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Veronica (Character)
from "Shameless" (2011)

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"Shameless: Episode #2.0" (2004)
Carl: [Carl is drunk and staggering around the kitchen having a go at everyone] Same goes for you.
Veronica: Me!
Carl: Yeah, you!
Veronica: Oh yeah.
Carl: I don't like your bathroom!
Veronica: [Veronica grabs carl by the chin] well stay out of it then smelly arse!
Kev: Aw, leave him alone he's tanked.
Ian: Who let him get like that?
Lip: [points to Veronica] She did.
Veronica: We're just celebrating the fact that you're not dead Ian!
[he had a bad case of food poisoning]
Lip: [hands a glass of milk to Carl] Come on Carl, drink this.
Carl: [to Kash] And you, you robbing bastard!
Ian: Carl, cut it out.
Carl: How much are your Twix meant to be?
Kash: 49p
Carl: So, how much are a quarter of midgie demmers meant to be?
Kash: 28p.
Carl: Yeah, so how much is it meant to come to then, you robbing bastard!
Ian: Carl, I'm warning you.
Kash: 77p!
Carl: No, it's not, it's 77!
Kash: Yeah! I said 77p!
Carl: Did ya, OK, sorry, sorry, Kash, I love your shop and your daughter is a stunner.
[Kash has a vision of Carl marrying his daughter and gets a look of horror on his face]

"Shameless: Episode #1.3" (2004)
Fiona Gallagher: You're gonna fake it!
Veronica: Why not?
Fiona Gallagher: You can't
Veronica: Why not? We'll still be married it just won't be legal!

"Shameless: Three Boys (#1.5)" (2011)
[Veronica almost falls off the balcony]
Veronica Fisher: Oh shit. That would've sucked!
Fiona Gallagher: Showing up at your wedding fucking paralyzed and shit? Yeah!

"Shameless: Episode #1.4" (2004)
Veronica: She never took him! She borrowed him... accidentally.

"Shameless: Can I Have a Mother (#2.6)" (2012)
Peg Gallagher: [about Sheila] Jesus, is that bitch ever gonna shut up?
Sheila Jackson: And Frank's mother. We're just so honored that you're here. Even though you weren't even invited. And not really "honored" because you're a convicted felon. But you're out now, aren't you? Why did they let you out? Because you're a loud, mean, vicious bitch.
Karen Jackson: Okay, mom, let's open presents.
Peg Gallagher: Why don't you do yourself and everyone else a favor and shut up.
Sheila Jackson: I'm sorry. Have I offended you, in my home, where your an interloper?
Peg Gallagher: No one wants to hear it, you fucking windbag.
Karen Jackson: Mom, let's go upstairs.
Sheila Jackson: She called me a Wacker Drive Whore.
Fiona Gallagher: [whispers] Frank!
Frank Gallagher: Oh, let 'em work it out.
Sheila Jackson: And I don't know how an angel like that man could've come out of your poisoned womb!
Sheila Jackson: You know what? You've got a demon mind and a devil's womb and heart. AND YOUR COOCHIE SMELLS OF BRIMSTONE AND SULFUR!
Peg Gallagher: [Takes out her pistol and points it at Sheila] I WILL FUCK YOU UP!
Fiona Gallagher: Shit!
Veronica Fisher: SHIT!
Sheila Jackson: DO IT, DO IT!

"Shameless: Episode #1.6" (2004)
Billy Wilson: It's never little Fiona?
Veronica: No, it's a little Veronica. Fuck do you want?
Billy Wilson: Mr. Wilson, housing officer.

"Shameless: Episode #2.4" (2005)
Kev: [talking about places Steve and Fiona could go for their Honeymoon] I recommend Barbados.
Fiona Gallagher: Barbados! Where did you stay?
Kev: No, I've never been, I just recommend Barbados.
Veronica: In that case I recommend Palestine
[Kev and Fiona look at her confused]
Veronica: I don't mean Palestine do I? Where did Beverly go?
Fiona Gallagher: Dubai.
Veronica: Dubai!

"Shameless: A Great Cause (#2.10)" (2012)
Veronica Fisher: [to Fiona] I've had so many abortions the next one's free.