Sara Bellum
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Sara Bellum (Character)
from "The Powerpuff Girls" (1998)

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"The Powerpuff Girls: Insect Inside/Powerpuff Bluff (#1.2)" (1998)
Mayor: Oh! Oh! Oh, my! Roaches are encroaching on my town!
Mayor: What to do? What to do?
Sara Bellum: Excuse me, Mr. Mayor. Don't you think you should make... the call?
Mayor: Oh, yes, yes. Good thinking, Ms. Sara Bellum. Call... the exterminator!
Sara Bellum: No, sir.
[pointing to the Powerpuff hotline]
Sara Bellum: The other call.

Bubba: What's your sign?
Ms. Bellum: Stop.

"The Powerpuff Girls: Mo Job/Pet Feud (#2.8)" (2000)
Blossom: [on the phone] Hello?
Mayor: Hi Blossom!
Blossom: Hi, Mayor. How are you?
Mayor: Oh, I'm doing just great. Just great.
Ms. Bellum: [yelling in the background] Whaddya mean just great? What about that giant fur bag that's eating the town? Why do you think you called the girls in the first place? The town is in trouble. WE NEED THEIR HELP!
Mayor: Blossom, could you please speak up? Ms. Bellum is yelling.

"The Powerpuff Girls: I See a Funny Cartoon in Your Future/Octi Gone (#6.10)" (2004)
Mayor: And now a word from our sponsor.
Sara Bellum: Eating pickles again, Mayor?
Mayor: I can't help it Ms. Sara Bellum. I'm addicted, that's what I am.
Sara Bellum: Then you should try the Pickle Patch.
Mayor: The what?
Sara Bellum: The Pickle Patch, and go cold turkey.

"The Powerpuff Girls: That's Not My Baby!/Simian Says (#6.4)" (2004)
Ms. Bellum: I'd love to take care of that baby, girls, but I already have a baby to take care of.
Bubbles: You have a baby?
Mayor: Waah! Why can't we name Main Street after me?
Ms. Bellum: As you can see, girls, a big baby.

"The Powerpuff Girls: The Rowdyruff Boys (#1.12)" (1999)
Ms. Bellum: What do little boys fear more than anything in the world?
Bubbles: Bugs.
Buttercup: No, Bubbles. That's what you're afraid of.
Bubbles: Oh, yeah.