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Quotes for
J.T. (Character)
from "Ben 10" (2005)

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"Ben 10: Ultimate Alien: Reflected Glory (#1.12)" (2010)
JT: You watched our webcast in outer space?
Psyphon: Oh, yes. I find all of your primitive computer networking endevours... intriguing.
Cash: Okay, well, now you know. So, you know not to mess with us, right?
Psyphon: Actually, I will destroy you completely.

Cash: I even told Gwen that we needed the money for my mother's operation. I didn't tell her it was for a nose job.
JT: But she really needs it!

JT: Ben, the truth is, you've got it all - superpower, girls, fame, girls - and we're just a couple of...
Kevin Levin: Girls?
JT: Nobodies.

JT: So... what's it like being you?
Kevin Levin: [grimly] Awesome.

"Ben 10: The Unnaturals (#3.9)" (2007)
Ben Tennyson: So, how'd you two jer... uh, GUYS make the team, anyway?
Cash: Talent. 100% pure talent.
JT: Oh, and four guys got chicken pox.
JT: [as Cash elbows him] Oh!
Ben Tennyson: Aw, man! That means I would have made the team, too.
Gwen Tennyson: [scoffs] Yeah - by default.

JT: Is it just me or was that thing smiling when it smashed our robots together?

JT: Whoa! These guys take their baseball way too seriously.

"Ben 10: Alien Force: The Gauntlet (#1.9)" (2008)
JT: [thanking Ben] We should get together sometime and eat paste.

"Ben 10: Ultimate Alien: Fame (#1.1)" (2010)
JT: [to Ben] You've helped a lot of people in this school. You're all right, Tennyson.