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Quotes for
Puar (Character)
from "Dragon Ball" (1986)

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Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks (1993) (TV)
Trunks: Gohan, why'd you have to do it, why'd you have to leave me? It's not fair! Oh gosh no... what did they do to you Gohan? You were my best friend, you were everything to me... everything! This just isn't fair! Gohan, Gohan, GOHAN!

Bulma: Ah, it's nice to see that you're alive son. Do you plan on living long, or should I start shopping for one instead of two?
Trunks: Uh, no. Two is fine mom.
Bulma: And a surprise guest, how are you Gohan?
Gohan: Fine, hi.
Bulma: Trunks goes to fight the androids and then, you show up. What an interesting coincidence, wouldn't ya say? You guys aren't planning anything, are you? Well, I didn't think so. You're not that stupid... nobody's that stupid, right?

Bulma: I know you think I'm crazy darling, but people thought your grandpa was crazy and he became the greatest inventor in the world.
Trunks: Yeah, but grandpa wasn't trying to travel back in time.

Android 17: You're getting harder and harder to please, did you know that?
Android 18: Yeah, so?
Trunks: How about experiencing your own deaths, androids? Does that thrill you? It'll be your last joyride!

Android 18: You better get out of here while you still can.
Trunks: So you can gang up on my friend again?

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods (2013)
[Trunks approaches the Pilaf Gang]
Trunks: I was trying to act cool, and I called you my girlfriend...
Pilaf: ME?
Trunks: Not you!
Shu: ME?
Trunks: How did it come to that? That girl there!
Mai: Me?... Why would I be with a kid like you?
Trunks: You're a kid, too. I'm sorry, but could you just act for a little while...
Mai: Act as your girlfriend? What should I do?
Trunks: Uh... how about holding hands?
Mai: [shocked] EH? How did kids these days get so revolutionary?

[Mai tosses a diamond at Trunks]
Son Goten: Who is that pretty girl you gave you that shiny rock? Is she your friend?
Trunks: She is my GIRL friend! Amazing, huh?
Son Goten: Awesome.

[Mai takes Trunks hostage]
Trunks: Mai...
Mai: Shut up, hostage!
Trunks: ...I can feel your breasts.

[English dub]
Beerus: Look, I like your planet, or rather I've enjoyed myself enough to not despise it entirely. I'll give you one last chance to save yourselves. I nominate you!
[points at Oolong]
Beerus: Yes, I'm singling you out, Porky!
Oolong: Who, ME?
Beerus: [licks his lips] That's right, the one who looks so delicious...
Oolong: [freaked out] He wants my bacon...
Beerus: Come a little closer, won't you?
Oolong: I taste awful! I don't exercise, I eat nothing but junk!
Beerus: All you have to do is play a game of Paper Rock Scissors! If you win I'll leave your Earth intact, but of course if I win, I'll turn your Earth to dust!
Oolong: He's kidding, right?
Krillin: I guess it's a universal game!
Oolong: Don't make me, I suck at Paper Rock Scissors!
Puar: This is great! It's your big break, Oolong! You've never had a chance to be important before! But don't lose, because if we die it'll be all your fault!
Oolong: You're not helping, Puar!
Yamcha: [whispers to Oolong] Hey, wait a second... I figured it out! I know why he picked you as his opponent, Oolong, it makes sense! This guy thinks you're just an ordinary pig with ordinary pig hooves! And a pig hoof could only make Scissors, so he'd win every time with Rock! But you're not a pig, are you? You're a pig MAN! You've got fingers, you can throw all the signs! He's gonna draw Rock for sure, Oolong, I know it! All you have to do is draw Paper, and you'll win!
Oolong: [encouraged] Stupid cat alien, thinking he's got me pegged... I'll make him sorry!
Beerus: Are you ready, pig?
Oolong: You bet!
Beerus: On three...
Beerus, Oolong: One, two, three!
[Oolong draws Paper... and Beerus draws Scissors, which beats Paper]
Beerus: You fools, don't you see my ears? I heard your whole plan!

Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound (1993)
Chi Chi: Gohan, I love you sweetie!
Gohan: [embarrassed] Mom, not so loud!
Bulma: You own this, Trunks! Get 'em, and then we can go on vacation!
Trunks: [to himself, embarrassed] Tactful as always, Mother.
Oolong: Krillin, don't get yourself killed!
Krillin: [to himself, annoyed] Oh, I'll survive. Then, it's bacon time.

Trunks: Bojack, you will *not* take this planet! Hya!
[Trunks fires a energy beam]

Trunks: [Kogu, who is sitting in a tree unknowingly to Trunks, shoots a energy blast at him] Watch where you point that thing, I might get the wrong idea! We may be fighting, but this is still a tournament! No killing allowed!
[Kogu jumps down from the tree and throws a punch, Trunks dodges it, he then tries to punch Kogu, but Kogu blocks it, he then throws Trunks]
Trunks: Whoa! what the hell are you?
[Koju kicks Trunks, but Trunks dodges it, and kicks Koju back, Trunks then gives Koju a knee kick but Koju blacks it with his sword]
Kogu: Someone not to be trifled with, boy!

