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Gracie Allen (Character)
from "The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show" (1950)

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"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: The Uranium Caper (#5.34)" (1955)
Blanche Morton: When I think of my husband going out with Mr. Von Zell, prospecting for uranium, I can't believe it!
Gracie Allen: Well, you ought to believe it by now. They've been gone for over two days.

Blanche Morton: [Harry Morton and Harry Von Zell are prospecting for uranium] You know, when he told me he was going to camp out in the desert with Mr. Von Zell, I told him he was crazy!
Gracie Allen: Well, Harry Von Zell is a little peculiar, but you shouldn't say that about him... Although he says the same thing about your husband.
Blanche Morton: Oh no, no, no, honey, I meant MY Harry was the one who was crazy.
Gracie Allen: Oh. Well, if you and Harry Von Zell both think so, then it must be true.

Gracie Allen: He's pulled things like this before. For instance, take my birthday - signing a check and telling me to buy anything I want! Naturally, I had to tear it up!
Blanche Morton: Why?
Gracie Allen: Why? Well, he signed the check but he didn't fill in the amount, that's why.

Gracie Allen: Oh, you know, I thought you looked terribly young to know so much, but as long as you know so little, then you look just the right age for it.

Gracie Allen: It's like I told him, he doesn't look old enough to know very much but, on the other hand, you couldn't possibly know enough to be as old as you look, so you make a perfect pair!

Mr. Hartford: During the tests at Las Vegas, we scientists learned a great deal about the effects of radioactivity from goats and mice and rabbits...
Gracie Allen: Oh, isn't it amazing to think those little animals knew more about it than you did?

Gracie Allen: You know, we had a dog once and he was so smart! He could sit down by himself! And we taught him to bark whenever he wanted to.

Blanche Morton: [to George] Why you ought to be ashamed of yourself, taking advantage of your neighbors and your friends! Why that's downright dishonest.
Gracie Allen: Now wait a minute, Blanche. You can't come over here and say a thing like that to George! How would you like it if I came over to your house and said things like that about my husband?
George Burns: Thank you, dear.

Gracie Allen: If you can have secrets from me, I can have secrets from you.
George Burns: Secrets? What secrets have I got?
Gracie Allen: Oh, don't play so innocent, George. How would you like it if you heard me talking to somebody on the phone, and saying "I've got something but don't tell George?" And after being happily married for 25 years, I wouldn't, but you did.
George Burns: Whatever that is, I did that today?
Gracie Allen: Well don't forget, two can play that game as well as I can.

George Burns: Do you know what you're talking about?
Gracie Allen: Well, of course I know what I'm talking about. And even if I didn't, it wouldn't be the first time.

Harry von Zell: I'll just say this to you, Mr. Burns. I'm certainly glad I'm not working for you anymore. Why you're selfish and underhanded. You're not fit to associate with decent people!
Gracie Allen: Now Harry, I realize you're our friend, but you can't say things like that to George. I don't even like it when my family says it!
George Burns: Gracie, will you please stop helping me?

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Ronnie Makes a Record (#8.30)" (1958)
George Burns: You can't make records for his company, unless he okays it, and I don't want to be late. Have you seen my car keys?
Gracie Allen: No, Dear, but since you're in such a hurry, you can show them to me when you get back.

Gracie Allen: Oh, isn't youth wonderful? I'm so glad Ronnie and I have it.

George Burns: Goodbye, dear. And if everything works out with Mr. Stanley, when I come back I, uh - I might have a surprise for ya.
Gracie Allen: Well, if it's what I think it is, don't tell me because I already know. And if it isn't, don't tell me because I hate to be wrong!

Gracie Allen: Oh, what a blow this is gonna be to George! Fate has kicked him in the face while his back was turned.

Gracie Allen: Oh Ronnie, you're a wonderful son! If I ever have children again, I hope you're one of them.
Ronnie Burns: Thanks, Mother.

Norman Granz: In the record business, we're looking for youth.
Gracie Allen: Well, if you're looking for youth, George is practically the first one to ever have it!

Gracie Allen: Ronnie may be a chip off the old block, but why take the chip when you can get the block?

Gracie Allen: George has a voice that is second to nobody's.
Norman Granz: Including Sinatra and Como's?
Gracie Allen: Well, they're not exactly nobodies... But you just name any singer who is nobody and I'll guarantee George's voice will be second to it!

Gracie Allen: Oh George, you're a wonderful husband! If we ever have any more children, I hope you and I are the parents.

George Burns: Gracie, that's pretty hard to believe.
Gracie Allen: Well, believe as much as you can and don't pay any attention to the rest.

