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Robert de Rainault (Character)
from "Robin Hood" (1984)

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"Robin Hood: Robin Hood and the Sorcerer (#1.1)" (1984)
Abbot Hugo de Rainault: I'll have Gisburne excommunicated!
Robert de Rainault: Have him hanged, it's quicker.

Robert de Rainault: Gisburne's brains are in his backside. It's not more men he needs, it's more
[slaps his head]
Robert de Rainault: up here!

Abbot Hugo de Rainault: Belleme's possesed. He's insane. They say a demon took his soul while he was in the Holy Land.
Robert de Rainault: Do they? Probably sunstroke.
Abbot Hugo de Rainault: He gets up to all kinds of nastiness. Devil worship.
Robert de Rainault: Ah, but which devil? There are so many, aren't there? And only one God. It hardly seems fair.

Abbot Hugo de Rainault: Impossible!
Robert de Rainault: Not for Herne's son. Hedger's beard may be white, but his hands are those of a young man.

Baron de Belleme: Fire must be fought with fire.
Abbot Hugo de Rainault: But not with hellfire!
Robert de Rainault: You do see the problem, my lord. You can hardly expect the Church to align itself with the opposition, so to speak.

Robert de Rainault: One word more, Brother Tuck, just one, and I'll have the fat flayed from your body.

Robert de Rainault: When do you propose to take her?
Baron de Belleme: Tomorrow is the first of May.
Robert de Rainault: The feast of Beltane.
Baron de Belleme: You're very well-informed, for a skeptic.
Robert de Rainault: Superstition is a hobby horse of mine.
Baron de Belleme: Superstition? You're a fool, de Rainault.

Robert de Rainault: Gisburne, see what you can get out of the miller. He must know where they are.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: I will.
Abbot Hugo de Rainault: May God's peace go with you. Don't take any prisoners.

Abbot Hugo de Rainault: God in heaven, Robert, we're haggling over less than an acre. And you're my brother!
Robert de Rainault: I'm Sheriff. Our blood relationship has nothing to do with it!

"Robin Hood: Adam Bell (#3.9)" (1986)
Robert de Rainault: Ninety-nine, one hundred gold marks exactly.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: I did count it, my lord.
Robert de Rainault: I know, Gisburne, but one can never be too sure.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: My lord, are you questioning my hono...
Robert de Rainault: Your honour? No, no, just your ability to count.

Robert de Rainault: What are you snickering about, Gisburne? Are you laughing at me?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: No, my lord, but I thought...
Robert de Rainault: That's the trouble, Gisburne: you thought. You never think!

Lady Isabel: Edward was everything that you aren't!
Robert de Rainault: He still is. He's dead.

Robert de Rainault: I told him there were two ways you can win - luck and cunning. But of course, there's a third.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: A third?
Robert de Rainault: Yes. You can cheat.

Robert de Rainault: [Guards bring in the captive Much] Spotted by chance, but caught, I think, by cunning. Luck and cunning, both part of the game.
Robert de Rainault: This man is called Much. He's one of Robin Hood's men. Alone, he's valueless. A simpleton. But even then, with a little cunning, some use could be found for him.
Robert de Rainault: You're eleven tomorrow?
Martin: Yes, uncle.
Robert de Rainault: Have you ever seen anyone hanged?
Martin: No.
Robert de Rainault: Would you like to?
Martin: Yes, uncle.
Robert de Rainault: Well, there you are, you see. And I was wondering what to get you for a birthday present.
Robert de Rainault: We'll hang him tomorrow afternoon.

Robert de Rainault: Have I ever spoken to you about my younger brother, Edward?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: No.
Robert de Rainault: Even when he was young he was different from me: honest, trusting, generous. Naturally I despised him.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: Naturally.

Robert de Rainault: So, wolfshead, you came.
Robert of Huntingdon: What do you want?
Robert de Rainault: Your help.
Robert of Huntingdon: You ask for my help?
Robert de Rainault: I don't ask. I demand. And you for once will obey.

Robert de Rainault: So, you'll do it?
Robert of Huntingdon: Do I have any choice?
Robert de Rainault: No. Your half-wit for my brat. The exchange will be made here two days from now at sunset. Do you understand?
Robert of Huntingdon: Yes.
Robert de Rainault: Good. Don't fail me, wolfshead; I want the boy alive.

