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Craig Manning (Character)
from "Degrassi: The Next Generation" (2001)

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"Degrassi: The Next Generation: Holiday: Part 1 (#3.11)" (2003)
Craig: You're every present I never got/
Ashley: You're every wish that never came true/
Craig, Ashley: You're every prayer that went unanswered/ So baby I'll spend Christmas
Craig: With you
Ashley: With you
Craig, Ashley: So baby I'll spend Christmas with you.

Spinner: What's it like being a stud?
Craig: Nerve-wracking.
Spinner: You have Ashley: gorgeous, smart, like a fine wine. Then you have Manny: cute, adorable, hot, like ice cream. But hot. Very hot.

Spinner: Not to mention you're a big stud.
Craig: Well, I get around.

Manny: You're late, and I'm freezing. So you need to warm me up!
Craig: I can do that.

Manny: I want you to dump Ashley. It's time, and I've been patient. I can't...
Craig: I can't make that choice.
Manny: I think you just did.

Craig: Manny, stop, come on...
Manny: It's just, I love you Craig, and I thought you felt the same way.
Craig: I do, it's just...
Manny: Ashley, I know. And she might love you... But not as much as I do.

Craig: Manny! I made a huge mistake. You're the one for me. Look, not Ash, and I'm gonna tell her that. OK, it's you. It's always been you.

"Degrassi: The Next Generation: Weddings, Parties, Anything (#5.5)" (2005)
Craig Manning: Ellie, wait! What the hell is going on?
Ellie: You tell me! You're the one who called her. You're the one who sat there drooling over her all night like some perv!
[She begins to walk away but turns around again]
Ellie: And this, this isn't me. okay? I don't dress up.
Craig Manning: [uncertainly] I'm... flattered?
Ellie: Don't be! This is for the gig. This doesn't mean anything.
Craig Manning: Ellie. We do group together. You've seen me down in the gutter. Lower than low. Lower than I want anyone else to see me. That's why you're my friend. My really good friend.
Ellie: [sarcastically] So glad I can be there for you.
[She begins to walk away again]
Craig Manning: Ellie!
Ellie: Bye. See you in group.

Dr. Jim: So Craig, tell us what's been going on with you.
Craig Manning: Well, Ellie and I have an audition tonight for, uh, a wedding gig.
[Everyone claps]
Craig Manning: Thanks. So I'm good. I'm feeling good. I'm happy. You guys have seen me down in the depths so it's, so it's good to be coming out the other side feeling strong, but I gotta say I'd be nowhere without that girl over there. Ellie's been incredible. Thanks. Thank you.
[Ellie is delighted. She smiles shyly at Craig. Everyone, including Craig, applauds her]

Craig Manning: So, the other night... you and Ellie?
Craig Manning: What? We rehearsed some more. We did some hardcore funking.
Marco Del Rossi: You hear the words coming out of your mouth?
Craig Manning: Whatever. We hung out, we watched a DVD.
Marco Del Rossi: Okay. Which one? "Craig Intentions"? "How Craig Got His Groove Back"?
Craig Manning: 90% of my issues in life... girls, girls, girls.
Marco Del Rossi: True.
Marco Del Rossi: So this year I'm a monk. Just school and the band. No distractions. No drama.
Marco Del Rossi: Good. Well then good thing you put the cutest girl in school on drums.
Craig Manning: Maybe you didn't hear me.
[a girl walks by and touches Craig's shoulder]
Random Girl: Hi.
Craig Manning: [grinning] Hey.
[Craig walks into a door]
Marco Del Rossi: [laughs] No distractions, eh bud?

Marco Del Rossi: So, Craigs! Anything you want to share with your best friend in the whole world?
Craig Manning: I thought Ellie was your best friend.
Marco Del Rossi: Ellie, Ellie, who's Ellie...? Oh yeah! She's that cute, smart, funny girl. The one you had a date with last night.
Craig Manning: It wasn't a date. Monks don't date. It was friends hanging out. Matter of fact, my other friend Manny joined us.
Marco Del Rossi: Cue the romantic train wreck.

Craig Manning: [referring to Ellie and Manny] Why? Why must they be so hot?
Marco Del Rossi: Uh, you're not supposed to find your friends hot.
Craig Manning: It's not my fault! I'm not the one who showed up looking like that.
Marco Del Rossi: What? You said you were going to be a monk.
Craig Manning: The monk is tired of the monastery, okay? The monastic life just wasn't for him, and now I have no idea what to do.

