The Lodger
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The Lodger (Character)
from The Lodger (1927)

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Man in the Attic (1953)
Lily Bonner: It's at night that interesting things happen. What kind of work do you do at night, Mr. Slade?
Slade: I doubt if you'd be interested.
Lily Bonner: Do you just work?
Slade: Sometimes I walk close by the river. The river is like liquid night flowing peacefully out to infinity.

Lily Bonner: Is there anything I can do?
Slade: We must each live with ourselves.

Slade: Yes, I will tell you. My mother was an actress. She was one of the most angelically beautiful women who ever lived, exquisitely graceful, talented, and captivating. I loved her deeply... deeply. She had the face of heaven and the wretched heart of Jezebel. For every aspect of beauty she possessed, she contained a double portion of evil. I hated her!
Lily Bonner: But I thought you said you loved her?
Slade: I can love the beauty and hate the evil. Didn't you know that, Miss Bonner?

Slade: [In desperation] I need you Lily! Only you can save me!

Slade: [Referring to the death masks of killers in the black museum] You treat them like trophies... like a stuffed elk head mounted over the fireplace.
Insp. Paul Warwick: Yes, a little, but these were more dangerous than an elk. Man unfortunately is the most dangerous of all beasts.
Slade: Man is not beast.
Insp. Paul Warwick: Murderers are beasts.

The Lodger (1944)
Slade: You wouldn't think that anyone could hate a thing and love it too.
Kitty Langley: You can't love and hate at the same time.
Slade: You can! And it's a problem then...

Slade: Haven't you enough men at your feet already?

Slade: It's such lovely women as you who drag men down!