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Jen (Character)
from Power Rangers Time Force: The End of Time (2002) (V)

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"Power Rangers Time Force: The End of Time: Part 2 (#1.39)" (2001)
Katie Walker: What happened in the 21st century?
Trip Regis: Did Wes save the city?
Jennifer 'Jen' Scotts: Alex, tell us. What happened to Wes.
Alex: [shakes his head] ... He didn't make it. But he fought bravely, and his efforts helped to save the future.

Jennifer 'Jen' Scotts: [as they're about to undergo memory adaptation] NO! I don't want to forget. In fact, I'm going back to help him!
Alex: [grabbing her arm] Jen, just wait...
Katie Walker: I'm with you, Jen!
Trip Regis: We all are!
Lucas Kendall: [to Alex] Don't try to stop us!
Alex: [to Jen] I don't want you to go. You could be destroyed.
Jennifer 'Jen' Scotts: We have to! Don't you see? How could we live our lives *knowing* it cost Wes his.

Trip Regis: [Rangers thoughts as they're about to undergo memory adaptation] I wish I'd been there to fight with you Wes.
Katie Walker: I'm sure you fought with courage... right to the end.
Lucas Kendall: You saved the future, Wes.
Jennifer 'Jen' Scotts: I don't care what this machine does to me. I'll never forget you Wes. And I'm proud to have been your friend. I'm only sad that you never knew how much you mean to me.

"Power Rangers Time Force: Time Force Traitor (#1.26)" (2001)
Wes Collins: [as they're making cookies] How did you survive in the year 3000 without any cookies?
Jennifer 'Jen' Scotts: Not just cookies. Any junk food.
Wes Collins: [groans] Sounds like torture.

Wes Collins: One maniac doesn't stand a chance against five Rangers.
Jennifer 'Jen' Scotts: You mean FOUR Rangers. He took my Morpher!

Wes Collins: We're all Time Force Officers. We have to stick together. Do you trust me?
Jennifer 'Jen' Scotts: Yeah, I trust you.

"Power Rangers Time Force: Lovestruck Rangers (#1.21)" (2001)
Wesley 'Wes' Collins: You know I've been thinking, Jen. You really did a number on Contemptra. I've *never* seen you fight like that before.
Jennifer 'Jen' Scotts: What do you mean?
Wesley 'Wes' Collins: Well it was almost like it was personal or something.
Jennifer 'Jen' Scotts: That's *ridiculous*! She was just another mutant.
Wesley 'Wes' Collins: Yeah, but she was a *babe* in human form.
Jennifer 'Jen' Scotts: REALLY? So THAT'S you type?
Wesley 'Wes' Collins: [laughs] No. Come on. I was just kidding. Actually my type is more like...
[moves closer to Jen]
Jennifer 'Jen' Scotts: Like...
[moves closer to Wes then the phone rings. Jen picks up the phone]
Jennifer 'Jen' Scotts: Nick O' Time Odd Jobs.

Jennifer 'Jen' Scotts: [after finding out Angelique is a mutant] So Wes is under a spell.
Jennifer 'Jen' Scotts: That's great!
Circuit: Hmm?
Jennifer 'Jen' Scotts: I mean that horrible.

"Power Rangers Time Force: The End of Time: Part 3 (#1.40)" (2001)
Wes: I wish you could stay.
Jen: Me too, but we both know I can't.
[She pulls out her Time Force badge and gives it to Wes.]
Jen: Don't ever forget me.
Wes: I never could.

Jen: I should have told you this a long time ago. I love you!
Wes: I love you too. I wish I could live another thousand years so we could be together again.

"Power Rangers Time Force: Dawn of Destiny (#1.28)" (2001)
Trip Regis: You're still worried, huh?
Jennifer 'Jen' Scotts: We've got to capture Ransik before the future changes!
Alex: [in the distance] It's already too late.
[Walks through the rubble to Rangers]
Alex: History's already shifted. And I'm here... to set it back on track.
Jennifer 'Jen' Scotts: Alex?

Jennifer 'Jen' Scotts: Where is it? Where's the serum?
Wes Collins: Bio-Lab's holding on to it. My father has seen what it can do, and he is determined to make more money off it if he can.
Jennifer 'Jen' Scotts: That's exactly what I was afraid of. That serum shouldn't be out there, and who know what your dad might do with it?

