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Quotes for
Desmond Powell (Character)
from "The Flash" (1990)

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"The Flash: Deadly Nightshade (#1.15)" (1991)
Barry Allen: You saved my life, and you're the only other person I know who wears the mask.
Dr. Desmond Powell: Oh, no. Wore. I came out of retirement for that Ghost business. Thought I was twenty-five again.

Barry Allen: Next time, just tell me where we're headed.
Dr. Desmond Powell: The hell with that. Then you'd end up beating me here. When I go to this much trouble, I want to get my money's worth.

Curtis Bohannan: It should have been all three of us. You, me, and the Flash.
Dr. Desmond Powell: Yeah, just a bunch of crimefighters out murdering the bad guys.

"The Flash: Ghost in the Machine (#1.8)" (1990)
Desmond Powell: Slow down, Speedy. We got to have a plan. Hop in.
[opens the door to his car]
The Flash: No. Bad for the image.
[runs off]