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Brody Mitchum (Character)
from "Heroes" (2006/II)

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"Heroes: Chapter Three 'One Giant Leap' (#1.3)" (2006/II)
Brody Mitchum: Jackie told me you wanna meet your real mom and dad.
Claire Bennet: I told Jackie that in confidence.
Brody Mitchum: You do realize you were talking to Jackie, right? Is that why you're bummed? The whole adoption thing? I mean, you didn't like just find out, did you?
Claire Bennet: Oh, no. No, no, no. They told me when I was really little. Why would you think I'm bummed?
Brody Mitchum: You don't seem like yourself. Thought maybe something was wrong.
Claire Bennet: You don't know me well enough to know when I'm not being myself.
Brody Mitchum: You never drink plain milk. It's always chocolate. You draw mermaids in the margins of your notebook, you put crackers in your sandwiches to make them crunch, and you're usually the first person to laugh at a joke. But I haven't heard you laugh in a while. Lately you seem sort of sad.
Claire Bennet: Have you been spying on me?
Brody Mitchum: Claire, my goal tonight is to hear you laugh.
[Claire's dummy explodes]
Claire Bennet: Did you put firecrackers in his head just for me?

Brody Mitchum: You're gonna hurt yourself.
Claire Bennet: No! No, stop it! What are you doing? No!
Brody Mitchum: This is gonna happen.
Claire Bennet: Get off of me!
Brody Mitchum: Don't be a bitch! Let it happen.
Claire Bennet: No, please!
[he pushes her and her head gets stabbed by a branch]
Brody Mitchum: Claire! Claire!

"Heroes: Chapter Four 'Collision' (#1.4)" (2006/II)
Claire Bennet: [driving Brody's car at an increasing speed; to Brody] Don't you think it's a little weird that neither one of us remember what happened the night of the bonfire?
Brody Mitchum: Must've been some night.
Claire Bennet: Yeah, must have.
[accelerates the car to sixty miles an hour and runs a light when it turns red]
Brody Mitchum: Slow down. That was a red light.
Claire Bennet: [indifferently] Whoops.
[Claire shifts the stick up and accelerates the car further]
Brody Mitchum: You know how to drive a stick-shift, don't you?
Claire Bennet: There's a lot of things that I know. Like what you did to me.
Brody Mitchum: What'd I do to you? I knew it. I knew this would happen. You get drunk, you come on to me, and it's my fault?
Claire Bennet: [with increasing rage] You're a liar!
Brody Mitchum: You can't rape the willing, Claire. You wanted it as bad as I did. Now stop the car.
Claire Bennet: Did I want it as bad as Lori Trammel?
Brody Mitchum: Lori Trammel is a slut!
Claire Bennet: Is that what you're gonna say about me?
Brody Mitchum: I already do.
Claire Bennet: You're just gonna keep at it, aren't you?
Brody Mitchum: [wryly] You should let it go, Claire. There's nothing you can do about it.
Claire Bennet: I can do this.
[Claire accelerates the car even further; the car hits a bump and bounces as Brody screams; a split second later, they crash into the wall of a building]