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Shannon Reed (Character)
from "Home and Away" (1988)

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"Home and Away: Episode #1.1561" (1994)
Jack: Hi, what's cookin'?
Shannon: An early tea, I hope.
Jack: [preventing her from entering the house] Well, yeah, yeah. I'm heading down to the store, so if you wanna come along for the walk...
Shannon: No thanks, I've already had one.
Jack: Listen, It's still a little *ugly* inside, so me, Sam and Damo, we're going down to the surf club...
Shannon: Look, I haven't had the best day in the world, so let's just leave.
Jack: Well...
Shannon: A lot girls might think you're cute but I just don't *happen* to agree. On top of which, I've got a boyfriend! And even if I didn't, You wouldn't be anywhere *near* the top of the list, so why don't you put your flashy smile in your back pocket and go and sit on it!
[walks off]
Jack: [calls after her] Have you ever happened to think that *you're* wrong and the other girls are *Right?*

"Home and Away: Episode #1.1559" (1994)
Curtis: [Mindy begins growling] Mindy?
Shannon: Oh no!
Alf: What's up?
Ailsa: It's Alf's new Waders!
[Shot of Mindy chewing the Waders]
Alf: Come back here, you flamin' mongrel!
[Everyone runs from the dining room into the living room and Alf tries to wrestle the waders from the Dog]
Shannon: Careful, you might hurt her.
Alf: HURT *her*? You know how much I paid for these? Let go, ya stupid mutt!
Shannon: She's not a *stupid* mutt
Curtis: Mindy, let go.
Alf: [holds up damaged Waders] Look, Ailse... Just look at 'em! This is full of holes! This is completely ruined!
Shannon: [Unsympathetic] Serves you right. Should have hung them up.
Alf: Don't you speak to me like that!
Ailsa: Calm down, Alf; You're upsetting everyone.
Alf: I don't give a damn! Now, You take that flamin' Mongrel outside where she belongs!
Shannon: She's not a Mongrel, either.
Curtis: Shannon, that's enough.
Shannon: Glad it's you living here; not me. Don't think I could *stand* it.
Curtis: Shannon, *enough*!
Alf: No, No, No. It's alright; she's entitled to her opinion.
[to Shannon]
Alf: But I never want to see you settin' foot inside my house again, Understood?

"Home and Away: Episode #1.1572" (1994)
Alf Stewart: [Shannon coughs] Somethin' I can do for you, young lady?
Shannon Reed: Yes, Actually. I'm after some information.
Alf Stewart: Well, fire a way. I'm a mine of it.
Shannon Reed: It's come to my attention that you're paying your Juniors less than the Award.
Alf Stewart: I beg your pardon?
Shannon Reed: I was just wondering if it was deliberate or an oversight on your behalf.
Alf Stewart: Well, if it was true, It'd be an oversight. But it's not; Next question.
Shannon Reed: I had a job similar to this in the city, and I checked the award before I began there; You're paying less than they're due.
Alf Stewart: Well, If I were you, I'd check the award *again*
Shannon Reed: This was only a few weeks ago. Even if the award had been adjusted in the meantime, The award would have gone up, not down.
Alf Stewart: Are *you* seriously accusing me of underpaying my staff?
Shannon Reed: Let's just say I'm bringing it to your attention.
Alf Stewart: Well let me bring *this* to *your* attention. I've always made a *point* of paying award wages, More if possible. Now that's the end of it.
Shannon Reed: You're not even willing to discuss it?
Alf Stewart: There's nothing *to* discuss.
Shannon Reed: Well, then I'll have to publish a one-sided view of the matter in the School Magazine.
[jots down notes]
Alf Stewart: That might be a little difficult for you, because as of right now, I'm withdrawing my advertising. And If *you* print one *word* or *one* lie about me in that tatty little magazine, you'll be in more trouble than Flash Gordon! Now get outta here before I lose my temper properly!
Shannon Reed: Oh, I'm *very* sure of my facts, Mr. Stewart
Alf Stewart: That's enough. Get out. Out! Out! Out!

"Home and Away: Episode #1.1725" (1995)
Jack: You going to school?
Shannon: [sarcastically] No, I always dress like this when I stay home.

"Home and Away: Episode #1.1605" (1994)
Pippa: Make way for the Turkey.
Shannon: Oh, I'll have the leg, I don't like the breast.
Jack: Really? I'm the exact opposite!
Pippa: Jack!
Jack: I was talking about the Turkey.
Damian: Yeah, *You're* the Turkey!

"Home and Away: Episode #1.1746" (1995)
Angel: [Shane and Angel arrive at the Ross House] Shannon! I wanna talk to to you! You are the *pits*. What'd you think; We'd never find out?
Shannon: [Puzzled] What?
Shane: She's been callin' up to half a dozen times a day. Just calling and hangin' up.
Angel: And We can prove it.
Shannon: No, I havent!
Angel: Stop pretending you're innocent! You know, I've been going through hell because of you. But it's gonna stop, *right now*, Have you got that?
[Shannon looks shocked]

"Home and Away: Episode #1.1623" (1995)
Shannon: Ah, I wish I was seeing Eric tonight. He's so cute, don't you think?
Jack: He's not my type!