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Martin Dibble (Character)
from "Home and Away" (1988)

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"Home and Away: Pilot (#1.0)" (1988)
Martin Dibble: [Lance and Martin see Carly walking with Sally and Lynn outside the store] Hey, Lance, check it out! Woah!
Lance Smart: Yeah, right, check it out!
Carly Morris: I hope that's not the best Summer Bay can offer.
Lynn Davenport: He's going to talk to us.
Carly Morris: Not for long, he's not!
Martin Dibble: How are you going? I'm Martin. He's Lance.
Carly Morris: And I'm not interested.
[Girls walk off]
Lance Smart: Too bad, mate.
Martin Dibble: Shut up!
[to Carly]
Martin Dibble: It's your loss! Suckers!
Carly Morris: If that's the answer to last night's prayer, then I'm an atheist!
Sally Keating: What's an Athiest?
Lynn Davenport: She's just being silly.
Matt Wilson: [Matt walks out of the store] G'day.
Lynn Davenport: [Carly giggles] Amen!

"Home and Away: Episode #1.452" (1990)
Alf Stewart: [Martin knocks at the store and Alf points to the sign which is reverse] Can't you read?
Martin Dibble: Hey, mate. Just passin' through, sort of see if you've got a telly in your shop, That's all.
Alf Stewart: No we haven't, So if you don't mind...
[widens door for him to leave]
Martin Dibble: Oh, Pity.
[Sees Tom]
Martin Dibble: G'day, mate. Shouldn't you be having your family meeting?
Tom Fletcher: What the hell do you know about that?
Martin Dibble: Uh, I always keep me ears to the ground.
Tom Fletcher: Strewth;
Tom Fletcher: Doesn't take long for the good news to start spreading, does it?
Alf Stewart: Look, Martin. Tom and I are just having a quiet beer so if you don't mind...
Martin Dibble: Fine by me. How about we mosey on over to your place, there's a great wrestling match on. Big Bad Bruno and Ugly Arthur are gonna make Paper Mache of each other.
Alf Stewart: I'll make Paper Mache outta *you* if you don't get outta here. Now, go eh?
Martin Dibble: Okay, I can take a hint!

"Home and Away: Episode #1.327" (1989)
Jay Everitt: [Roo is late to the office] You're strolling in just in time for Morning tea; That kind of behaviour is a no-go zone. It's not the colour of the balloon that makes it go up, it's what's *inside*
Martin Dibble: Wow!
Jay Everitt: You
[to Martin]
Jay Everitt: What I'm saying to you is Winners never quit!and
[to Roo]
Jay Everitt: Quitters never Win! So bud, I want you to go through the moves with Sue; Show her the warmup routine we just did and hey, raise the roof. How about it?
Martin Dibble: You bet!
Jay Everitt: [to Roo] You look a bit hesitant, How about I start you off; "I'm alive, I'm firing, I feel fantastic!" Come on, Sue, Don't be shy.
Roo Stewart: [downbeat] I'm alive, I'm firing, I feel fantastic.
Jay Everitt: I'll be in the Back office, Raise that roof, team.
Martin Dibble: [trying to motivate Roo] I'm alive, I'm firing, I feel fantastic!
Roo Stewart: I'm alive, I'm firing, I feel fantastic... No, I don't, I feel horrible!
Jay Everitt: [off-screen] I can't hear you!

"Home and Away: Episode #1.503" (1990)
Lance Smart: [Lance comes home to find Martin packing] Marty?
Martin Dibble: Jeez, Lance. You don't have to sneak up on me!
Lance Smart: You're back! What're you doing?
Martin Dibble: Well you see this thing, It's called a *suitcase* and this is my gear. You put the gear into the suitcase and you close it up. It's called *packing*.
Lance Smart: But, Why man?
Martin Dibble: I don't know, that's just what they call it, eh.

"Home and Away: Episode #1.146" (1988)
Colleen Smart: [after finding Martin has gotten Lance's $100,000 car stolen and chases him out of Lance's mobile home brandishing a saucepan] If I ever set eyes on you again, you'll get more than a belt over the head with a saucepan! You're just lucky I didn't have a *knife* handy!
Martin Dibble: You wouldn't really kill a bloke, would you?
Colleen Smart: No, but you'd have a squeaky voice for the rest of your life! Now get going before I find something sharp!