Lady Isabel: Martin was a kind, gentle boy once. Now I hardly recognise him. He doesn't laugh anymore, except at things that would make an ordinary boy sick. He's a bully, a tyrant, just like his favourite uncle.
Robert de Rainault: Oh, you flatter me!

"Robin Hood: The Witch of Elsdon (#1.2)" (1984)
Robert de Rainault: What a paragon of virtue you are, Gisburne. I really am most impressed. If she wanted to 'bewitch' ME, I'd be inclined to let her.

Robert de Rainault: Hanging is a comparatively painless death. I am sure we could devise something far more imaginative for Thomas. Something I could make you watch... for hours.

Robert de Rainault: What a worrier you are, Gisburne! You must learn patience if you're ever to take service with me. And tact - you're very short on tact.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: I believe in action, my lord.
Robert de Rainault: Ah yes, action. The eternal excuse for not stopping to think.

Robert de Rainault: I was wrong about Robin Hood.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: Yes, my lord.
Robert de Rainault: 680 silver marks! I want his head!
Sir Guy of Gisburne: I'll get it for you.
Robert de Rainault: Don't be so stupid! If you go to Sherwood, all you'll get is an arrow in your back, and a bloody long one, too.

Robert de Rainault: Well, if it isn't the flower of chivalry himself. What can I do for you?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: It is the third day, my lord.
Robert de Rainault: I know what day it is, Gisburne! You've no need to ride ten miles to tell me that.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: The Abbot is angry.
Robert de Rainault: The Abbot's always angry. He was angry as a child. I've still got the scars.

Abbot Hugo de Rainault: Why don't you stick their heads over the main gate? That's what I'd do: a permanent reminder to the rest of the Nottingham rabble.
Robert de Rainault: I'm not a gamekeeper, Hugo. And what about the stench? Aren't you forgetting the prevailing wind blows from that direction?

Robert de Rainault: Soldiers have a habit of dying. It's an occupational hazard.

"Robin Hood: The Greatest Enemy (#2.6)" (1985)
Robert de Rainault: Do you remember Loxley? That was a rebel village, wasn't it? Now it's just a name and a tangle of undergrowth.

Soldier: We've lost the scent, my lord.
Robert de Rainault: Then follow both banks until you find it again, dolt!

Robert de Rainault: Damn the man! He could always outshoot us with those accursed longbows!

Robert de Rainault: How many arrows does the man have?

Robert de Rainault: Look, Gisburne, I'm tired. I'm hungry and somewhat saddlesore.

Robert de Rainault: Why are you so on edge?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: The outlaws have many sympathizers.
Robert de Rainault: Sympathizers don't do anything but sympathize, Gisburne.

Robert de Rainault: Just as I'd begun to believe it was all over. How stupid of me! It's not over. It'll never be over.

"Robin Hood: Herne's Son: Part 1 (#3.1)" (1986)
Robert de Rainault: And to illustrate my good will, you can have Gisburne for free.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: My lord, I...
Robert de Rainault: Don't argue, Gisburne; you could do with the exercise. Oh, and by the way, no shields for the men. I don't want Owen to know where the soldiers came from.

Sir Guy of Gisburne: This morning I remembered where I'd seen the animal before. I never forget a horse.
Robert de Rainault: I'm sure you don't, Gisburne.

Robert de Rainault: Tell me this: why should Robert of Huntingdon, heir to vast estates and several castles, concern himself with a gang of outlaws?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: Marion of Leaford.
[the Sheriff chokes on his wine]

Sir Guy of Gisburne: I'll track them down. However long it takes. And the man who rescued them.
Robert de Rainault: Ah, the Hooded Man... Of course you will, Gisburne. I have enormous faith in your abilities.
Abbot Hugo de Rainault: Hah!

