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Quotes for
Mrs. Caloway (Character)
from A Dairy Tale (2004) (V)

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Home on the Range (2004)
Mrs. Calloway: It's Buck.
Maggie: Stallion of the Cim-MORON.

Maggie: I got it! Why don't we go nab that Alameda Slim and use the reward money to save the farm?
Mrs. Calloway: Oh, that *is* a sensible idea.
Maggie: I knew you'd love it!
Mrs. Calloway: Don't they have sarcasm where you come from?

Mrs. Calloway: Step lightly, girls! The male of the species can be extremely hostile.

Jeb: Well, I think we all know what happens now!
Mrs. Calloway: Jeb, don't start!
Jeb: Now we all get eaten!
Mrs. Calloway: Jeb!
Audrey: But who would eat a chicken?

Mrs. Calloway: Maggie, may I be frank?
Maggie: Only if you let me wear the hat.

Grace: Maggie is some fun, isn't she?
Mrs. Calloway: [scoffing] Teaching pigs to throw food. As if they weren't sloppy enough.

Grace: What kind of sheriff's office was that?
Mrs. Calloway: Saloon girls? Gambling? How does he ever get any work done?
Maggie: If that's the sheriff's office, this town rocks!

Barry & Bob, the Longhorns: Don't worry, darlin'. I'll protect you.
Mrs. Calloway: You've got exactly 2 seconds to remove your hoof before I snap it off at the knee.
Barry & Bob, the Longhorns: Oh, sorry ma'am, I thought you were the blonde...
[Mrs. Calloway smacks him off-screen]

Mrs. Calloway: [to four scowling chicks] Now don't look at me so crossly. I know what you're going to say. That Maggie and Grace will need someone with my eye for detail and to keep them on the straight and narrow.
Mrs. Calloway: [sighs] Say no more. I'll go. Ta-ta and no mushy goodbyes, my little ones. You know how I get about overly emotional displays.