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Jeff Spencer (Character)
from "77 Sunset Strip" (1958)

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"77 Sunset Strip: Hong Kong Caper (#1.24)" (1959)
Sam Fong: You handsome fella. Like to meet pretty girl maybe?
Jeff Spencer: No time Sam
Sam Fong: You dead?

"77 Sunset Strip: The Widow Wouldn't Weep (#1.30)" (1959)
Lt. Roy Gilmore: No suspects, no squawks, no hits, no runs, no errors. Except the few that Wilson made in trying to pick up too many dames.
Jeff Spencer: Well I'm still going to try and take a few more swings at the plate.
Lt. Roy Gilmore: Oh by all means do. That Mrs. Wilson throws a nice soft curve.

"77 Sunset Strip: Abra-Cadaver (#1.28)" (1959)
Jeff Spencer: The honeymoon all over?
Audrey: I guess so. You were a nice playmate for awhile.
Jeff Spencer: Thanks
Audrey: But you know darling. I wish I pushed you under that car when I had the chance.

"77 Sunset Strip: Not an Enemy in the World (#1.14)" (1959)
Kookie: Isn't that the French wench?
Jeff Spencer: Yeah, she insisted on fixing me a home cooked dinner.
Kookie: Well you watch yourself dad. Many a hepcats fallen for that dinner bit. And wound up with a lifetime contract to buy someone elses groceries.