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Harold (Character)
from Fallout: A Post-Nuclear Role-Playing Game (1997) (VG)

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Fallout: A Post-Nuclear Role-Playing Game (1997) (VG)
Vault Dweller: How did you survive?
Harold: Didn't. Got killed...
[laughs then coughs]
Harold: God, I love that joke.
Vault Dweller: Yeah, I can tell.

Harold: Where were the mutants coming from?
Vault Dweller: Everywhere! Hell, seemed like you couldn't fart without hitting one. But mostly in the northwest.
Vault Dweller: You farted Northwest?
Harold: [laughs] Pretty good... Noo...

Harold: Spare change, old friend, old pal? Can you help a poor mutant down on his luck?
Vault Dweller: Keep away from me!

Harold: Well, I was a trader. Did pretty good making a circuit between survivors. Lost a lotta good people, though.
Vault Dweller: How?
Harold: Gangers got'em. Scavengers attacking the caravans. And mutants, son of a dog, if they weren't springing up like rabbits with a mission.
Harold: Had to have an army of guards with, just to do a deal.
Vault Dweller: Didn't the guards help?
Harold: Course they helped, ya bonehead! Just too damn many to handle!

Harold: Spare change, old friend, old pal? Can you help a poor mutant down on his luck?
Vault Dweller: Yeah, here's a $25. Good luck to you
Harold: Oh, kind of ya friend. Very kind. You know, if I could clear the gunk out of there, you just might find a tear in Old Harold's eye.
Vault Dweller: Why is that?
Harold: [cough] Rest of the Hubber's been picking on me like a bad booger since I came to town. I can't leave, though. When the deals are done
Harold: it's still my home.
Vault Dweller: Who are the Hubbers?
Harold: You're in the Hub, right? People who live in the Hub? Hubbers. Get it?
Harold: Sheesh! Thanks for the help and good luck... think you're gonna need it.

Harold: A robot crane crashed into us. Last I saw of Grey, he was flying through the air into some sort of acid bath. I was in bad shape and... well I passed out.
Vault Dweller: And you never saw Grey again?
Harold: No, you idiot. I just told you I never saw him again didn't I?

Vault Dweller: Is there a shorter version of this story?
Harold: I like telling it my way. Short version will cost you 25 extra, friend. Which will it be?
Vault Dweller: How about neither, you old fart?