Lambchops (1929)
Gracie the Girlfriend: George, you're silly.
George the Boyfriend: I'd rather be silly than be dizzy
Gracie the Girlfriend: Oh, I'm not dizzy, you know.
George the Boyfriend: No.
Gracie the Girlfriend: No, I've come to the conclusion I'm very bright.
George the Boyfriend: Oh, you made up your mind you're bright?
Gracie the Girlfriend: Yes.

Gracie the Girlfriend: Yeah, I have brains.
George the Boyfriend: You have?
Gracie the Girlfriend: Yeah, I have brains I haven't even used yet.
George the Boyfriend: Well, leave 'em alone and don't bother with 'em. If you had another brain, you'd have one.

George the Boyfriend: So, you know all the answers and you're not dizzy.
Gracie the Girlfriend: No, I'm not.
George the Boyfriend: You are, you are plenty dizzy.
Gracie the Girlfriend: I am not.
George the Boyfriend: You look to me like you're always up in an aeroplane.

George the Boyfriend: You know, I think you're very nice.
Gracie the Girlfriend: Yeah, and I'm smart too.
George the Boyfriend: Well, that's the finish of that.

George the Boyfriend: If you're so smart, name three different kinds of nuts.
Gracie the Girlfriend: Walnuts and chestnuts.
George the Boyfriend: That's two.
Gracie the Girlfriend: And forget-me-nuts.
George the Boyfriend: Lovely.

George the Boyfriend: What did you take up at school?
Gracie the Girlfriend: Anything that wasn't nailed down.

George the Boyfriend: You're too smart for one girl.
Gracie the Girlfriend: I'm more than one.
George the Boyfriend: You're more than one?
Gracie the Girlfriend: Yeah. My mother has a picture of me when I was two.

George the Boyfriend: Do you like to love?
Gracie the Girlfriend: No.
George the Boyfriend: Do you like to kiss?
Gracie the Girlfriend: No.
George the Boyfriend: What do you like?
Gracie the Girlfriend: Lambchops.

George the Boyfriend: Could you eat two big lambchops alone?
Gracie the Girlfriend: Alone? Oh, no, not alone. With potatoes I could!

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Softening the Professor (#8.26)" (1958)
Gracie Allen: Oh George, you're awful! It's not fair of you to put something over on me when I'm trying to put something over on you!

George Burns: If anybody wants me I'll be up in the den.
Gracie Allen: Alright, dear. And if you leave without telling me, be sure to let me know.

Ralph Grainger: Mrs. Burns, it's spring and I hate to get cooped up in one place. I kinda get itchy feet.
Gracie Allen: Oh, well then your underwear must be even longer than Harry Morton's.

Ronnie Burns: Look, Mother, I think I'm gonna go up and tell Dad before he finds out - and I think I'm gonna tell him the truth.
Gracie Allen: Well, why not? There's nothing wrong with the truth unless... you can't think of anything else.

Blanche Morton: You know, Gracie, I think we got carried away with these new expensive spring outfits. I went over my budget and I'm sure you went over yours.
Gracie Allen: Blanche, that's half the fun of shopping. The minute I realized I couldn't afford this dress, I bought it.

Gracie Allen: Blanche, it's the duty of every woman to spend more than she can afford so that her husband will go out and earn more than he's able to.

Gracie Allen: Grandma Mamie could do tricks shooting with pistols, rifles, shotguns, revolvers, bows and arrows - and she could even shoot with a porcupine!
George Burns: A porcupine? How did she do that?
Gracie Allen: Oh, it was easy. She'd just aim the porcupine at whatever she wanted to hit and then she'd pinch it in the right spot until it shot all its quills.
George Burns: That sounds like a pretty dangerous weapon.
Gracie Allen: Yeah, but she had trouble reloading it.
George Burns: Well, how do you reload a porcupine?
Gracie Allen: How do you load it in the first place?

Harry von Zell: Gracie, I've got something to tell ya.
Gracie Allen: Oh, what is it?
Harry von Zell: I'm in love with the most beautiful, wonderful woman in the whole world!
Gracie Allen: Oh well, I'm flattered, Harry, but I wish you hadn't said that. After all, you're one of George's dearest friends!
Harry von Zell: No, you've got the wrong person.
Gracie Allen: Well, you might think I have but I wouldn't change George for anybody!

Harry von Zell: How old do you think I look?
Gracie Allen: Well, it doesn't matter, but I'm sure you're much younger than that!

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Rumba Lessons (#1.7)" (1950)
Blanche Morton: [returning home from the beauty parlor] My operator's a very clever girl. I wouldn't let *anybody* else touch my hair. In fact, you know what she told me today? Women are going to wear their hair longer.
Gracie Allen: Oh, well, that's ridiculous. I'm *already* wearing my hair twenty-four hours a day.