"Dragon Ball Z: Meet Me in the Ring (#10.3)" (2000)
Puar: Only a heartless soul would run and leave his friends behind. We're in this together.

Oolong: I got it. We borrow Bulma's ship, orbit the Earth, and then sit back and watch the fireworks.
Puar: Oolong!
Oolong: Yeah, I bet ol' Cell would never think to look for us up in outer space.
Puar: Only a heartless soul would run and leave his friends behind. We're in this together.

"Dragon Ball Super: Saisen Gokû Burakku! Sûpâ Saiyajin roze tôjô (#1.56)" (2016)
Trunks: MAI! You're okay!
Mai: I could say the same about you.
Trunks: I was worried about you!
Mai: I should say the same about you.
Trunks: I'm so glad...
[takes Mai's hand]
Mai: [blushes] Hey!
Trunks: [in tears] I'm so glad... I was sure you had died...
Mai: You idiot. A man shouldn't burst into tears so fast.

Trunks: Father, let me fight beside you! This is my world, I should have a role in protecting it!
Vegeta: You can not.
Trunks: Father!
Vegeta: You have that girl Mai to protect. If things go bad, you and her should take the time machine back to the past, understand?
[Trunks and Mai blush]
Son Gokû: He'd never have said something like that before. He sure has changed, huh?

Dragon Ball: Hey! Son Goku and Friends Return!! (2008)
[Trunks and Goten have trouble with Abo and Kado]
Vegeta: What the hell are you doing, Trunks? Sense their chi!
Trunks: Easier said than done!
Vegeta: He's forgotten basics...
Bulma: Which you never taught him!
Vegeta: He lacks motivation... just like his mother!
Bulma: Like his mother? Don't you mean like his father?
Vegeta: You're the one he takes after!
Son Goku: Hey hey, this is no time for a marital dispute!

Vegeta: I'll deal with them, it'll be a good after-dinner workout...
Son Goku: No, Vegeta, leave this to me! I can hardly wait, it's been too long...
Vegeta: Kakarot, this is between me and my brother!
Son Goku: Don't be like that!
Vegeta: No!
Son Goku: Oh, come on...
Vegeta: I said No!
Trunks: Papa, let me fight them!
Son Goten: Me too!
Kuririn: I think I'll fight, too...
Android 18: There's no money for it!
Kuririn: So?
Son Gohan: Me, too!
Videl: Eh?
Kamesennin Muten Roshi: I'd like to fight, too.
Oolong: It'd be better if you don't!

"Dragon Ball Z: What Is the Tournament? (#10.1)" (2000)
Chiaotzu: Can anyone he wants enter the competition?
Trunks: He'll take on anyone who challenges him. And he expects to have a battle with each of us... one by one.
Master Roshi: Of course. You know what he's trying to do. I do. His plan is to eliminate the competition once and for all.
Yamcha: Well, I kind o' like the idea of another martial arts tournament. I mean, hey. I think I'll dominate.
Puar: Yeah! Lets get 'im!
Yamcha: Yeah!
Oolong: Just make sure you don't get another hand through your stomach.

Mrs. Briefs: Now wasn't there a martial arts tournament a long time ago?
Master Roshi: That's correct. Ah yes. I believe I'll explain since I once won the tournament myself.
Puar: What? Master Roshi? I never knew you won it.
Oolong: Oh, you just had to get him started.

"Dragon Ball Super: Yakusoku no rizôto e! Bejîta ga kazoku ryokô!? (#1.2)" (2015)
[eating a raw octopus for lunch]
Bulma: This is delicious!
Vegeta: I will eat it all up!
[he pulls on a tentacle... and gets sprayed with ink]
Trunks: Papa?
Bulma: Vegeta?
Vegeta: DAMN IT!
[everything around him starts to shake and crack... ]
Bulma: Vegeta, stay calm!
Trunks: Papa, let's get out of here!
[Trunks and Bulma usher Vegeta out of the restaurant poste-haste]
Bulma: Sorry for the fuss, you guys are welcome to what's left!

"Dragon Ball Super: Arata na HOPE!! O mune ni saraba Torankusu (#1.67)" (2016)
[last lines]
Mai: Let's go to the future.
Trunks: Everyone... thank you for everything.
[Trunks and Mai leave]

"Dragon Ball: The Strong Ones (#3.22)" (2002)
[Goku's tail is grabbed and is being beaten by his masked opponent]
Upa: [sobbing] Won't somebody help him?
Bulma: Cut the dramatics, Roshi. Who is he? Tell us!
Krillin: Who cares about him? Upa's right. We have to save Goku!
Yamcha: Master Roshi?
Master Roshi: We have no choice but to watch this play itself out.
Upa, Krillin: Huh?
Bulma: No!
Puar: Mommy!
Yamcha: Say what? Why?
Master Roshi: Because as hard as it is to accept, it isn't our place; the living have no jurisdiction here. The man Goku is fighting, he's not of this world. As impossible as this may sound, that masked man is really Gohan - Goku's deceased grandfather.
[Goku's friends freak out in shock]

"Dragon Ball: The Victor (#5.26)" (2003)
Piccolo Jr.: There's no need to grieve for your fallen companion. You'll be joining him shortly.
Puar: Ahhh!
Oolong: Waah!
Yamcha: Monster!
Piccolo Jr.: You can all keep Goku company in the afterlife.

