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Ronnie Cooke (Character)
from "Boston Public" (2000)

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"Boston Public: Chapter Eighty-One (#4.15)" (2004)
[after Henry was caught hugging a female student]
Henry Preston: What's the big deal? The kid was crying. Some boy named Tristan or Clayton or whatever, he blew her off and dumped her.
Steven Harper: And you felt the appropriate response was to put your arms around her?
Henry Preston: Yeah.
Ronnie Cooke: You do realize how this could look, don't you?
Henry Preston: What, that I hugged a girl who was crying? I'm a nice guy?
Ronnie Cooke: You had your arms around a 17-year-old girl, the door was closed, and she was wearing a mini-skirt.
Henry Preston: Well, I didn't pick out her clothes this morning.

Ronnie Cooke: I do wonder if you're built to be a teacher.
Henry Preston: Why?
Ronnie Cooke: In a nutshell, you're not very good with boundaries, and boundaries are essential in a high school.
Henry Preston: Why?
Ronnie Cooke: Because these kids are at such a vulnerable age. I mean, they look like adults, but they're really just children in many ways.
Henry Preston: Hmm. So, by those standards, I'm being suspended for hugging a child that got hurt and was crying?