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Jzef Poniatowski (Character)
from Bóg wojny (1914)

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Conquest (1937)
Polish Senator: If we refuse him, Poland is lost. And there are rumors that Napolean is negotiating with Russia. If France and Russia were friends, think what would happen to Poland.
Count Anastas Walewski: And if we comply?
Polish Senator: We have no assurance, even then.
Prince Poniatowski: That's why we've come to you.
Count Anastas Walewski: To me, Prince?
Polish Senator: Yes, my dear Count, you alone can help us. That is, may I point out to you, my dear Count, that at certain crises in history, the supreme sacrifice has been demanded of a people.
Count Anastas Walewski: What sacrifice from Poland, can we make with honor, gentlemen, that we've not already made? With our sons and grandsons, have not already made?
Countess Marie Walewska: Are you suggesting that I can succeed, while the Polish legions have failed? Is that true, gentlemen?
Polish Senator: Yes. My dear child, I am an old man, I may call you that. Believe me if we could have spared you this, we would have given our lives, as we have given our goods and our pride. We have knelt to this man and he hasn't heard us. Perhaps he will hear you. We came to you because we believe the destiny of all of Poland has been put into your hands. If that is so, you cannot be dishonored. Perhaps you have been made beautiful that Poland might be made free. You are a woman. Napolean is, after all, only a man. And he may be moved, as men often are, to give without asking anything in return.