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Mark Reinhart (Character)
from Vantage Point (2008)

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Vantage Point (2008)
Rex Brooks: [after she realizes Angie is going off topic about the protestors in Spain] What is she doing? Kevin, shut her down.
[Kevin cuts the camera]
Mark Reinhart: [confused] Thanks for that report, Angie.
Rex Brooks: Angie, what the hell was that?
Angie Jones: Not everyone loves us, Rex.
Rex Brooks: Save the punditry for someone whose paid to have an opinion.
Angie Jones: I'm cool with censorship, I know the American people love that.
Rex Brooks: [smiles] Come on, Angie. Lighten up.
Angie Jones: Got it!

[first lines]
Mark Reinhart: Good morning, America. It's now 12 noon in Salamanca, Spain. In a short time, world leaders from over 150 countries meet here in Plaza Mayor to sign up to President Ashton's bold new counterterrorist strategy. Since 9/11, more than 4500 people have been killed in the rising tide of global terror. Those lives will not soon be forgotten as today, the world comes together to take a stand against this violence. We may be on the brink of a historic agreement between Western and Arab leaders. Security services are on high alert in Salamanca, where we now go live to our news team on the ground and our reporter Angie Jones.

[last lines]
Mark Reinhart: Reports out of Salamanca now suggest that the President is out of intensive care. His condition is listed as stable. President Ashton has made a point of reassuring Americans that he's all right and the summit will continue in the days to come. Meanwhile, word from Spanish and United States authorities is that they've shot and killed the lone assassin responsible for today's attack. Our own Joan Kendrick has more.