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Yamcha (Character)
from "Dragon Ball" (1986)

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"Dragon Ball Z: Showdown in the Past (#1.11)" (1996)
Yamcha: There's been some serious fighting going on around here.

Yamcha: There's bound to be a few Saiyans left, we'll just look around until we find em' eh?

Yamcha: Hey, maybe they're scared of us, you guys.

Yamcha: Man that was horrible... those two guys were monsters not men.

"Dragon Ball Z: One More Wish (#10.28)" (2000)
Yamcha: If we can't think of a good wish, what about a bad one? I mean, wouldn;t it be cool if we were all filthy rich? Well, guys?
[silence, Yamcha awkwardly laughs]

Shenron: I will wait no longer! Do you have a wish or not?
Krillin: ...Yes, I do! I would like you to change Android 17 and 18 into human beings, so they can live out their lives in peace!
Gohan: Gosh, Krillin...
Shenron: That wish can not be granted now. It is beyond my power to do so.
Android 18: [watching from afar] What's he doing?
Krillin: Sorry, guys. I had to try.
Yamcha: Hey, look, no prob! The girl's cool! But her boyfriend, I would never wish that guy back! Would you, guys?
Piccolo: Sure, hadn't we already tried? We wished for all of Cell's victims back, right, and he was one of them! Besides, what would Goku do if he were in our shoes?
Yamcha: Right, I see what you mean... All right, you got the floor, bro!
Krillin: Great! I have one more wish! Could you the the explosives out of the androids' bodies? That shouldn't be too hard, right?
Yamcha: Man, Krillin, I hope you know what you're doing...
Shenron: I can.
Krillin: All right!
[a burst of energy occurs]
Shenron: There, it has been done.
Krillin: Thanks! Thanks very much!
Shenron: You're welcome. I must go now.

Tien: Hey, you like the girl, right? So what's up? Why did you wanna wish that guy back too?
Krillin: Well, I know it's strange... but I want her to be truly happy. And those two make such a good couple that I thought she'd be happier with him. Well, that's why.
Yamcha: Dude, you're hopeless.
Piccolo: If that's what you humans call love, count me out.

Android 18: Hey, boneheads! 17 is my twin brother!
Krillin: [embarrassed] Oh, man...
Yamcha: No, this is excellent, you dope! Didn't you hear her, that guy's her twin brother!
Android 18: I wouldn't celebrate if I were you!
Krillin: Uh...
Android 18: If you think you won my heart because of that lousy wish, you're mistaken! I didn't ask for your help!... But it was really nice of you.
Krillin: It was...? You... you mean... you're not mad at me?
Android 18: Not really... no.
Krillin: Well then, would you like to come over and join us?
Android 18: No, thanks.
[flies off]
Krillin: Aww, man...

Dragon Ball (1989) (TV)
Zedaki: Lena, Lena, we're sinking!
Lena: No problem, Zedie, I always drive a convertible.

Zedaki: You know, you can always count on me, Lena. I'm not afraid to go with ya.

Zedaki: You mean they've spotted us?

"Dragon Ball Z: Find the Dragon Balls (#14.8)" (2002)
Yamcha: Hey, these clothes are expensive! I'm not jumpin' in there!
Bulma: What kind of lame excuse is that? Just take them off and go in your underwear!
Yamcha: Heh heh heh. See uh... that poses a problem. Uh... I'm not wearing any. Heh...
Bulma: Yeah, right! I bet you're just chickening out! Hmmm... What about you?
Master Roshi: Aheh aheh... I'd definitely go if I didn't have this cold. Aheh.
Bulma: The men are scared.
Android 18: Well, I'm not. But I don't feel like getting wet right now... so no.
Bulma: Least you were honest about it, unlike certain others I know!

Videl: It's kind of hard to believe that you can actually wish people back from the dead with these things.
Yamcha: Well, look at me. I was as dead as you can get and I was wished back to life!
Bulma: Don't worry, Videl. Most people come back normal.
Yamcha: Hey, what's that supposed to mean?

[after Yamcha crashes the plane]
Bulma: What the heck was that, Yamcha?
Yamcha: Hey, that was a difficult landing!
Bulma: Especially if you don't know how to land!

"Dragon Ball: A Real Bind (#3.13)" (2002)
Yamcha: We've now reached cruising altitude.
Oolong: This trip is as far from a cruise as you can get.
Bulma: I don't know why we even bothered to bring him. All he does is think about himself!
Oolong: Why risk my life? Gimme one good reason!
Yamcha: You're going. It's not up for discussion!

Bulma: Yamcha?
Yamcha: Huh?
Bulma: [sternly] Don't think this means that i'm not mad at you anymore, but this is an emergency. So we can bury the hatchet for now - but just for now!
Yamcha: [nervously, after what happened the last time they saw each other] Uh, okay, Bulma. We'll talk everything out later when we have plenty of time.
Oolong: [cynically] If we make it to later!

