F. Scott Fitzgerald
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F. Scott Fitzgerald (Character)
from Fitzgerald (2002) (TV)

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Fitzgerald (2002) (TV)
F. Scott Fitzgerald: Frances; am I correct in thinking that you're jewish?
Frances Kroll: Yes I am. Why?
F. Scott Fitzgerald: And your father? Hes a self-made man?
Frances Kroll: Yes, very much so. Hes intelligent but the only education hes had is reading the bible in Hebrew.
F. Scott Fitzgerald: Perfect. Where was he born?
Frances Kroll: Russia. Why?
F. Scott Fitzgerald: And what was his trade? What does he do for a living?
Frances Kroll: Hes a furrier.
F. Scott Fitzgerald: You see Cecelias dad Brady would probably be Jewish in reality but I've made him Irish because hes the bad guy and I don't want to make the bad guy a Jew.
Frances Kroll: Why not?
F. Scott Fitzgerald: Hitler.

F. Scott Fitzgerald: Samuel. What you went through, what you suffered to get here to be part of this great experiment we call America is no less heroic,w orthy of history than the pioneers that came before you. The puritans and their little boats landing in Massachusetts. Frontiersmen crossing the great plains. Samuel Kroll, I salute you.

F. Scott Fitzgerald: Frances I read your story last night. It stinks.

Frances Kroll: Scott, tell me about Zelda.
F. Scott Fitzgerald: I met her at a dance when I was 21. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. When she looked at me she looked at me she looked right inside me. Way deep with a look that said "Well hello there old thing where have you been all these years? Whats been keeping you?" I proposed. She turned me down because I had no prospects. So, I retired to the attic of my parents house in St Pauls and I wrote This Side of Paradise which made me rich. I proposed again. This time she accepted and we were very bad together for about ten years. New York, Paris, Rome, French Riviera. I drank and she slowly went mad. Heres the truth. Heres the really odd thing. I still love her so much it makes my heart crack. She my girl you know. Theres something delicious, so smart inside all that craziness.

F. Scott Fitzgerald: If you go I'll start drinking.
Frances Kroll: That is blackmail.
F. Scott Fitzgerald: Damn straight.

Bartender: [places seven glasses half full of booze in front of Fitzgerald] There you go.
F. Scott Fitzgerald: Thank you.
Bartender: You know if I let you drink all those, you're going to end up in big trouble.
F. Scott Fitzgerald: I know. A word to the wise
[points to his eye and then at him]
F. Scott Fitzgerald: [starts downing each glass in one breath]
F. Scott Fitzgerald: [after drinking three glasses lights a cigarrette] You know I behaved like a jerk tonight. A real asshole.

F. Scott Fitzgerald: [sipping on a bottle of Pepsi trying to recover from a drunk imaginary football game the previous night]
F. Scott Fitzgerald: [weakly to Frances] Morning.
Frances Kroll: Good morning... I called someone to fix the window and cabinet.
F. Scott Fitzgerald: Oh, thank you. Ah... sorry about the thing yesterday... you know the pistol and all.
Frances Kroll: Does that happen a lot around here?
F. Scott Fitzgerald: Scotty and I have our fights, but its rare I go after her with a gun.
Frances Kroll: What happened to your face?
F. Scott Fitzgerald: Sporting accident.

Beloved Infidel (1959)
F. Scott Fitzgerald: You look more attractive everyday. Today you look like tomorrow.