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Quotes for
Sarah (Character)
from In America (2002)

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In America (2002)
Immigration Officer #1: How many children do you have?
Johnny: Three.
Sarah: Two.
Johnny: Two.
Immigration Officer #1: Says three here.
Johnny: We lost one.

Immigration Officer #1: What's your name little girl?
Ariel: Ariel.
Immigration Officer #1: [to Christy] And who are you?
Sarah: She's Christy.
Immigration Officer #1: What age are you Christy?
Ariel: She's ten.
Immigration Officer #1: Welcome to America.

Sarah: Make believe you're happy Johnny, please, for the kids.

Sarah: If the baby dies, just don't wake me up.

Johnny: Why would youse wanna be the same as everybody else?
Ariel: 'Cause everybody else goes trick-or-treating.
Sarah: What's that?
Ariel: It's what they do here for Halloween.
Johnny: What do you mean? Like, help the Halloween party?
Christy: No. Not help the Halloween party. You don't ask for help in America. You demand it. Trick-or-treat- you don't ask, you threaten.
Sarah: You can't do that on our street.
Christy: Why not?
Sarah: Because you can't threaten drug addicts and transvestites, that's why.

Ariel: It's alright, Dad. Mam's breathing's okay.
Johnny: [trying to fix the air conditioner, it's a boiling summer day] Is it okay, Sarah?
Sarah: [smiles reassuringly at Johnny, fanning herself]
Ariel: It's the lemon drops; they're magic! You take one and you forget about your breathing.
Sarah: [opens her mouth to show the lemon drop, grinning]

Johnny: Do you want me to lie?
Sarah: You're the only actor in the world who can't lie, Johnny. Even for the sake of your kids.
Johnny: What does that mean?
Sarah: If you can't touch somebody you created, how can you create somebody that'll touch anybody?
Johnny: What are you going on about?
Sarah: Acting, Johnny. And bringing something to life, it's the same thing. That's why you can't get a job acting, Johnny, because you can't feel anything.
Johnny: This baby's not Frankie, Sarah.