Gracie Allen: You know, one night George came to visit me, and he brought me a bag of jellybeans, and we were sitting on the sofa and my mother came in and turned out all the lights, and...
Blanche Morton: Your MOTHER turned out the lights?
Gracie Allen: Yeah, she couldn't stand to look at George.
Blanche Morton: Oh. Well, I'll bet George didn't waste any time when the lights were out.
Gracie Allen: Oh, I'll say he didn't! He ate all the black jellybeans!

Gracie Allen: George, could I have the car keys? I have to go downtown.
George Burns: Oh, you haven't renewed your driver's license. If they catch you without a license, they'll throw ya in jail.
Gracie Allen: Well, I'll drive so fast they can't catch me!

George Burns: What's that?
Gracie Allen: Electric cords, I had them shortened. This one's for the iron and this one's for the floor lamp and this one's for the table lamp...
George Burns: Well, why did you shorten them?
Gracie Allen: To save electricity!

George Burns: I'd be glad to drive you downtown but I've got some work to do.
Gracie Allen: Well, then let me use the car. I'm a very careful driver, its the other people who are careless.
George Burns: Look, Gracie...
Gracie Allen: You know, last week I was driving down a one-way street and every car I met was going the wrong way!

Gracie Allen: I don't approve of bowling! It can't be nice if you have to do it in an alley!

Bill Goodwin: I've got a date to eat with the producer and you can't be late when you're having Pasternak for lunch!
Gracie Allen: Won't they warm it up for you?

Bill Goodwin: You know, girls, I'm gettin' a little tired of those small car jokes. Now, it's a British car and they make 'em smaller because there's a shortage of gasoline in England. Or, I guess I should call it petrol.
Gracie Allen: No, that might confuse me. Call it England.

Six of a Kind (1934)
J. Pinkham 'Pinky' Whinney: Can you take care of us?
Hotel desk clerk: Oh, yes, I can give you a room and a hot bath now.
J. Pinkham 'Pinky' Whinney: You give me the room. I'll take the bath myself.
Flora Whinney: Oh, Pinky, dear, he didn't actually mean he'd bathe you.
J. Pinkham 'Pinky' Whinney: [after a pause he laughs] Skip it, dear.
Hotel desk clerk: Pardon me, do you and your husband want a bath too?
Gracie De Vore: [laughs and giggles] Oh, you say the funniest things!
Hotel desk clerk: Why?
J. Pinkham 'Pinky' Whinney: Why funny? Don't you and George take baths?
Gracie De Vore: Well, yeah, but not together.

Gracie De Vore: Breakfast will be ready in six minutes.
George Edwards: Six minutes?
Gracie De Vore: Yeah, I just put on two three minute eggs.
George Edwards: [Deadpanned] Three minutes apiece'

Gracie De Vore: My name is Grace, but everybody calls me Gracie for short.

George Edwards: Gracie, when we get inside to answer the ad, please let me do the talking because every day you learn more and more about less and less until finally the day will arrive when you'll practically know everything about nothing
Gracie De Vore: [Seemingly flattered] Oh, George, whu don't you say things like that when we're out in company.

Gracie De Vore: Oh, what's that?
George Edwards: You wouldn't understand. This is a map.
Gracie De Vore: Oh, sure, I know what a map is. It's what you take every afternoon when you're tired. I always take an afternoon map.
George Edwards: An afternoon map?
Gracie De Vore: Sure.
George Edwards: I bet when you went to school, you never even reached the fifth grade.
Gracie De Vore: Aw, don't be silly. I spent three of the happiest years of my life in the fifth grade.

Gracie De Vore: [Seeing a horseshoe stuck in the tire] A horseshoe! That's good luck!
George Edwards: [Sarcastically] Yes, this is perhaps the happiest moment of my life.
Gracie De Vore: Oh, the tire is flat isn't it?
George Edwards: Only on the bottom.
Gracie De Vore: [Giggling] Yes.

Gracie De Vore: Ohhh... don't ever cross him or he'll tear ya to pieces.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Gracie Tries to Cure Roger of Amnesia (#5.38)" (1955)
Dr. Wilbern: [Gracie fakes amnesia and confuses the doctor] Let me try and follow this. Now, you came here today because you have a friend who has a brother you're trying to help, and this friend has amnesia.
Gracie Allen: No.
Dr. Wilbern: Then who has got the amnesia?
Gracie Allen: You must have it.
Dr. Wilbern: I do?
Gracie Allen: Otherwise you'd remember I'M the one who has it.

