Emily Baldwin
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Emily Baldwin (Character)
from A Walton Easter (1997) (TV)

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"The Waltons: The Thanksgiving Story (#2.10)" (1973)
Mamie 'Miss Mamie' Baldwin: Jason, you know about the Depression, I judge. And you know who has taken the burden of leadin' us out of it.
Emily 'Miss Emily' Baldwin: And is doin' a splendid job!
Mamie 'Miss Mamie' Baldwin: Well, to show our appreciation for all that he has done for us, we are sendin' President and Mrs. Roosevelt a jar of the recipe for Thanksgivin'!
Emily 'Miss Emily' Baldwin: You will help us, won't you?
Jason Walton: Well, I guess it's be downright unpatriotic not to!

"The Waltons: The Reunion (#1.13)" (1972)
Emily 'Miss Emily' Baldwin: [while reminiscing of former beau, Ashley Longworth] He had such lovely cheekbones. Do you remember Ashley Longworth's cheekbones, Mamie?
Mamie 'Miss Mamie' Baldwin: No. I don't remember Ashley's cheekbones, sister. He had nice eyes, though. One was green, the other was blue.
Emily 'Miss Emily' Baldwin: Think of it. If I'd married Ashley, this place would be overrun with a whole passle of children with blue-green eyes.