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Biography for
Russ Cargill (Character)
from The Simpsons Movie (2007)

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Russell "Russ" Cargill is a successful businessman and the head of the Environmental Protection Agency (abbreviated as EPA) and the main antagonist of the film. After Homer pollutes Lake Springfield and causes the wildlife to mutate, Cargill presents this disturbing information to the President and convinces him to approve a plan to deal with the situation (there are actually five, but Schwarzenegger randomly chooses the third option without bothering to look at the plans). To this end, Cargill has a giant dome lowered on top of Springfield, sealing the city and its inhabitants off from the rest of the world. He later attempts to have Springfield demolished into the "'new'" Grand Canyon. In the end, he tries to shoot Homer on top of Springfield Gorge only to be knocked out when Maggie drops a rock on his head. Cargill's motivations for trapping Springfield under the dome, although not explicitly stated, most likely stem from owning the company that built the dome and simply having gone mad with power. The deleted scenes on the DVD shows that Cargill was originally going to be an older man in a sweater vest and quiff.

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