Leo Tolstoy
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Leo Tolstoy (Character)
from "Russia" (1986)

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The Last Station (2009)
Leo Tolstoy: It doesn't matter. If my heart stopped beating, I'd still go riding today.
Dushan: Your pulse is my responsibility.
Leo Tolstoy: No. It's mine.
Dushan: Fine. If you must ride, I insist you wear a coat. Even the sun is cold today.

Sofya Tolstaya: Oh, Leovochka, why do you insist on dressing like that?
Leo Tolstoy: What do you mean, like what?
Sofya Tolstaya: Like a man who looks after the sheep!
Leo Tolstoy: It wasn't meant to offend you.
Sofya Tolstaya: You're a count, for God's sake!

Leo Tolstoy: Despite good cause for it, I have never stopped loving you.
Sofya Tolstaya: Of course.
Leo Tolstoy: But God knows you don't make it easy!
Sofya Tolstaya: Why should it be easy? I am the work of your life, you are the work of mine. That's what love is!

Sofya Tolstaya: I'm your little bird, you know the sounds I make.
Leo Tolstoy: And that was some sort of love call, I suppose?
Sofya Tolstaya: Brought you back to me.

Leo Tolstoy: "Your youth and your desire for happiness reminds me cruelly of my age and the impossibility of happiness for me." When I was courting Sofya, she was so young and pure, it seemed impossible that I'd ever have her. I didn't want to tell her how I felt and I wanted to tell her nothing else. So I wrote down a string of letters and asked her if she could decipher them. She looked completely confused, thinking it was a game or... I gave her one clue. The firs two Y's, I said, stand for "your youth" and then the most miraculous thing happened. She simply spoke the phrase, my phrase as if she had read my mind. In that moment, we both knew we would always be together. For those first years, we were incredibly happy, terrifyingly happy.

The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Travels with Father (1996) (TV)
Leo Tolstoy: You reeking little swine, how dare you shoot me in the ass!
Indiana Jones: I thought you were a giant weazle.
Leo Tolstoy: Do I look like a giant weazle? Is it my twitching snout? My long, hairless tail? Are all little English boys as stupid as you?
Indiana Jones: I'm not English, I'm American.
Leo Tolstoy: That explains it.

Indiana Jones: You have dogs? So do I. One I mean, her name's Indiana. I haven't seen her in over a year, though. 'Cause we've been traveling so much.
Leo Tolstoy: You miss her?
Indiana Jones: Yeah, you bet I do. Can't wait to see her when we get home. Wonder if she'll still remember me.
Leo Tolstoy: Of course she will. Dogs are better than people.

Leo Tolstoy: How dare you make me feel guilty!

Indiana Jones: Hey, they were calling you Tolstoy. I think my father has some of your books. Didn't you write that eh, that really big fat one about war?
Leo Tolstoy: And peace.
Indiana Jones: No kiddin'. My father thinks you're great!
Leo Tolstoy: Your dad's an imbicile.
Indiana Jones: He's usually not wrong about this stuff. You should ask him.

Leo Tolstoy: Do not try to see God through spectacles borrowed from the church. See God through your own eyes.