William Beardsley
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William Beardsley (Character)
from Yours, Mine & Ours (2005)

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Yours, Mine & Ours (2005)
Frank Beardsley: William, what have you got there?
William Beardsley: Academy applications, S.A.T. forms, Capital Summer Hill entry forms, and the number of the girl two houses down.
Frank Beardsley: [asked his eldest son, William, of what he is holding of entering in their new home] Outstanding!
William Beardsley: One, two.

[just ending his speech at the lighthouse]
William Beardsley: It's time for us to call a truce. None of us likes this situation, but if we want to win out we need to unite against the greater enemy. That enemy's name is Mom and Dad.

Ethan: William wait, wait.
William Beardsley: What!
Ethan: Please, I don't want to lose another mommy.

Dylan North: Yeah, somebody might actually think your cool, If they didn't know you.
William Beardsley: Ha! That's funny!

William Beardsley: Okay, phase two. I think that we just need one more big thing to push them over the edge.
Dylan North: [to William] Have them catch you and Phoebe together?
Christina Beardsley: You're really sick.
Dylan North: [to Christina] Okay, then have them catch you and Phoebe together.
Phoebe North: How about they catch me with my hands around your neck?

William Beardsley: Done!
Dylan North: Psh. You have an illness.
William Beardsley: Hey. What are you doing?
Dylan North: It's called decorating.
William Beardsley: No, it's called vandalism.
Dylan North: Whatever.

Frank Beardsley: So then I asked her to marry me.
Helen North: And I said "yes".
Frank's Kids: What?
Helen North: Oh, it was spontaneous and so romantic.
William Beardsley: You got married?
Christina Beardsley: Without telling us?
Frank Beardsley: Yeah, yeah.
William Beardsley: At least when you were re-assigned at Guam, there was an e-mail.