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Boogeyman (Character)
from Rise of the Guardians (2012)

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Rise of the Guardians (2012)
[from trailer]
Pitch: That dream is over! It is time for fear to rule the world!

[from trailer]
Pitch: My army is ready...

North: Leaving the party so soon?
Tooth: You didn't even say goodbye.
[Tooth flips a coin to Pitch. Pitch catches it]
Pitch: A quarter?
[Tooth hits Pitch in the mouth, knocking out one of his teeth]
Tooth: That was for my fairies.

Pitch: YOU CAN'T GET RID OF ME! Not forever. There will ALWAYS be fear.
North: So what? As long as ONE child believes, we will be here to fight fear.
Pitch: Oh, really? Then what are THEY doing here?
[nightmares surround guardians and Pitch]
North: Ha ha, they can't be MY nightmares. I'm not afraid.
Jack Frost: Looks like it's YOUR fear they smell.

Pitch: [sinister voice] There will be nothing but fear and darkness... and me. It's your turn not to be believed in.

Pitch: Do you believe in the boogeyman?

Jack Frost: Looking for something? Don't be afraid, Jack... I'm not gonna hurt you.
Jack Frost: [scoffing] Afraid? I'm not afraid of YOU!
Pitch: Maybe not... but you are afraid of something...
Jack Frost: You think so?
Pitch: I KNOW so! It's the one thing I always know... peoples' greatest fears. Yours is that no one will ever believe in you. And worst of all, you're afraid you'll never know why... Why you? Why were you chosen to be like this? Well, fear not... for the answer to that is right here.
[the boogeyman holds up a golden box]
Pitch: Do you want them, Jack? Your memories? Everything you wanted to know, in this little box! Why did you end up like this? Unseen, unable to reach out to anyone. You want the answers so badly. You want to grab them and fly off with them. But you're afraid of what the Guardians will think. You're afraid of disappointing them... well, let me ease your mind about one thing. They'll never accept you. Not really.

Pitch: [sounding depressed and wistful] I don't know what it's like to be cast out? To not be believed in? To long for a family? All those years in the shadows I thought, 'no one else knows what this feels like!' but now I see I was wrong.

Pitch: [to the Guardians] I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see you all like this!... You look awful.

Pitch: [menacingly] Now, do you believe in the boogey...!
[Jack throws a frosted snowball at the boogeyman, knocking him down and making Jamie laugh]
Jack Frost: Now, let's go get your friends!

Pitch: You can't get rid of me! Not forever! There will ALWAYS be fear!

Pitch: What goes together better than cold and dark? We can make them believe! We'll give them a world where everything, everything is...
Jack Frost: [annoyed] ... Pitch Black?
Pitch: And Jack Frost, too! They'll believe in both of us!
Jack Frost: No, they'll fear both of us, and that's not what I want.

Don't Look Under the Bed (1999) (TV)
Boogeyman: I hate to be the one to tell you but it's not too late for me to nail you.

Boogeyman: Oh Frannie! I'm getting old! I'm getting so old!
[turns into]
Old Zoe: I'm getting so old, I can't even remember how to rhyme anymore!

"Once Upon a Time: Think Lovely Thoughts (#3.8)" (2013)
The Shadow: Neverland is a place for children to visit in their dreams, not a place for them to live. You were the first to try and stay, and in doing so, you're breaking the rules.