"Power Rangers Time Force: Quantum Secrets (#1.20)" (2001)
Eric Myers: Save it! I don't wanna know your problems. I got my own: like getting my morpher!
[starts to walk away]
Jennifer 'Jen' Scotts: YOU ONLY CARE ABOUT YOURSELF, don't you?
[Eric stops and turns around]
Eric Myers: You don't know anything about me.
[Jen walks past him. Then stops and turn around]
Jennifer 'Jen' Scotts: Do me a favor: don't tell anyone we're from the future, ESPECIALLY Mr. Collins. It could ruin everything we're working for.
Eric Myers: I'm not making any promises.

Jennifer 'Jen' Scotts: Eric, we've got to work together!
Eric Myers: I work alone!
[into his morpher]

"Power Rangers Time Force: Frax's Fury (#1.27)" (2001)
Jennifer 'Jen' Scotts: Time Force! You're under arrest, Venomark!
Venomark: I bit you once before! I can do it again!
Jennifer 'Jen' Scotts: Not gonna happen!
Eric Myers: I'll take this one!
Wesley 'Wes' Collins: He's all yours.
Eric Myers: [into his morpher] QUANTUM POWER!

"Power Rangers Time Force: A Parting of Ways (#1.6)" (2001)
Wes Collins: I was wondering if, uh, maybe you have room for one more.
Katie Walker: ...What do you say guys?
Circuit: Say yes. SAY YES!
Jennifer 'Jen' Scotts: Welcome home.

"Power Rangers Time Force: Trip Takes a Stand (#1.19)" (2001)
Lucas Kendall: [speaking of Eric as he's leaving] That guy is mean.
Trip Regis: No he's not. Saw how he feels inside. He's lonely, he only acts mean to hide it.
[Eric drives off. Trip turns to Lucas]
Trip Regis: Kind of like how you act cool?
Lucas Kendall: What? Act cool? I AM cool.
Katie Walker: [teasing] Oh really?
Jennifer 'Jen' Scotts: [giggles] Yea, right.
Wes Collins: [watching Eric drive off] Eric? Lonely?

"Power Rangers Time Force: Clash for Control: Part 2 (#1.15)" (2001)
Wes Collins: Are you guys sure you made the right decision?
Trip Regis: What do you mean?
Wes Collins: Well, you might catch Ransick faster if you teamed up with my dad.
Katie Walker: No way! We know what we...
Jennifer 'Jen' Scotts: [interrupting] Hold on, Katie. Maybe we didn't think it through.
Trip Regis: What?
Jennifer 'Jen' Scotts: Well, I was thinking, maybe it would be nice to move out of this old clocktower.
[to Lucas]
Jennifer 'Jen' Scotts: And you could drive one of those cool SUVs. Maybe it's not such a bad idea after all. Right?
[pause everyone looks at Jen]
Jennifer 'Jen' Scotts: Hello! I was just kidding.
Katie Walker: Jen, you've never told a joke in your life.
[Jen smiles mischivously]
Wes Collins: I'm going to get you!

"Power Rangers Time Force: Future Unknown (#1.10)" (2001)
Lucas Kendall: I have no idea what the future holds. But I *know* people are in trouble *now*.
[runs off]
Lucas Kendall: Time for Time Force!
Jennifer 'Jen' Scotts: I promised Alex that I was going to capture Ransick. I'm not going to break that promise.
[runs off]
Jennifer 'Jen' Scotts: Time for Time Force!
Trip Regis: [to Katie] Something tells me this is the right thing to do.
[runs off]
Trip Regis: Time for Time Force!
Katie Walker: I feel like I have nothing to fight for.
Wes Collins: Are you CRAZY?
[looking at a picture of Katie's family]
Wes Collins: Looks to me like you have *everything* to fight for.
[hands Katie the picture and runs off]
Wes Collins: Time for Time Force!
Katie Walker: He's right! I've got *more* reason to fight than anyone! SO WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME? I'm afraid I'll never get to go home. I can't give up! The only chance I have is to fight!