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Stannie Dum (Character)
from Babes in Toyland (1934)

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Babes in Toyland (1934)
Ollie Dee: So far so good.
Stannie Dum: It wasn't so far. We just came across the street.

Barnaby: Who is it?
Stannie Dum: It's me.
Barnaby: What do you want of this hour of the night?
Barnaby: Well, you see, Ollie and I are sorry for what happened this afternoon, and just to show you that we're not mad at you, we brought you a little Christmas present. It's from me and from Ollie.
Stannie Dum: [incredulously] Christmas present in the middle of July?
Barnaby: Oh, oh, yes. you see, we always do our Christmas shopping early. If you'll open the door, I'll bring it right in for you.
Barnaby: I'll be right down.

The Toy Maker: [showing off one of the toy soldiers built for Santa's order] Isn't it wonderful? It does everything but talk.
Santa Claus: Wonderful, yes. But not what I ordered.
The Toy Maker: What do you mean?
Santa Claus: I ordered 600 soldiers at 1 foot high.
The Toy Maker: What?
[turning to Stannie Dum]
The Toy Maker: You took that order. What was it?
Stannie Dum: I thought you said 100 soldiers at 6 foot high.
Santa Claus: [laughing] You've got the order all wrong! I couldn't get those thing to my children to play with.
[laughing continues]
The Toy Maker: Put it back in the box and get out of here! You're through!

Ollie Dee: Well, Good-bye and good luck.
Stannie Dum: What do you mean, good-bye? I'm not going with you?
Ollie Dee: Why, no. You have to stay here with Barnaby. You're married to him.
Stannie Dum: [starting to cry] I don't want to stay here with him.
Ollie Dee: Why?
Stannie Dum: I don't love him.

Ollie Dee: [Bo Peep is being forced to marry Barnaby] I'm sorry, Bo-Peep. That you have to choose me for the best man. Why'd rather do anything in this world that will have to give you away? Well, Stan is so upset he doesn't even going to the wedding.
[turning to Stannie]
Ollie Dee: You're upset aren't you, Stannie?
Stannie Dum: Upset? I'm housebroken.
Ollie Dee: Not housebroken!
[turning to Bo Peep]
Ollie Dee: He means heartbroken. 'Housebroken'. Huh!

[Stannie nibbles on pig sausage evidence]
Stannie Dum: It doesn't taste like pig sausage to me.
Ollie Dee: What does it taste like?
Stannie Dum: It tastes like pork. Try it.
Ollie Dee: [takes a bite] Why, that's neither pig nor pork. It's beef.
Stannie Dum: Beef?
Ollie Dee: I smell a rat.
[Stannie smells the sausage]
Ollie Dee: Barnaby's got a hand in that.
[Stannie starts examining the sausage]
Ollie Dee: I believe that Little Elmer is still alive...
Ollie Dee: Come on, we'll find out.
[Stan and Ollie tries to rescue Little Elmer]

Old King Cole: [Barnaby flees after it's revealed he was responsible for kidnapping Elmer and framing Tom Tom] I'll give 50,000 guineas for the capture of that scoundrel, dead or alive.
Stannie Dum: Dead or alive?
Old King Cole: Dead or alive!
Stannie Dum: Can't you make up your mind how you want him?

[Barnaby disappears down well. Stannie and Ollie corner him]
Stannie Dum: Did he come up?
Ollie Dee: Shhh, no.
[into the well]
Ollie Dee: Are you coming up?
Stannie Dum: You better come up dead or alive!
Ollie Dee: Now, how can he come up dead when he's alive?
Stannie Dum: Let's drop a rock on him. That'll make him dead when he's alive.
Ollie Dee: Now you're talkin' sense.
[takes up the big rock and drops into the well]
Stannie Dum: Look out!
Ollie Dee: Don't tell him to look out!
Stannie Dum: Well, it might have hit hm.
Ollie Dee: That's what we want it to do!
Stannie Dum: [into the well] Did it hit you?
Ollie Dee: Not a sound.
Stannie Dum: It must have got him.