Degrassi Goes Hollywood (2009) (TV)
Craig Manning: Ellie, wait. I should have told you about Yvette.
Ellie Nash: No, you were trying to be a good friend and I interpreted that as a romantic overture... again.

Ellie Nash: I, I just really have to stop thinking that my feelings for you will... ever be requited.
[Long pause]
Craig Manning: [slightly upset] I had a really great time today.

Ellie Nash: [annoyed] What are you doing here?
Craig Manning: So I have this life in LA. It's pretty perfect: dream job, dream apartment, great girlfriend... And all of a sudden you show up and suddenly everything doesn't seem so perfect anymore.
Ellie Nash: [misunderstanding him] 'Cause that's, that's what I do. Yeah, I'm the one who messes up people's lives.
Ellie Nash: No, Ellie, no.
Ellie Nash: You know what? Um, you should just stay away from me because, um, you'll be better off.
Craig Manning: Ellie...
Ellie Nash: Go.
Craig Manning: You don't get it...

Ellie Nash: Thanks again for all your help. You really came through for me.
Craig Manning: Call it even.

[Craig and Ellie kiss passionately before Ellie puts her hands on his shoulders and shakes her head slightly]
Ellie Nash: We'll always have LA, right?
Craig Manning: Someday, maybe.

"Degrassi: The Next Generation: Rock and Roll High School (#3.18)" (2004)
Craig: Ash, I swear, if you play that song in the competition, I'll...
Ashley: Have sex with MORE grade 9's?
Archie 'Snake' Simpson: Guys, settle down, please?
Craig: If you weren't such a prude, I'd NEVER have been with Manny
Ashley: [mocking him] Oh, but, I thought you loved her.
Craig: Oh, you know what? Go...
Archie 'Snake' Simpson: One more word, double homework!

Craig: [after hearing Spinner and Jimmy's rap] That rap will never leave the garage.

Craig: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'M SORRY! How many times do I have to say it?
Ashley: Until you mean it.

Craig: [performing with Downtown Sasquatch at the Battle of the Bands] I don't know if you'll forgive me / For being so blind / To how you felt / Don't ask me why I couldn't see it / That'd take me years to figure out / And that's not something I know much about / But there's only one way to find out / Yeah, yeah, yeah / What I know is that I've hurt you, oh / What I know is that I suck / And what I know is that I'm sorry / What I know is that I'm a loser, yeah / What I know is I screwed up / And then I never earned your trust / And what I know is that everything I touch just turns to dust

"Degrassi: The Next Generation: Accidents Will Happen: Part 2 (#3.15)" (2004)
Craig: [Craig tries to give Manny a hug] There she is!
Manny: Don't, Craig.
Craig: What's the matter?
Manny: I can't do this... I thought I could, but having a baby now...
Craig: You're not making any sense.
Manny: Someday, you're gonna be a great dad. And someday, I hope I'll be a mom, but now... now isn't someday yet.
[she starts walking away]
Craig: [Craig runs after her] "No! No, you're not. Manny,
Craig: stop! No I won't let you!"
[he grabs her arm]
Manny: No!
Emma: [Emma comes] Craig!
Craig: Emma! You butt out! What she's doing is wrong!
Emma: I agree with you, okay? If she was just some stranger I'd be *furious* with her but, she's my friend and it's her choice.
Craig: But it's my baby!
Emma: And it's Manny's body! What about her?
Manny: I just... I can't.

Craig: [through the baby monitor] Ew! I'm not touching that!
Manny: You have to wipe it!
Craig: But... it's green!
Manny: You shouldn't hold him like that until his diaper is...
Craig: Oh, no! Oh, nooooo! Oh, no-no-no-no-no! Ohhhhhhh! Crap!

Craig: Have you seen Manny?
Spinner: No, uh, seat's open though. Can I ask you a question, dude?
Craig: Sure.
Spinner: [smacks Craig] Are you on crack?
Craig: Ow! What was that for?
Spinner: Dude, you got a girl pregnant and you're just walking around like lalala gonna be a dad no shlabooggle.
Craig: No, I'm not.
Spinner: Where's your future, dude? I mean no keg parties, no Spring Break in Florida...
Craig: For once I want to do the right thing, ya know?
Craig: But you don't have to keep the kid. There are other things you can do.
Craig: This is what I want to do Spin. You don't get it.
Spinner: No, I don't. At all.
Craig: You got a family, alright? I just stay at some guy's house. But Manny and the baby... they're mine. They're for me.

