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Arthur Russell (Character)
from Alice Adams (1935)

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Alice Adams (1935)
Arthur Russell: A penny for your thoughts. No. A poor little dead rose for your thoughts, Alice Adams.

Arthur Russell: [walking with Alice on the street, discussing her brother] I thought it was quite original, his, uh, amusing himself with the cloakroom attendants.
Alice Adams: [laughs] Walter is original. You know, he's a very odd boy. I was afraid you'd misunderstand him. He tells the most wonderful darkie stories and he'll just do anything to get them to talk to him.
Alice Adams: We think he'll probably write about them some day. He's rather literary.

[last lines]
Arthur Russell: I heard a great deal at Mildred's this afternoon, too.
Alice Adams: So they did talk about me.
Arthur Russell: Yes, they talked about you a lot. And I found out one thing. I love you, Alice.
Alice Adams: Gee whiz!
Arthur Russell: I love you.