Gerald Crich
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Gerald Crich (Character)
from Women in Love (1969)

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Women in Love (1969)
Gerald Crich: And who is "Gudrun"?
Gudrun Brangwen: In a Norse myth, Gudrun was a sinner who murdered her husband.
Gerald Crich: And will you live up to that?
Gudrun Brangwen: Which would you prefer me to live up to, Mr Crich? The sinner or the murderer?

Gerald Crich: Do you know what it is to suffer when you're with a woman? lt tears you like a silk. And each bit and stroke burns hot. Of course, l wouldn't not have had it. lt was a complete experience. She's a wonderful woman, but l hate her somewhere. lt's curious.
Rupert Birkin: You've had your experience now. Why work on an old wound?
Gerald Crich: Because there's nothing else.
Rupert Birkin: l've loved you, as well as Gudrun. Don't forget.
Gerald Crich: Have you? Or do you think you have?

Gerald Crich: Rupert, what is it you really want?
Rupert Birkin: I want to sit with my beloved in a field, with daisies growing all around us.

Gerald Crich: There's one thing about our family, you know. Once anything goes wrong, it can never be put right. Not with us.

Gerald Crich: By God, l'd just concluded that nothing mattered in the world... except somebody to take the edge off one's being alone.

Gerald Crich: You know, I always believe in love, in true love. But where do you find it nowadays?
Rupert Birkin: I don't know. Life has all kinds of things. There isn't only one road.
Gerald Crich: I don't care how it is with me... as long as I feel... that I've lived. I don't care how it is, as long as I feel that.

Gerald Crich: It's something you don't reckon with until it's there. And then you realise it was there all the time. It was always there. The possibility of this... incurable illness... this creeping death. There's nothing left. Do you understand what l mean? You seem to be reaching at the void, then you realise that you're a void yourself.

Rupert Birkin: I do believe in a permanent union between a man and a woman. Chopping about is merely an exhaustive process. But a permanent relationship between a man and a woman isn't the last word. lt certainly isn't.
Gerald Crich: Quite.
Rupert Birkin: We have to take down this love-and-marriage ideal from its pedestal. We want something broader. I believe in the additional perfect relationship, between man and man. Additional to marriage.
Gerald Crich: I don't see how they can be the same.
Rupert Birkin: No, not the same, but equally important... equally creative, equally sacred, if you like.
Gerald Crich: I know you believe something like that. Only, I can't feel it, do you see?