"Dragon Ball Z Kai: That's Earth, Papa... Freeza and His Father Strike Back (#1.55)" (2010)
Frieza: Alright you have our attention. What brings you here?
Trunks: To kill you two. What else?

"Dragon Ball Super: Mirai kara no SOS! Kuroki aratana teki arawaru!! (#1.47)" (2016)
Mai: Trunks!
Trunks: [fighting Goku Black] Stay back! You should get going!
Mai: What are you saying? I'll draw him off, the one who needs to go back is you!

"Dragon Ball Super: Burakku no shôtai o abake! Iza dai 10 uchû no Kaiôshin-kai e! (#1.53)" (2016)
Android No.18: Long time no see, Trunks.
Trunks: Android 18!
[Trunks draws his sword]
Kuririn: Hold it, Trunks, Android 18 is my wife!

Dragon Ball (1989) (TV)
Squeaker: Is the imperial city safe? I mean I don't know anything about it, is the water ok to drink?

"Dragon Ball GT: Doragon bôru jîtî: Until We Meet Again... (#1.64)" (1997)
Narrator: He was always friendly and cheerful!
Chi-Chi: Huh?
Yamcha: Huh?
Oolong: Huh?
Puar: Huh?
Krillin: Huh?
Adult Goku: What's up?
Piccolo: Goku!
Narrator: A true gentleman, and loving father!
Adult Goku: Come here buddy!
Young Goten: Daddy!

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai (2002) (VG)
Trunks: Burning Attack!

"Dragon Ball Super: Gokû VS Burakku! Tozasareta mirai e no michi (#1.50)" (2016)
Trunks: What's wrong with Goku? Why isn't he using the power he used on me?
Vegeta: Kakarot has a bad habit of not taking fights seriously in their beginning.
Trunks: A HABIT?

"Dragon Ball Super: Kaiôshin Gowasu o mamore Zamasu o hakai seyo! (#1.59)" (2016)
Trunks: [Fansub Subtitle] Are you sure things will be different? When I defeated the Androids the first time I traveled back, nothing changed.
Birusu: That was between mortal beings. When a god kills another god, history is sure to be affected!

"Dragon Ball Super: Shitei Saikai Son Gohan to "Mirai" Torankusu (#1.52)" (2016)
Trunks: [after seeing Gohan's family] Thank you, Gohan. Now I know what I am fighting for...

"Dragon Ball: The Last Dragon Ball (#3.15)" (2002)
Puar: [comes back to the gang after checking out the base in shock] Yamcha! The base is deserted!
Master Roshi: The entire base? That's unbelievable!
Krillin: Goku, do you think after this, you can show me a few tips?
Goku: It was easy once I got started.
Bulma: [awestruck] I can see the headlines now: 'Evil Army Defeated By Child'!
Launch: [disapprovingly] It's just one army!
[dandelion fluff makes her sneeze in her nice form]
Launch: Huh? Silly goose! How are we gonna have a picnic without any food?
[Everyone looks at her in clueless looks]
Puar: [takes her along] Let's take a walk. I'll fill you in on all the details.

"Dragon Ball Super: Mezase Doragonbôru! Pirafu ichimi no dai sasuken! (#1.4)" (2015)
Pilaf: We are here for the Dra... drama serial we're shooting!
Trunks: Where are your cameras?

"Dragon Ball: Deadly Battle (#3.18)" (2002)
Krillin: Master Roshi, since you and Baba are related, maybe you can put in a good word for us and she can tell our fortune without any more fighting.
Bulma: That's right. Family helps each other out.
Puar: No more fighting sounds fine with me.
Upa: That sounds great.
Goku: Hmm?
Fortune-Teller Baba: Are you kidding me? For family, I charge double!
Master Roshi: What? You would refuse your own brother?
Fortune-Teller Baba: You bet.

"Dragon Ball Z: Unwelcome Discovery (#7.14)" (2000)
Yamcha: It looks like we'll be at Master Roshi's island in no time. Oh and Krillin, don't you think we'd better tell Bulma what we're up to?
Krillin: Good idea... Wait, are you saying that I should call her? No way!
Yamcha: Come on Krillin, I'm flying the plane here. Thanks buddy.
Krillin: All right.
[to Trunks]
Krillin: No offence man, your mom's just hard to deal with sometimes.
Trunks: [chuckles] Believe me, I know what you mean.