"Robin Hood: The Children of Israel (#2.2)" (1984)
Sir Guy of Gisburne: My lord, I thought...
Robert de Rainault: You thought, did you, Gisburne? What a pity I wasn't here. When did you have this thought of yours? While I was in London? Or was it perhaps more recent? Surely such an earth-shattering event would linger in the memory. Or was it this morning perhaps, while I was being attacked?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: Attacked, my lord?
Robert de Rainault: Ten miles from Nottingham, by Robin Hood's men! That was when I had MY thought, Gisburne. And do you know what it was? A simple, uncomplicated thought: Where is Gisburne? Where is the escort that I asked for in my letter?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: Your letter? Your letter says that you will be back in four days, dated the 8th!
Robert de Rainault: The 7th, Gisburne. The 7th! Don't try to get out of it!
Sir Guy of Gisburne: But, my lord...
Robert de Rainault: But! But! You're the butt of everyone in Nottingham, aren't you?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: You insult me!
Robert de Rainault: I do! And will, as long as you continue to give me cause!

Robert de Rainault: You forget who I am!
Joshua de Talmont: Not at all. You are my servant.
Robert de Rainault: Your what?
Joshua de Talmont: Certainly. You have borrowed money from me. "The borrower is servant to the lender." Book of Proverbs, part of your Bible as well as of ours.
Robert de Rainault: I'll have the flesh whipped from off your back!
Joshua de Talmont: That will not discharge your debt, my lord.

Robert de Rainault: Where's Gisburne?
Joshua de Talmont: He took my daughter!
Robert de Rainault: Yes, I thought that might be it. He's very susceptible.

Robert de Rainault: He's made his own noose, Gisburne. It only remains to put it around his neck.

"Robin Hood: The Power of Albion (#3.3)" (1986)
Robert of Huntingdon: I find it difficult to confess...
Robert de Rainault: Take all the time you need.
Robert of Huntingdon: I've been attacked by Robin Hood.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: What?
Robert de Rainault: Gisburne, please!
Robert of Huntingdon: Believe me when I tell you that I fought long and hard before they overwhelmed me. The disgrace of being beaten by such scum! I find it almost impossible to bear. Imagine it, Sir Guy: a trained swordsman being beaten by peasants!

Robert de Rainault: Lady Marion's past has been catching her up. Almost tripping her up, I might say. To be blunt, she's been meeting old friends. I need hardly tell you who they are.

Robert of Huntingdon: Here's another one, my lord: How does a forester shake a poacher's hand?
Robert de Rainault: I don't know; how does a forester shake a poacher's hand?
Robert of Huntingdon: On a piece of string!
Robert de Rainault: [laughing] Oh, I really must try to remember that one!

Robert of Huntingdon: Hear me out, my lord; I have a plan.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: A plan? Do you think there are any plans that haven't already been tried?
Robert de Rainault: [laughing] I'm afraid when it comes to outlaws, Gisburne gets rather obsessed.

"Robin Hood: The Enchantment (#2.4)" (1985)
Sir Guy of Gisburne: I - I don't know how to put this, my lord.
Robert de Rainault: You usually do, Gisburne. I'm sure you'll find a way.
Robert de Rainault: They weren't there, were they? A wild goose chase and a dead duck!
Sir Guy of Gisburne: They were there, my lord. The jewels were there...
Robert de Rainault: Then where are they now?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: The Baron has them.
Robert de Rainault: What Baron?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: Th-the Baron de Belleme.
Robert de Rainault: He's dead!
Sir Guy of Gisburne: I know!

Sir Guy of Gisburne: I hoped to... to surprise you, by discovering the whereabouts of Belleme's jewels.
Robert de Rainault: I don't like surprises, Gisburne. I never have done. Especially when you're involved!

Robert de Rainault: On the death of Belleme, they removed his jewels and hid them. His power still dominates them, even from the grave.
Ralph of Huntingdon: Then it's likely the jewels are cursed, my lord.
Robert de Rainault: Very likely. So we better get Abbot Hugo to exorcise each emerald. Wash them in the font if necessary.

"Robin Hood: The Sheriff of Nottingham (#3.5)" (1986)
Robert de Rainault: [imprisoned in his own dungeon] Let me out!
The Old Prisoner: They'll never let you out of here, never! Will they, Arthur?
Robert de Rainault: Arthur?
[the Old Prisoner shows him his pet rat]
Robert de Rainault: Who are you?
The Old Prisoner: Feet first - it's the only way. It's the only way for the Sheriff of Nottingham.
Robert de Rainault: [sighs] I AM the Sheriff of Nottingham.
The Old Prisoner: You?
The Old Prisoner: You wait there, Arthur.
[sets the rat down]
The Old Prisoner: Twenty-seven years I've been here. I think it's twenty-seven years... and I want to ask you something.
Robert de Rainault: Well? What is it?
The Old Prisoner: When are they going to change the straw?

