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Edgar K. B. Montrose (Character)
from "The Red Green Show" (1991)

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"The Red Green Show: Men's Night on the Mountain (#5.1)" (1995)
[about the movie 'Dances With Wolves']
Edgar Montrose: I saw that one. You know, the native guy was okay, he should have got the Oscar. But the rest of it... was a yawn. Now what they needed there was for one of those buffalo to get backed up with methane, catch his hoof on a piece of flint, go off like a big furry grenade! KA-BOOM!... Talk about your burgers to go.

"The Red Green Show: The Fishing Derby (#9.2)" (1999)
[Edgar is using a fire hose to forcibly blast debris straight up and out of an eaves-trough]
Edgar K. B. Montrose: You know, I think it was Sir Isaac Newton-John who said, "Whatever comes down must go up - if you got enough water pressure."

"The Red Green Show: Step Outside (#7.15)" (1997)
Red Green: Edgar, I understand you blew up the old flour mill from off of Port Asbestos.
Edgar Montrose: Yeah, I did, didn't I? Boy, that baby went off like a dry sneeze. A huge mushroom cloud of durum semolina. Talk about presifted.
Red Green: How much would you get paid for a demolition job like that?
Edgar Montrose: Pay? Oh, no, just seeing 300 tons of flour suspended over Possum Lake is all the payment I need. I mean, to flatten that flour mill and not even scratch the gas station right next door.
Red Green: Gas station? No, next to the flour mill is the old railway shed and then the bowling alley and the fountain and then there's the gas station. It's not next door to the flour mill.
Edgar Montrose: It is now.