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Fuzzy Jones (Character)
from Stage to Mesa City (1947)

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Outlaw of the Plains (1946)
[Fuzzy consults a crystal ball]
Fuzzy Q. Jones: Oh, Big Chiefs in the Clouds, speak to me... Don't somebody want to speak to me?
Voice of Standing Pine: Sure. Me talk.
Fuzzy Q. Jones: W-W-Who are you?
Voice of Standing Pine: Me Chief Standing Pine.
Fuzzy Q. Jones: W-W-Where-Where are you standing, Pine?
Voice of Standing Pine: Right beside you, Paleface!

Nord Finner: Say, Fuzzy, maybe that Indian pal of yours could tell you where to dig a little gold dust on this claim.
Fuzzy Q. Jones: Oh, ah, ain't you found nothin' yet?
Nord Finner: Not enough to fill a gnat's tooth.

[believing Fuzzy to be psychic, the townsmen consult him about future events]
Townsman: Oh, Mr. Jones, when would be a good time to sell my crops?
Fuzzy Q. Jones: Oh, about the first.
Townsman: The first of what?
Fuzzy Q. Jones: The first chance you get!

[through his crystal ball, Fuzzy consults with the spirit of Chief Standing Pine]
Voice of Standing Pine: Okay. Okay. Trance over. Standing Pine...
Fuzzy Q. Jones: Standing Pine! Standing Pine! I gotta a couple of things I want to tell you... I wonder if he belongs to the union.

Fuzzy Q. Jones: Hey, wait a minute boys - don't crowd me! I'm formin' a big organization and you're all welcome as soon as things get ripe.
[Joe and Ralph comment from the fringes of the throng]
Henchman Joe Dayton: Yeah, and when it is, we'll be on hand to pick the plum.
Ralph Emory: Provided that Billy Carson doesn't upset the apple cart.

Fuzzy Q. Jones: I'm in the blue chips this time, proper. You and me is practically millionaires.
Billy Carson: Yeah, whadja do? Make a strike of fool's gold?

Fuzzy Q. Jones: Standing Pine told me where I could find this big claim.
Billy Carson: Standing Pine? Who's Standing Pine?
Fuzzy Q. Jones: He's my Indian guide. He's a spirit.
Billy Carson: A spirit. Fuzz, you better keep that cork in the bottle. Those spirits are going to get you in trouble.

Cheyenne Takes Over (1947)
[first lines]
Marshal Cheyenne Davis: Well, here we are, Fuzz, five miles out of Rock Creek. It's where we're supposed to look at orders. What's the matter? Scared?
Fuzzy: Me? No, I ain't scared, Chey.
Marshal Cheyenne Davis: Sealed orders usually means it's a tough assignment. We'll probably have to stand up to 50 or 60 blood-thirsty cutthroats... but it always makes the job more interesting, huh?

[Cheyenne has just prevented the fake Dawson from fleeing]
Marshal Cheyenne Davis: Get a rope and let's tie him up.
[Fuzzy kicks the fake Dawson in the jaw, knocking him unconscious]
Fuzzy: You won't need to tie him up.

Marshal Cheyenne Davis: Hey! I'm ordered to take a vacation at the Lobos ranch four miles this side of Rock Creek. Very funny. Come across with the real orders, Fuzzy.
Fuzzy: You got the real orders. Marshal Conway knew you' kick up a ruckus so...
Marshal Cheyenne Davis: He tricked me - and you were in on it! Is that right?
Fuzzy: Now look, you haven't had a rest in three years. You're not going to be any good at all if you keep it up.
Marshal Cheyenne Davis: I'll turn into a raving lunatic if I have to sit around the Lobos ranch.
Fuzzy: Oh, it's a nice friendly place. Besides the owner is an old buddy of mine and don't you worry about bein' bored. Let's go.

[last lines]
Rock Creek Sheriff: Before you go, Cheyenne, I'd like to say one thing. I'm getting kind of old and useless, I guess. Why don't you stay hre and take the sheriff's job?
Marshal Cheyenne Davis: No thanks. Maybe Fuzzy would like the job>
Fuzzy: Nosiree! Why, the marshal's office couldn't get along without me. I'm the toughest man they got workin' for 'em. Besides, I'm the best rider they got.
[Fuzzy climbs onto his horse backwards]
Fuzzy: Hey! Who turned my horse around?

Law of the Lash (1947)
[first lines]
Fuzzy Q. Jones: Hey, here's an empty sack and here's a list of what to put in it.
Marshal Cheyenne Davis: Fuzzy, your list is just like a letter; it always starts out the same.
Fuzzy Q. Jones: Oh, you mean sort of, "Dear Sir"?
Marshal Cheyenne Davis: No - six plugs of chewin' tobacco.
Fuzzy Q. Jones: Well, I gotta have some kind of stimulant.
Marshal Cheyenne Davis: Don't I know you, you old buzzard. But if those hills come through with what I think they will, we'll both have all the stimulant we want. And it won't be tobacco.

Fuzzy Q. Jones: Well, Mister, throwin' away my ginger beer is right wasteful of my invigoration.
Gang Leader Decker, aka Dude Bracken: And you're wasteful of conversation. From now on, get to the point!

Border Feud (1947)
[Fuzzy has locked Hart and Conlan in separate jail cells]
Fuzzy Q. Jones: Keepin' you two roosters separated oughta mean the feud will die a natural death... that is, unless looks can kill.

Fuzzy Q. Jones: Well, I don't get it. Me a sheriff and you a marshal and we're both fugitives.

Ghost of Hidden Valley (1946)
Fuzzy Q. Jones: Hey, why didn't you wait until I got back? You know I enjoy a good fight.
Billy Carson: Sorry, Fuzzy, but our friend wanted immediate service.

Billy the Kid in Texas (1940)
Fuzzy Jones: Well, uh, what's happenin' to the town? Is it closin' up?
Jim Morgan: Yes, temporarily.
Fuzzy Jones: How come?
Mary Barton: On the first of the month, the hands of the Lazy Eight celebrate...
Jim Morgan: ...Along with a lot of shootings and rough stuff, so the citizens of the community disappear and let them do what they want.
Fuzzy Jones: Don't the law butt in?
Mary Barton: The Lazy Eight is all the law we have.
Fuzzy Jones: Hmm. No sheriff or marshal?
Mary Barton: They can't keep one on the job.
Fuzzy Jones: I think I'm gonna like it here.

Prairie Badmen (1946)
Fuzzy Jones: I'm sellin' the famous Kickapoo Elixir.
Billy Carson: Yeah? What do you know about medicine?
Fuzzy Jones: Nothin' much, but I'm sellin' it!

Billy the Kid Trapped (1942)
Fuzzy Jones: Keep your hand away from that gun. Make one move and you'll wake up playin' a harp.