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Ho-Jon (Character)
from "M*A*S*H" (1972)

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"M*A*S*H: I Hate a Mystery (#1.10)" (1972)
Hawkeye: Ho-Jon, the elixir of life! Drinks for me and my men, and water for our horses!
[he enters the Swamp, sighing]
Hawkeye: Ohh, where is it? There it is.
[he sinks into his bunk]
Hawkeye: Ahh. Ahhh, ahhh.
[Ho-Jon begins pouring gin]
Hawkeye: Ah, the symphony begins. The sultry saxophone splashes of melody. A subtle drum brush for counterpoint.
[Ho-Jon gives the drink a spritz]
Hawkeye: The plunking of cool harp strings.
[Ho-Jon drops ice into the drink]
Hawkeye: And now... the silver vibes of the gentle swizzle stick.
Hawkeye: And now the silver vibes of the gentle swizzle stick.
Hawkeye: Ho-Jon?
Ho-Jon: Stizzle-swick not here!
Hawkeye: [sitting up, indignant] Who stole my stizzle-swick?

MASH (1970)
Duke Forrest: What's this here?
Frank Burns: This is Ho-Jon, one of our mess hall boys. I'm teaching him how to read.
Duke Forrest: Oh, is that right? You reading the Bible, huh? That's nice. Look, I'll tell you what, I got a book here. It's got alot of pictures in it.
[Gives Ho Jon a nudie magazine]
Duke Forrest: I think it's easier to read when you look at pictures. A little adventure in pictures.
Ho-Jon: May I leave now, Major?
Frank Burns: Sure, Ho-Jon.