Colonel Sebastian Moran
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Colonel Sebastian Moran (Character)
from "Sherlock Holmes" (1951)

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Without a Clue (1988)
Sebastian: [returning from investigating a strange noise] Nothing, Professor. Probably rats.
Professor James Moriarty: Ah, yes. Rats.

[Professor Moriarty and Sebastian watch from afar as Inspector Lestrade and Lord Smithwick leave 221B Baker Street]
Sebastian: Do you suppose he took the case, Professor?
Professor James Moriarty: What? My dear boy, how could he resist? This is turning out so very well.

[Moriarty's henchmen catch a dockworker spying on them]
Sebastian: Sorry, Professor. We thought the dock was deserted.
Professor James Moriarty: [stepping out of the shadows] Sorry, indeed. I went to all this trouble for the sake of discretion, and then you allow this to happen. Well?
Dockworker: No, no! Nooo!
[Moriarty calmly lights a cigarette as Sebastian cuts the man's throat]
Professor James Moriarty: [pushes dead dockworker into the water] Come on. Let's not be all day about it.

"Elementary: M. (#1.12)" (2013)
[on meeting "M."]
Sherlock Holmes: Arsenal fan. As if I didn't have enough reasons to despise you.
Sebastian Moran: You!
Sherlock Holmes: Me.
[draws a baton]
Sherlock Holmes: Baton!
[knocks M. unconscious]

Captain Thomas Gregson: [on Sherlock] He stabbed you.
Sebastian Moran: Eventually, yeah. Miracle, really. He missed every major organ, according to the doctor who looked me over in the cell.
Captain Thomas Gregson: Lucky.
Sebastian Moran: [chuckles] What can I say? I've led a charmed life.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011)
Colonel Sebastian Moran: [watching something moving behind a cover] What are you playing at?
[cover falls off to reveal a cannon aimed at him]
Colonel Sebastian Moran: ...That's not fair.