Norma Lewis
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Norma Lewis (Character)
from The Box (2009/I)

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The Box (2009/I)
Norma Lewis: You sure do ask a lot of questions.
Walter Lewis: And now you're avoiding them.

Norma Lewis: Hell is other people seeing you for who you truly are.

Norma Lewis: We don't want any more trouble, okay?
Arlington Steward: I'm afraid trouble has found you, Mrs. Lewis. There are always consequences.

Norma Lewis: I saw that pain on your face and I just - I understood it. I felt an overwhelming felling of love for you, because I knew that I would never again feel sorry for myself ever again.

Norma Lewis: Can you tell me what happened?
Arthur Lewis: [confused] I need a drink.

"The Twilight Zone: Profile in Silver/Button, Button (#1.20)" (1986)
Arthur Lewis: Hi honey, what're you doing up so late? What's wrong?
Norma Lewis: I wanted to talk to you.
Arthur Lewis: Well great, wait right there, I'll get a beer. So this guy, did he come?
Norma Lewis: He brought the key to unlock the top.
Arthur Lewis: So what's it all about?
Norma Lewis: If we open the top and push the button, somewhere someone who we don't know will die and we will collect $200,000.
Arthur Lewis: You're kidding, that's what he said? Well it must be some kind of joke.
Norma Lewis: He was very serious about it.

Arthur Lewis: Was this guy with a company or something?
Norma Lewis: He said he couldn't tell me that, he just kept repeating over and over again 'the person who died... will be someone... you don't... know.'
Arthur Lewis: That's disgusting!
Norma Lewis: Oh what's so disgusting about it?
Arthur Lewis: Are you saying you think it's okay?
Norma Lewis: I think it's weird! But ever since he left, I've been wondering, you know? What is this? Some kind of survey to see who will and who won't push it?
Arthur Lewis: Well we *won't* push it!

Norma Lewis: Oh come on! Thousands of people die every day, all over the world, Arthur!
Arthur Lewis: Norma! What do you think? You think you're gonna press this button, and this Mr. Steward is going to pick up the phone and somebody's going to go out and kill somebody, and then Steward's going to come here and give you $200,000? I mean think about it, Norma, it's stupid.
Norma Lewis: I don't know what I think! It's such an effort not to think about it.
Arthur Lewis: It's murder!
Norma Lewis: Oh come on! I mean what if it was some old Chinese peasant or something? Or somebody with cancer?
Arthur Lewis: What if it's somebody's newborn baby?

Norma Lewis: So, what happens now?
Mr. Steward: Why, you spend the money, and I hope you enjoy it. The button unit will be reprogrammed, and offered to someone else, with the same terms and conditions.
Norma Lewis: Someone else?
Mr. Steward: Yes. I can assure you it will be offered to someone... whom you don't know. Good day.