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Quotes for
Connor Kennedy (Character)
from Read It and Weep (2006) (TV)

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Read It and Weep (2006) (TV)
[on the success of Jamie's book]
Lindsay: Can you believe Marco Vega read your book?
Harmony: Only because you named the romantic lead after him.
Connor Kennedy: It *is* shocking.
[Jamie, Lindsay, and Harmony stare at Connor]
Connor Kennedy: I mean, who knew he could read?

Jamie Bartlett: [typing] Connor, don't you hate me too?
Connor Kennedy: [typing] No, I hate what you've become.
Jamie Bartlett: [typing] Me too.

Peggy Bartlett: Everyone love the pizza.
Ralph Bartlett: It wasn't me, it was Lenny!
Connor Kennedy: Great pizza, Mr B.
Peggy Bartlett: Great Job
[Ralph and Peggy kiss]
Ralph Bartlett: Okay, It was me.

Lindsay: Did you hear that the tickets go on sale for the dance Friday?
Connor Kennedy: You guys going?
Harmony: I'm not.
Jamie Bartlett: Why not? You have to! It's the deep blue sea dance!
Harmony: But I don't have a date... or a snorkel.
Jamie Bartlett: Well, none of us do.
Lindsay: I have a snorkel.
[everyone stares at her]
Lindsay: What?