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Comissioner Gillian B. Loeb (Character)
from Batman Begins (2005)

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Batman Begins (2005)
Jim Gordon: We need reinforcements! TAC teams, SWATs, riot cops!
Loeb: Gordon! Gordon! All the city's riot police are on the island with you.
Jim Gordon: Well, they're completely incapacitated!

Loeb: [talking to Gordon on walkie-talkie] Gordon... there's nobody left to send in.
[the Tumbler jumps across the river]
Lt. James Gordon: So I'm on my own?

Jim Gordon: This guy did deliver us one of the city's biggest crime lords.
Loeb: No one takes the law into their own hands in my city. Understand?

"Gotham: What the Little Bird Told Him (#1.12)" (2015)
James Gordon: This is the first I've seen you down here with the rank and file. You must be desperate.
Commissioner Loeb: Follow me.
Harvey Bullock: Really nice knowing you.
Commissioner Loeb: Bring your friend Bullock.
Harvey Bullock: I hate you. I hate you.

James Gordon: Next man who tries to take away my shield... one way or another, I'm gonna make him eat it.
Commissioner Loeb: Say again?
James Gordon: New day, Commissioner.

Batman: Arkham Origins (2013) (VG)
G.C.P.D. Commissioner Gillian B. Loeb: What's all this about, Sionis? Haven't I always come through for you?
Roman Sionis: You may have, Gillian. But tonight, things have changed. We're starting with a clean slate... and you're not on it.
G.C.P.D. Commissioner Gillian B. Loeb: What are you talking about? I'm not on it?
[is loaded into the gas chamber]
G.C.P.D. Commissioner Gillian B. Loeb: After all I've done for you. You can't do this! I'm the police commissioner, dammit!
[is gassed to death]
Roman Sionis: Show's over, boys.

G.C.P.D. Commissioner Gillian B. Loeb: [in a hallucination] You could have saved me, if you'd only come sooner. What were you doing? You're no hero. A real hero would've saved me.

The Dark Knight (2008)
Commissioner Gillian B. Loeb: [regarding The Joker's threat on his life] You're unlikely to discover this for yourself, so take my word, the police commissioner gets a lot of threats. I found the appropriate response to these situations a long time ago.
[pulls out a bottle of whiskey and glass]

Commissioner Gillian B. Loeb: How'd they get my DNA?
Lt. James Gordon: Someone with access to your house or office must have lifted a tissue or a... glass.
[realizing as Loeb takes a sip of whiskey]
Lt. James Gordon: Wait, WAIT!
[Loeb chokes]