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Quotes for
Marshal Curly Wilcox (Character)
from Stagecoach (1986) (TV)

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Stagecoach (1986) (TV)
Buck: Curly, I got me two rifles right underneath that seating area.
Marshal Curly Wilcox: You always keep two rifles under the seat?
Buck: Yes, sir. My wife cleans them and loads them for me. Now, a lot of men get fried chicken.
Marshal Curly Wilcox: You got a good wife.
Buck: Yeah, I know it. She used to ride shotgun for me. Then she said it got, uh, got too hard on her ovaries.
Marshal Curly Wilcox: [pauses] What's an ovary?
Buck: Well, near as I can tell, it's uh, you know, part of her machinery.
Marshal Curly Wilcox: Oh.

Buck: I think I'll go on inside. You want somebody to relieve ya?
Marshal Curly Wilcox: No. What I really want is a look in that banker's bag.
Buck: He keeps that dang thing closer to him than his belt buckle.
Marshal Curly Wilcox: That's why I want a look in it.
Marshal Curly Wilcox: The bag.

Buck: The sight of blood bother you much?
Marshal Curly Wilcox: Only if it's mine, why?

Overland Stage Ticket Clerk: If you make it to Lordsburg, you tell'em I'm closin' this station.
Marshal Curly Wilcox: I'd say the Apaches closed it for you.

Marshal Curly Wilcox: If I deputized an escaped convict I'd be run outa the territory.
Ringo: It's better'n bein' carried out.