Dr. Gero
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Dr. Gero (Character)
from "Dragon Ball Z" (1989)

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Super Android 13 Abridged (2015) (TV)
Dr. Gero: Do not activate Android 16, he's not appropriately programmed.
Android 17: And how many of us are? "Howdy folks, I'm Android 13, look at my trucker hat!"
Dr. Gero: I was going through a phase!

Android 17: Are you an Android? Holy shit, you're an Android, how did you even do that?
Dr. Gero: I took my brain out and put it into this body!
Android 18: ...How?

Android 18: [sees Android 16] Oh, what's this, your secret project?
Dr. Gero: No, he's in the basem... I mean yes! Very secret! Don't touch!

Trunks: [sees Dr Gero] What is that?
Piccolo: That's the Android.
Trunks: No, it's not.
Piccolo: Yes, it is.
Trunks: No, it's not!
Dr. Gero: Yes, I am!
Trunks: You stay out of this!
Tien: Wait, so you're saying that that's not the Android that kills us?
Trunks: No... I don't even...
Krillin: But you said two Androids, right?
Tien: And we've been fighting two.
Trunks: Yes, I said two, but that's not one of them!
Vegeta: Why didn't you tell us what they looked like then?
Trunks: I only ever met the two!
Vegeta: Well look at that, so did we! You fucking failure!
Trunks: Hold on a second!
Vegeta: You told us: two Androids, May 12th, 10 AM, South City!
Trunks: Well, five miles off, but...
Vegeta: And what happens? We waste our time on the wrong fucking Androids!
Trunks: Look, I was only ten months old at the time!
Vegeta: How about next time you come back to give someone a heads up, you give them a goddamn photo!