Dragonball: Evolution (2009)
Yamcha: Ow, my balls!

Yamcha: [a jet of steam hits him] Peas and rice! I just fried my na...

"Dragon Ball: Anonymous Proposal (#5.15)" (2003)
[after Yamcha sees Chi-Chi]
Yamcha: [nervously] Listen, this is all just a misunderstanding!
Bulma: [angrily enunciates] Enlighten us.
Yamcha: Bulma, please! It's not what you're thinking! When I met her, she was just a little girl. She was cute in a sisterly sort of way! She looks nothing like the beautiful woman she is today, honest!
[Bulma boils in fury for not being told about this]
Yamcha: [aghast] Oops, I shouldn't have said that.

"Dragon Ball: The Eternal Dragon Rises (#3.25)" (2002)
[after Goku made a wish and comes back]
Goku: [shouts in pain] I got to go! That was a long trip! Oh, hurry, hurry!
[Goku undoes his pants and urinates in the lake]
Fortune-Teller Baba: [panics] No, you can't do that here! Go find a bush, you animal! People swim in there, you dolt! Think about the poor creatures that live in that water!
Yamcha: [seeing Goku urinate] And he's gonna be famous?
Bulma: Well...

"Dragon Ball: Pilaf's Tactics (#3.24)" (2002)
[a crow flies in the shrine spooking everyone]
Krillin: How'd that crow get in here?
Fortune-Teller Baba: [freaks out] That's a bad omen!
Bulma: You mean a bad omen about Goku?
Yamcha: [tries to shoo the crow away] Get our of here! Shoo! Go on!
[Yamcha's shoe laces snap off from the omen signs]
Fortune-Teller Baba: Oh, bad l - uh?
[a mirror shatters from another sign as everyone goes worried about Goku]
Fortune-Teller Baba: More bad luck?

"Dragon Ball: The Strong Ones (#3.22)" (2002)
[Goku's tail is grabbed and is being beaten by his masked opponent]
Upa: [sobbing] Won't somebody help him?
Bulma: Cut the dramatics, Roshi. Who is he? Tell us!
Krillin: Who cares about him? Upa's right. We have to save Goku!
Yamcha: Master Roshi?
Master Roshi: We have no choice but to watch this play itself out.
Upa, Krillin: Huh?
Bulma: No!
Puar: Mommy!
Yamcha: Say what? Why?
Master Roshi: Because as hard as it is to accept, it isn't our place; the living have no jurisdiction here. The man Goku is fighting, he's not of this world. As impossible as this may sound, that masked man is really Gohan - Goku's deceased grandfather.
[Goku's friends freak out in shock]

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods (2013)
[English dub]
Beerus: Look, I like your planet, or rather I've enjoyed myself enough to not despise it entirely. I'll give you one last chance to save yourselves. I nominate you!
[points at Oolong]
Beerus: Yes, I'm singling you out, Porky!
Oolong: Who, ME?
Beerus: [licks his lips] That's right, the one who looks so delicious...
Oolong: [freaked out] He wants my bacon...
Beerus: Come a little closer, won't you?
Oolong: I taste awful! I don't exercise, I eat nothing but junk!
Beerus: All you have to do is play a game of Paper Rock Scissors! If you win I'll leave your Earth intact, but of course if I win, I'll turn your Earth to dust!
Oolong: He's kidding, right?
Krillin: I guess it's a universal game!
Oolong: Don't make me, I suck at Paper Rock Scissors!
Puar: This is great! It's your big break, Oolong! You've never had a chance to be important before! But don't lose, because if we die it'll be all your fault!
Oolong: You're not helping, Puar!
Yamcha: [whispers to Oolong] Hey, wait a second... I figured it out! I know why he picked you as his opponent, Oolong, it makes sense! This guy thinks you're just an ordinary pig with ordinary pig hooves! And a pig hoof could only make Scissors, so he'd win every time with Rock! But you're not a pig, are you? You're a pig MAN! You've got fingers, you can throw all the signs! He's gonna draw Rock for sure, Oolong, I know it! All you have to do is draw Paper, and you'll win!
Oolong: [encouraged] Stupid cat alien, thinking he's got me pegged... I'll make him sorry!
Beerus: Are you ready, pig?
Oolong: You bet!
Beerus: On three...
Beerus, Oolong: One, two, three!
[Oolong draws Paper... and Beerus draws Scissors, which beats Paper]
Beerus: You fools, don't you see my ears? I heard your whole plan!

"Dragon Ball: The Victor (#5.26)" (2003)
Piccolo Jr.: There's no need to grieve for your fallen companion. You'll be joining him shortly.
Puar: Ahhh!
Oolong: Waah!
Yamcha: Monster!
Piccolo Jr.: You can all keep Goku company in the afterlife.

"Dragon Ball: A Wish to the Eternal Dragon (#1.12)" (1995)
[after Oolong made his wish to save everyone]
Yamcha: I think that little pervert just saved the world!
Bulma: Maybe he's not such a coward after all!

