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Taurus (Character)
from G.I. Joe: The Movie (1987) (V)

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G.I. Joe: The Movie (1987) (V)
Red Dog: Well, look what just dropped in, bruddahs. A hundred seventy pounds of air pollution!
Mercer: I've seen putty with more backbone.
Taurus: I do not like his face. Let us remove it, yes?

Red Dog: You're not filling your brothers in, Mercer. What's Cobra-La?
Mercer: I've never heard of it.
Taurus: That answer gives me no comfort!

Sgt. Slaughter: AT EASE, DISEASE! I've been expecting you. My name is Sgt. Slaughter. Special drill instructor for G.I. Joe.
Lt. Falcon: That's terrific Sarge but, I'm tryin to cut back on the chicken sweat just now, so if you don't mind...
Sgt. Slaughter: You're going nowhere, space case. You're here because you're an industrial strenth foul-up! My job is to whip you into shape and I mean WHIP! There's only two ways out of my command, on your feet like a man, or in a ditty bag, an itty-bitty ditty bag. YOU GOT IT?
Lt. Falcon: Yes sir!
Sgt. Slaughter: That's better. Now straighten up and meet the Renegades. They're not real dependable now, but when I get through with them, what are you going to be?
Mercer, Taurus, Red Dog: Perfect!
Sgt. Slaughter: That's right. Perfect. Meet Mercer, an ex-Cobra Viper who's seen the light. Red Dog, booted out of pro football for unnecessary roughness. And Taurus, a circus acrobat with a few loose bats in his big top.
Lt. Falcon: Uh, hi guys.

Red Dog: [after hearing the bell ringing] Dinner already?
Sgt. Slaughter: Not unless you like snake burgers. We're gonna infiltrate the Terrordrome on Cobra Island.
Mercer: That's suicide!
Taurus: Yes. Horoscope say it bad day to travel.
Sgt. Slaughter: Think of it as an extra rough training exercise.
Lt. Falcon: Training, huh? Why don't we leave our weapons behind? Make it really educational.
Sgt. Slaughter: Now that's what I call a challenge! No weapons! Let's move out!
[Renegades growl at Falcon]