"Degrassi: The Next Generation: Take My Breath Away (#2.10)" (2002)
Craig: It's not my locker I don't like... it's you.

Craig: [singing] Would you be my Cinderella / Could I kiss you, Manuella?
Manny: You can see me however / You must love me...
Craig, Manny: [together] Forever...
Manny: [singing] Forever.

Craig: I'd say the only way to describe our date is... bizarre.

"Degrassi: The Next Generation: Drive (#2.6)" (2002)
[Spinner farts]
Marco: Awwww! Aww man you're sick!
Craig: Spinner! Not in the car!
Spinner: Sorry, excitement makes me fart.

Spinner: Because we are going to party!
Craig: No party, Spin.
Spinner: Girls?
Craig: No girls.
Spinner: Booze?
Craig: No booze.
Spinner: Donuts?
Craig: That we can do!

Sean Cameron: Shut up.
Spinner: No, you shut up.
Sean Cameron: You shut up.
Spinner: Shut up.
Sean Cameron: Shut up.
Spinner: You shut up.
Craig: Why don't you both shut up?

"Degrassi: The Next Generation: Holiday: Part 2 (#3.12)" (2003)
Craig: Spinner, Shut up.
Spinner: Yes, Lord Stud.

Craig: You told her.
Manny: No, no, I didn't.
Craig: Then how does she know?
Manny: Because you're stupid, Craig. You didn't think she'd find out about me. And you didn't think I'd find out about your lies.

Angela: Maybe Santa will have presents for Daddy
Craig: It looks like he's getting his gift early

"Degrassi: The Next Generation: Venus: Part 2 (#5.2)" (2005)
Craig Manning: Stop staring.
Ellie Nash: Stop being an ass.
Craig Manning: Do you know how humiliating it was to find out, in public, that my girlfriend dumped me by e-mail?
Ellie Nash: Oh. Oh, you're forgetting on your birthday. It's a pretty good detail too. Ashley wanted to tell you herself. She wanted to wait until the time was right. She was... concerned.
Ellie Nash: That I'd go off my meds and go all crazy. I'm fine. You know I'm fine. We hung out all summer and I don't need you protecting me.
Ellie Nash: All this anger is for Ashley. Buy a ticket, go to London, and freak on her there.

[Ellie walks into Craig's garage where he is playing his guitar]
Craig Manning: [annoyed] You here to see Marco? He's not here yet.
Ellie Nash: I'm here to see you.
[Craig resumes playing his guitar]
Ellie Nash: Craig! Craig! We hung out all summer and I know you're okay now and it was so, so stupid of me to try and protect you. I should have just told you. Sorry.
Craig Manning: Cool.
Ellie Nash: [annoyed] That's it?
Craig Manning: That's it.
[Craig walks away and turns around]
Craig Manning: Oy. I can feel them, you know. Your eyes burning a hole in my back.
[He turns back around]
Craig Manning: I'm sorry, too. I overreacted, okay? So there. Better?
Ellie Nash: Not really.
Craig Manning: So, what do we do?
Ellie Nash: Well, I heard you're in between drummers.
Craig Manning: You heard right. Know any?
Ellie Nash: I happen to be in between bands. Maybe I should sit in?
Craig Manning: I got to warn you, El. We suck, huge.
Ellie Nash: Oldest rule of music, Craig. Band's only as good as its drummer.
[She plays the drums very impressively]
Craig Manning: Okay, you'll fit in fine.

"Degrassi: The Next Generation: What's It Feel Like to Be a Ghost?: Part 2 (#6.10)" (2007)
[Craig kisses Ellie]
Craig Manning: I love you, Ellie.
Ellie Nash: [delighted] I love you too.
Craig Manning: So don't make me stop. Please. I need it. Don't call Joey.
[Ellie pushes Craig away]
Ellie Nash: [furious] You bastard. How could, how could you play with me like that?
Craig Manning: Ellie, I'm, I'm sorry. What do you want me to say?
Ellie Nash: Nothing. It's all gonna be lies. You'll say whatever it takes to get your hands on this, won't you? God!
[Ellie leaves. Craig prepares another line of cocaine]

