)
[last lines]
Mai: Let's go to the future.
Trunks: Everyone... thank you for everything.
[Trunks and Mai leave]

"Dragon Ball Super: Mirai kara no SOS! Kuroki aratana teki arawaru!! (#1.47)" (2016)
Mai: Trunks!
Trunks: [fighting Goku Black] Stay back! You should get going!
Mai: What are you saying? I'll draw him off, the one who needs to go back is you!

"Dragon Ball: Pilaf and the Mystery Force (#2.2)" (2002)
Mai: Pilaf, may I remind you that we don't have time to shop today?

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' (2015)
[English dub]
Sorbet: [to the Pilaf gang] All right, get on with it!
Pilaf: Look, after we do this, are you the kind of guy who's gonna kill us?
Sorbet: Don't you worry, earthling. There's a chance we may have use for you later. So it's in our best interest to keep you alive. Now go on, or don't you trust me?
Pilaf: Sort of...
Mai: Hey! I have a boyfriend named Trunks and if anything happens to me, he'll make you regret it!

Dragonball: Evolution (2009)
Mai: I have tracked Muten Roshi. He is with the boy, Son Goku. I could disrupt them...
Lord Piccolo: No.

"Dragon Ball: The Legend of Goku (#1.13)" (1995)
[in a plane trying to escape Oozaru]
Emperor Pilaf: Why won't it start up?
Mai: Maybe it's because you're not yelling loud enough!
[Pilaf screams offensively]

"Dragon Ball: King Piccolo's Wish (#4.11)" (2003)
[after being betrayed by King Piccolo]
Shuu: [face-planted] Are we there yet?
Mai: From here on, I think we should choose our allies with more scrutiny, sire.
Emperor Pilaf: Be quiet!

"Dragon Ball Super: Mezase Doragonbôru! Pirafu ichimi no dai sasuken! (#1.4)" (2015)
[stuck on a desert island]
Pilaf: I'm so hungry...
Mai: It's your fault, Lord Pilaf!
Shû: We've eaten nothing but grass for three days! That's a harsh diet, even for a dog!
Mai: Just where on this island is the treasure supposed to be, anyway?
Pilaf: It says so on this map!
[holds it up]
Pilaf: It cost 50 zeni, so keep checking!
Mai: [tears it up] Who would believe such a cruddy map?... The same for our boat: thanks to you being so skimpy, the engine broke down! We can't even get back home, can we?
Shû: [in tears] Will I die here?
Pilaf: Just stop complaining and keep looking for the treasure!