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Carly Morris (Character)
from "Home and Away" (1988)

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"Home and Away: Episode #1.487" (1990)
Carly Morris: [seeing Lance and Sally training Sally's jumping frog] Tom, Why do you let her have that disgusting creature in the house?
Tom Fletcher: Oh, Don't be like that, Carly, Lance is welcome in here any time!
Lance Smart: [sarcastically] Thanks a lot, Mr. F!

Carly Morris: [after she catches her hair in Sally's fly paper] Just get it out, Tom; It's revolting!
Tom Fletcher: There's only one thing for it, I'll have to cut it.
Carly Morris: I don't care, just do it!
Tom Fletcher: [to Grant] Pass me the scissors.
Lance Smart: Is there anything we can do?
Carly Morris: Yeah, you can just get that reptile out of here!
Sally Fletcher: [pets her frog] It's not a reptile, she's an *amphibian*!
Carly Morris: I don't really care what it is, Sal. If you hadn't been feeding it flies, this wouldn't have happened, would it?
Tom Fletcher: Keep still.
Carly Morris: Ow! Tom! Be Careful!
Tom Fletcher: Sorry.
Tom Fletcher: I won't cut off too much, Madam, I promise!
Lance Smart: I tell you what, If you frizz it up, no-one can tell it's been hacked!
Carly Morris: Shut up, Lance. I'll frizz *you* up in a minute!

"Home and Away: Pilot (#1.0)" (1988)
Martin Dibble: [Lance and Martin see Carly walking with Sally and Lynn outside the store] Hey, Lance, check it out! Woah!
Lance Smart: Yeah, right, check it out!
Carly Morris: I hope that's not the best Summer Bay can offer.
Lynn Davenport: He's going to talk to us.
Carly Morris: Not for long, he's not!
Martin Dibble: How are you going? I'm Martin. He's Lance.
Carly Morris: And I'm not interested.
[Girls walk off]
Lance Smart: Too bad, mate.
Martin Dibble: Shut up!
[to Carly]
Martin Dibble: It's your loss! Suckers!
Carly Morris: If that's the answer to last night's prayer, then I'm an atheist!
Sally Keating: What's an Athiest?
Lynn Davenport: She's just being silly.
Matt Wilson: [Matt walks out of the store] G'day.
Lynn Davenport: [Carly giggles] Amen!

"Home and Away: Episode #1.562" (1990)
Ben Lucini: [Two thieves drive off with Ben's car while he and Carly are skinny dipping] Hey, you can't do that! That's my car; Come back here!
Carly Morris: Will they come back?
Ben Lucini: I don't think so, Carly. They're car thieves.

"Home and Away: Episode #1.1" (1988)
Carly: [Lynn looks on as Carly and Matt make eyes at each other on the beach] I'm Carly.
Surfer/Matt: I'm Matt.
Lynn: I'm *sick!*