Ellie Nash: You're on the 11am to Calgary. Joey's waiting for you at the airport.
Craig Manning: I guess you're here to make sure I get on the plane, right?
Ellie Nash: No, um, Mr. Simpson is. I'm leaving.
[Ellie starts to leave but Craig stops her. She begins to cry]
Craig Manning: [guiltily] Ellie, I know I messed up, badly, but I am glad for one thing. I was finally able to be honest with you. I meant what I said and I felt that way for a long time.
Ellie Nash: [upset] No, just don't. Don't, just... it's beside the point. You need help.
Craig Manning: I know. I know. I'm going to the rehab or whatever, but when I get out maybe we could...
Ellie Nash: Goodbye, Craig.
[a heartbroken Ellie walks away from Craig]

"Degrassi: The Next Generation: Father Figure: Part 1 (#3.1)" (2003)
Emma: Craig! What are you doing right now?
Craig: I'm going to art class.
Emma: Do you really wanna go?
Craig: Instead of...?
Emma: Finding my father. I've got his address.
[Craig looks uncertain]
Emma: Sean won't go. Manny's mom would kill her if she skipped.
Craig: Oh, yeah, and what do you think Joey's gonna do to me?
Emma: I can't go alone.
Craig: But... why me? I mean, you could ask JT... or Toby.
Emma: Because I thought you'd understand. With your dad and all.
[Craig smiles]
Craig: So, what are we waiting for?

[looking at Degrassi High yearbook]
Craig: Oh My God. It's Joey! With hair!

"Degrassi: The Next Generation: When Doves Cry: Part 1 (#2.1)" (2002)
Craig: Me... in an infinite universe... on an insignificant planet... one of six-billion inhabitants, big deal. I mean honestly, if I were to say that if I were to disappear, who'd care? What would it matter? Uh... a subatomic blip in the temporal fabric of creation. So there you have it, Craig Manning.

"Degrassi: The Next Generation: Queen of Hearts (#4.17)" (2004)
Craig: Marco, with your hair all big like that, you kinda look like Ashley.

"Degrassi: The Next Generation: Goin' Down the Road: Part 2 (#4.22)" (2005)
Craig: I'll be in the boiler room, I have some work to do.

"Degrassi: The Next Generation: Moonlight Desires (#4.19)" (2005)
Craig: You know you are a great guy. The most honest, down-to-earth, nicest person that I know. You're a little short, but that just adds to the cuteness. That I would find you to be. If you were a girl or I was not a guy.
[points to himself]
Craig: Is not gay. Just tell me this is helping.
Marco: You're telling me what I really want to hear. I appreciate it, thanks. If you want to help tell me I'm an idiot.
Craig: You're an idiot?
Marco: I can't go downstairs. I can't stay here. I can't talk to Dylan. What do I do?
Dylan: [Comes up behind them] Marco?
[Marco kisses Craig so that Dylan can see, then pulls back quickly]
Dylan: I, um-wow.
Craig: So when in doubt you kiss Craig?
Marco: I gotta settle this with Dylan.
Craig: Yeah you do. You really, really do!

"Degrassi: The Next Generation: Venus: Part 1 (#5.1)" (2005)
Ellie Nash: Time to open presents?
Craig Manning: It's time to tell the truth. What is going on with Ashley?... If you told Spinner, you can tell me.
Ellie Nash: She wanted to tell you herself. She wanted to wait till the time was right.
Craig Manning: Whatever. Just tell me.
Ellie Nash: She met someone.
Craig Manning: Wait. You knew and you didn't tell me?
Marco Del Rossi: Don't shoot the messenger, Craig. We...
Craig Manning: You knew? Did everyone know?
[Paige, Jimmy and Hazel all avoid making eye contact with him as they all knew]
Craig Manning: [to Ellie] Screw you.

"Degrassi: Minis: Bizarre Love Triangle (#1.3)" (2005)
Ellie Nash: Look, um, the band's kinda getting in the way of stuff and I'm gonna have to quit.
Craig Manning: Oh, ha. You're funny. You are joking, right?
Ellie Nash: No, no, I'm tired of the band... and you, Craig. You're kind of annoying and you kind of smell.

"Degrassi: The Next Generation: When Doves Cry: Part 2 (#2.2)" (2002)
Craig: How was the rest of the party?
Emma: Fine, until all the supposed adults started singing 80's hits.

"Degrassi: The Next Generation: Bark at the Moon (#4.13)" (2004)
Craig: So, a lot has been going on in my head lately, including thinking about last year.
Manny: Craig, it's okay.
Craig: No, it's not okay. I've made a lot of mistakes since coming here, but you were probably the biggest.