Sir Guy of Gisburne: It's always Robin Hood. Robin Hood! Anyone would think he was the only wolfshead in Sherwood!
Robert de Rainault: But he is, Gisburne, the only one that matters.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: You made him what he is. Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham. You're two sides of the same coin.
Robert de Rainault: What! You forget who you speak to!
Sir Guy of Gisburne: But it's true, isn't? It's an obsession. A disease. But you'll never get rid of him, because he's part of you.

Philip Mark: You are banished. You come within twenty miles, you are dead. Do you understand? You will leave here now. My soldiers will escort you to the edge of Sherwood.
Robert de Rainault: Sherwood? At night? You can't mean it!
Philip Mark: It's too dangerous for you, eh? Ah yes, of course, I forgot. Thanks to you, the place is crawling with cutthroats. Well, we'll just have to dress you in rags, won't we? It'd be good for you to be unrecognizable.
[to the guards]
Philip Mark: See to it.
Robert de Rainault: No, no you can't!
Philip Mark: I just have.
Robert de Rainault: Gisburne! Do something about it!
Philip Mark: Forget him, Gisburne. Let's have some wine.
[pats Gisburne's hand]
Philip Mark: You're mine now.

"Robin Hood: The Betrayal (#3.8)" (1986)
Sir Guy of Gisburne: There's no need for panic.
Robert de Rainault: No? Then why is the King bringing Roger de Carnac with him?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: De Carnac!
Robert de Rainault: Exactly. "The Carnage" would be a better name for him.

Robert de Rainault: My liege, she's not to be trusted.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: She should be hanged at once!
Prince John: Silence, imbecile.
Robert de Rainault: [to Guy] Clown!

"Robin Hood: The Time of the Wolf: Part 2 (#3.13)" (1986)
Gulnar: [the captive Sheriff is brought before Gulnar] Who is this?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: Robert de Rainault, High Sheriff of Nottingham.
Robert de Rainault: Where is Abbot Michael?
Gulnar: In Hell. Do you wish to join him?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: [putting his sword to the Sheriff's throat] I can arrange it.
Robert de Rainault: What do you think you're wearing, Gisburne? You look absurd.
[Gisburne lifts his sword to strike the Sheriff]
Grendel: [to Gisburne] Not yet!
Grendel: [to the Sheriff] Join us. Join us or die!
Robert de Rainault: Well, you don't give me any choice in the matter, do you? Because I have no intention of capering about in a wolfskin with a gang of demented savages!
Gulnar: [gesturing to the Sheriff] Take him for your sport. We shall use what's left of him as a sacrifice to Fenris.

Robert de Rainault: You're a fool, Gisburne. Do you really think you can survive in this madhouse?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: Oh yes, I'll survive. You're the one who's going to die, and die with Robin Hood and his men.
Robert de Rainault: What?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: Yes, all of them. We have all of them. Hahahahaha. Ironic, isn't it?
Robert de Rainault: Come to your senses, man! We could use their deaths to get ourselves a pardon from the King!
Sir Guy of Gisburne: I'd rather watch you suffer.
Robert de Rainault: And then be killed by the rest of this rabble.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: [shouting] This is the Time of the Wolf! Your time is over, Sheriff.

"Robin Hood: The King's Fool (#1.5)" (1984)
King Richard: Tell him there's some land in it for him.
Robert de Rainault: Very generous, my liege!
King Richard: Not so generous - it's in Wales.

King Richard: At our crowning, we bestowed many appointments, many positions of authority...
Robert de Rainault: [sotto voce, to Hugo] Here we go.
King Richard: They were on lease, my lords. Their term is up!
Robert de Rainault: This isn't a council. It's an auction!

"Robin Hood: The Pretender (#3.10)" (1986)
Sir Guy of Gisburne: It looks unpleasant, my lord.
Robert de Rainault: It is unpleasant, Gisburne. It's unpleasant being bitten by one of my own dogs. Mind you, it's what I've come to expect.