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Ian Brady (Character)
from "See No Evil: The Moors Murders" (2006)

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Longford (2006) (TV)
Ian Brady: [at first seeing Lord Longford in prison] How good of you not to disappoint! Wonderful, isn't it, when people look *exactly* as you imagined? So this is my competition? This is what I'm up against? Myra's new boyfriend? She certainly picks them, doesn't she? I did a little research before our first meeting. I'd say there's great evidence of mental instability in your past and mine.

Lord Longford: [in first visit] What can I do for you, Mr. Brady?
Ian Brady: [looks sad and troubled] I'd like to find my way back to God, Lord Longford. Will ye help me?
Lord Longford: [eagerly] Most certainly, if that's what you want to -
Ian Brady: Don't ye fucking dare. If ye start that pious mumbo-jumbo with me, I will jump across that table and bite out your tongue.

Ian Brady: I want to tell ye about Myra, whom ye no doubt believe is sincere in her religious conversion. Let me tell ye, that woman cares no more about God than she does about the piles in my arse. What she cares about is... getting out! And she thinks you'll help her. But the minute your back is turned, she mocks ye!
[pulls three letters from his lap]
Ian Brady: For your silly hair... and your clothes... and your "self-important autobiography that's only published 'cause his family owns a bloody publishing house!"
[pauses for effect]
Ian Brady: What? She didn't tell ye she was still writing to me?
Lord Longford: No.
Ian Brady: Oh, dear. She probably didn't tell ye she was fucking that little prison officer either? A nun? They do it under the bed in the cell, apparently. Four times a day! She has a very high sex drive, our Myra. It's the sort of detail ye might want about your new girlfriend. She needs it all the time... like a man, in that way. Like a man in other ways, too. She's strong! That came in handy, as ye can imagine. When they were wriggling and trying to get away.

Ian Brady: Take my advice. Go about your other prisoners. Nice, uncomplicated ones with broken noses and knuckle tattoos. Stay clear of Myra, because she will destroy you. Certainly destroyed me. That's a thought ye've not had before - that Myra egged *me* on.

Ian Brady: [shouting furiously at Lord Longford's back] Listen to the tape, that's my advice, if ye want to know what she's really like! And when ye do, bear this in mind: that it was *her* that insisted they call us *"Mommy-y-y!"* and *"Daddy-y-y!"* *Not me!*

Ian Brady: [Ian Brady walks into visiting room] Well, look who it is! Lord Porn! I told ye to leave her alone, Frank. And ye didn't. And now look: half the country has ye earmarked as her lackey, the other half as a gullible fool. So I'm gonna tell ye again. Nice and slowly, so ye don't forget it. Leave... Myra... Hindley... alone! Or she will do to you what she did to me. She will destroy you.

Ian Brady: My hunger strike is a legitimate protest against the filthy conditions here.
Lord Longford: Then why don't you allow me to make representations to the Home Secretary on your behalf?
Ian Brady: Because I'm not *completely* insane! If I wanted to set my cause back a decade or two... if I wanted to be denied all exercise... if I wanted to have them piss in my food, as well as spit in it... *then* I'd ask a batty old pornography campaigner, "Myra Hindley's Whipping Boy," to make representations on my behalf.

Ian Brady: An hysteric! That's what she is. Are ye familiar with the term, in its strict, clinical use?
Lord Longford: No.
Ian Brady: [very seriously] An hysteric is someone who gives to people, reflects back to them, that which they believe makes them most acceptable... most likable... what they think others want to see. And Myra Hindley is a *classic* hysteric. It explains why to you, she's a virtuous, church-going angel. To her co-prisoners and dykes, she's a strong woman with a soft heart. And to me: she was a brutal sadist - and a cruel killer - with not an ounce of remorse in her.
Lord Longford: [resisting the idea] If she is this guilty, why did you insist on her innocence at the trial?
Ian Brady: Because I loved her. How could ye *not* love a girl like that?
[Softly, gently]
Ian Brady: Come on, Frank... don't look like that. Ye know *exactly* what I'm talking about.
Lord Longford: No. I've spoken to the prison governor about having you reassessed as a mental case -
Ian Brady: Deny it, Frank. Look me in the eye, and tell me ye weren't a little sweet on her yourself.
[Very softly and gently]
Ian Brady: The knight on his white charger... riding in to save the damsel...
[whispers like a woman]
Ian Brady: "Save me, Lord Longford... save me!"

Ian Brady: [walks into visiting room and looks down at very nervous young reporter seated at table] Fred Harrison! Top local reporter. Come on, lad, smile!
[beams down at him]
Ian Brady: This is your lucky day. You are about to get a story on the front page of every paper in the country.
[calmly sips coffee, puffs on cigarette]
Ian Brady: Word has reached me that Myra Hindley is being considered for parole.
Fred Harrison: I wasn't aware of that!
Ian Brady: [contemptuously] No, Fred. That's what makes it an "exclusive." Turn on your tape recorder, there's a good lad.