Ollie Dee: Well, There's nothing to be afraid of. You and he are just like that.
Stannie Dum: But, that was before we were married.

Stannie Dum: Her talking to Barnaby is a matter of pouring one ear into the other. Can't be done.

Ollie Dee: Well, you know The Toymaker and I are just like that!
[crosses his fingers for emphasis, to Stannie]
Ollie Dee: Aren't we, Stanley?
Stannie Dum: Are you?
Ollie Dee: Why, certainly.
Stannie Dum: [looking at Ollie's crossed fingers] Which is you?
Ollie Dee: [points to his fingers] Why, this one right... Never mind 'which is you'. Come on and let's go.

Stannie Dum: [Ollie takes a note from the money box and tries to read. Stan turns it right-side-up. The note says "I.O.U $1.47'] I borrowed it.
Ollie Dee: I know you borrowed it. But, what did you borrow it for?
Stannie Dum: Well, you see? I have to buy some more pee-wees. I lost three of them playing with Little Jack Horner.
Ollie Dee: [to the audience] 'Had to buy some more pee-wees'.

Ollie Dee: Come on, we'll be late for work.
Stannie Dum: Say listen, when you get that money from the Toymaker, will you borrow a little extra for me?
Ollie Dee: What for?
Stannie Dum: Well, I lost me Pee-wee and I'll have to get some more.
Ollie Dee: Get in here now, will you? Pee-wee!

Stannie Dum: [the dunking chair breaks and Ollie is stuck under water] Hurry! He'll die of ammonia!

Barnaby: You may go.
Ollie Dee: Thank you, sir.
Stannie Dum: Does that mean we're free?
Barnaby: Yes... And from now on, you and I are going to be very close friends.
Ollie Dee: [disappointed; indicates to Stannie] Does that mean that he doesn't have to be dunked?
Barnaby: Yes.
Stannie Dum: Isn't that nice?
Ollie Dee: What?
Stannie Dum: He and I are just like that. And I don't have to get wet.
Ollie Dee: Oh, is that so?
[shoves Stannie into the pond]

Stannie Dum: Oh, master?
The Toy Maker: What?
Stannie Dum: Ollie wants to speak to you.
The Toy Maker: [to Ollie Dee] Well, what is it?
Ollie Dee: Well, Could I speak to you privatly please, sir? I've got a very important question that I want to ask you.
The Toy Maker: Don't bother me now. Can't you see that I'm busy? Go on with your work.
Ollie Dee: Well, if you knew how important it was you'd see me privately because if you...
The Toy Maker: Will you shut up, and go on with your work?
[bangs the gavel]

The Toy Maker: Come out of there! Why didn't you stop it, you blithering idiots? Now, get out and stay out!
Ollie Dee: Yes, sir.
[they get out and Stannie asks him]
Stannie Dum: Aren't you gonna ask him about the money for the mortgage?
The Toy Maker: [reacts to asking him] What's THAT?
Ollie Dee: Just skip it.
[turns to Stannie Dum]
Ollie Dee: It's a fine time ask for money!
[pushes him and gets out of the Toy Factory]

Barnaby: Your majesty? What are we waiting for?
Old King Cole: Oh, yes... Proceed with the dunking!
[laughing, Dunker comes to them and unlocking the foot stocks]
Dunker: Come on... You're first. Come on.
[Ollie waving to Stannie]
Stannie Dum: Ollie?
Ollie Dee: What?
Stannie Dum: Here.
[comes back to Stannie Dum]
Stannie Dum: You better give me your watch. I'll hold it for you until you come out.
[Ollie takes the watch from his pocket and give it to Stannie]
Ollie Dee: Thanks. Now, take good care of it. Because, I wouldn't have anything happen to that to the world.
Stannie Dum: I will.
Ollie Dee: Good-bye.
Stannie Dum: Good-bye.
Dunker: Come on?
Ollie Dee: All right.
[Dunker takes him to the dunking chair]
Barnaby: Splendid!