"Dragon Ball Z: He's Always Late (#16.13)" (2003)
Bulma: It's just not the same without him, is it?
Chi-Chi: Gosh. You really care for Goku. Hey, I know! How 'bout we trade mates! Vegeta for Goku!
Bulma: Huh?
Chi-Chi: Vegeta's not as sweet, but he's certainly more dependable. I think it evens out.
Bulma: Hmm...
Yamcha: Hey, I'm available, ladies! What do ya say, huh?
Chi-Chi: We're talking an even trade. We don't want a downgrade.

"Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might: The Tree of Might: Part 2 (#1.2)" (1997)
Yamcha: [to Cacao] You want some of me flyface?

Dragon Ball Z: Tree of Might (1990)
Yamcha: Come on, I can totally help Gohan with his school work.
Chi-Chi: That's exactly what I'm afraid of!
Yamcha: Wait, I forgot to call Bulma!

"Dragon Ball Super: Yokumo ore no Buruma o! Bejîta ikari no totsuzenhen'i!? (#1.7)" (2015)
Chichi: Krillin, your wife is fighting, why are you down here?
Kuririn: I gave up fighting a long time ago...
Chichi: Is this the time and place to say such things?
Kuririn: I have to think about Marron, too!
Yamcha: Krillin, I'll protect Marron with my life! So go fight as much as you wish!

"Dragon Ball GT: Doragon bôru jîtî: Until We Meet Again... (#1.64)" (1997)
Narrator: He was always friendly and cheerful!
Chi-Chi: Huh?
Yamcha: Huh?
Oolong: Huh?
Puar: Huh?
Krillin: Huh?
Adult Goku: What's up?
Piccolo: Goku!
Narrator: A true gentleman, and loving father!
Adult Goku: Come here buddy!
Young Goten: Daddy!

"Dragon Ball: Changes (#5.11)" (2003)
Yamcha: [sees that Goku's tail is gone for the last time] Goku, what happened to your tail?
Goku: Huh? Oh, that? I got rid of it. You see, it turned out that the moon could be restored if I lost my tail. So that's what I decided to do.
[Yamcha and Krillin go blank but looks at each other and laughs knowing that are still keeping this secret from him]
Krillin: [jokingly] Did you ever find it again?

"Dragon Ball Z: The Reunion (#8.2)" (2000)
Krillin: It's Bulma. She wants us to watch somethin' on TV.
Master Roshi: Why? She gonna be on a show?
Oolong: Yeah, and now she wants us all to watch so she can brag about how famous she is...
Yamcha: Ha ha ha ha. Probably.

"Dragon Ball Z: Revival (#14.9)" (2002)
Yamcha: Okay, now do you remember the spell to release him? You know all the words?
Bulma: Of course. I'm not gonna pull a Frieza and screw it up, Yamcha!
Master Roshi: Bulma... I think Frieza failed because he wore too many clothes.

Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure (1988)
Bulma: Wow! Check it out! The Dragon Balls should be right below us, guys!
Oolong: Oh, great, it's at the bottom of the ocean.
Yamcha: Too bad we didn't bring our swimsuits.
Oolong: Known fact: Pigs don't float, I'm off the hook.

"Dragon Ball: The Legend of Goku (#1.13)" (1995)
[Goku starts to transform]
Bulma: Goku, this isn't funny!
Yamcha: I don't think he's joking!

"Dragon Ball Z: Seized with Fear (#8.1)" (2000)
Oolong: Hey, wait a minute. If those androids are going to Goku's house first and they don't find him there, isn't this the next obvious place to look?
Yamcha: Yeah, probably. That seems logical enough.
Oolong: Then what are we doing waiting around here like sitting ducks? When they get here, we're finished!

"Dragon Ball Z: Unwelcome Discovery (#7.14)" (2000)
Yamcha: It looks like we'll be at Master Roshi's island in no time. Oh and Krillin, don't you think we'd better tell Bulma what we're up to?
Krillin: Good idea... Wait, are you saying that I should call her? No way!
Yamcha: Come on Krillin, I'm flying the plane here. Thanks buddy.
Krillin: All right.
[to Trunks]
Krillin: No offence man, your mom's just hard to deal with sometimes.
Trunks: [chuckles] Believe me, I know what you mean.

"Dragon Ball Z: What Is the Tournament? (#10.1)" (2000)
Chiaotzu: Can anyone he wants enter the competition?
Trunks: He'll take on anyone who challenges him. And he expects to have a battle with each of us... one by one.
Master Roshi: Of course. You know what he's trying to do. I do. His plan is to eliminate the competition once and for all.
Yamcha: Well, I kind o' like the idea of another martial arts tournament. I mean, hey. I think I'll dominate.
Puar: Yeah! Lets get 'im!
Yamcha: Yeah!
Oolong: Just make sure you don't get another hand through your stomach.