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Madison Stewart (Character)
from Holiday in the Sun (2001) (V)

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Holiday in the Sun (2001) (V)
[Madison and Scott are horse riding on the beach]
Madison: Why are we stopping?
Scott: I think my horse has sand in his shoe.
Madison: Ooh that's funny. Let's go, I'll race you back.
Scott: I *was* serious!

[Scott is trying to break the ice with Madison]
Scott: So, tell me Madison, do you like to read?
Madison: Well yeah, that's usually what I do with books, *read* them.
Scott: I love Judy Blume.
Madison: Oh really? Oh she's my favourite. What have you read by her?
Scott: Flubber!
Madison: "Flubber"?
Scott: Was that wrong?
Madison: Yeah, but only by one letter. The title is Blubber.
Scott: It's a great book. Do you read Sports Illustrated?

[Griffen is helping Scott talk to Madison by means of a walkie-talkie]
Scott: [to Madison] The mere thought of spending the day with you made me itch in anticipation.
Griffen Grayson: [on walkie-talkie] Not "itch" you idiot!
Scott: [to Madison] Not "itch" you idiot!
Madison: What?
Griffen Grayson: [to Scott] "Twitch".
Scott: [to Madison] Twitch! Twitch!
Madison: You are so out of it.

[after being put in jail]
Madison: It's not American Express, it's Midnight Express.