Dr. Wilbern: Mrs. Burns, have you ever had any falls or minor head injuries that you can remember?
Gracie Allen: Well, no, no... I remember when I was a baby my nurse used to drop me a lot.
Dr. Wilbern: I see. And did your parents do anything about this?
Gracie Allen: Oh, sure! They hired a shorter nurse.

Dr. Wilbern: [Gracie fakes amnesia] Do you remember anything else about your childhood?
Gracie Allen: No, no, I don't remember anything. I can't remember that I was born in San Francisco, I don't remember my mother or Hazel or Bessie or Pearl...
Dr. Wilbern: And they were sisters?
Gracie Allen: Yeah, but I don't remember whose!

Gracie Allen: Oh, Hazel hasn't been very well. Her feet are killing her so she's gonna have glasses fitted.
George Burns: She's gonna have glasses fitted because her feet are killing her?
Gracie Allen: Sure! She couldn't see where she parked the car and she had to walk five miles to get home!
George Burns: Well, if her eyes are that bad, how can she see where she's driving?
Gracie Allen: She doesn't have to. She only drives on streets she's familiar with.

Gracie Allen: Hazel says she's going to an octopus to see if she needs glasses.
George Burns: She means an oculist.
Gracie Allen: No. First she'll look at an octopus, and if she doesn't see eight legs, then she'll got to an oculist.

Gracie Allen: You know, Hazel's eyes have always been bad. The last time I was home she wasted hours sitting in front of her washing machine.
George Burns: Why did she do that?
Gracie Allen: Well, there were two suits of long underwear inside and she thought they were wrestlers on television.

Gracie Allen: Hazel's on a vacation now. She went to one of those islands in the West Indies.
George Burns: Jamaica?
Gracie Allen: No, I didn't make her. She wanted to go!
George Burns: Would you mind repeating that?
Gracie Allen: Hazel's on a vacation now, and she went to one of those islands in the West Indies.
George Burns: Cuba?
Gracie Allen: I didn't make her. She wanted to go!

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: The Publicity Marriage (#8.27)" (1958)
Gracie Allen: [Bonnie Sue plans to give up acting and marry Ronnie] Oh believe me, Bonnie Sue, the day you were born the stage lost a wonderful woman!
Ronnie Burns: Oh yes, you could have been another Helen Hayes, or a Sarah Bernhardt, or - or...
Gracie Allen: How about Louise McNabb?
Ronnie Burns: Right!
Bonnie Sue McAfee: Ms. Burns, ma'am, I never heard of Louise McNabb.
Gracie Allen: Well of course, nobody ever heard of her because she gave up her career and got married.

Blanche Morton: Been doing some baking, huh?
Gracie Allen: Mmm-hmm, macaroons. Have one.
Blanche Morton: Oh, I don't know. I'm afraid of what it'll do to my shape.
Gracie Allen: Oh Blanche, how could a cookie possibly change your shape? They're both round, so it'd be a perfect fit!

Barbara Westrope: Edie, I want you to come home right away. You haven't done your homework all week.
Edie Westrope: My dear sister, love and homework don't go together.
Gracie Allen: Don't tell Ronnie that. Let him think up his own excuse.

Blanche Morton: That's a brilliant idea but I don't think it'll work.
Gracie Allen: Oh Blanche, you're my very best friend, so as long as you think it's a brilliant idea and if it doesn't work I'll give you credit for it.

Gracie Allen: Here you are dear, the morning paper.
George Burns: It's sorta all wrinkled up.
Gracie Allen: Well, we get our paper from a very old delivery boy.

Malcolm Rogers: Women! I'm gonna forget them 'til I'm 16!
Gracie Allen: Oh, women can't be so bad. Remember that more than half of the babies who are born decide to be us instead of you.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Perry & Pete/Gracie's Cousins/Sneak Thieves (#3.35)" (1953)
George Burns: Gracie, why does your mother ask you to do her shopping here? Aren't there any stores up in San Francisco?
Gracie Allen: Well sure, but I can't keep running up there every time she wants something.

George Burns: I'm going down to the store to get some cigars and stamps.
Gracie Allen: Oh, who are you gonna mail them to?
George Burns: I'm gonna smoke them myself.
Gracie Allen: Oh.
George Burns: Aren't you gonna ask me why I'm gonna smoke stamps?
Gracie Allen: Why should I? I've done one or two silly things in my life too!

Pete: Who's the nice looking old guy who lives in the white house on the corner?
Gracie Allen: Oh, that's Mr. Henderson. He lives there alone with his dog.
Pete: Does he bite?
Gracie Allen: No, he's a nice old man, he wouldn't hurt a fly!
Perry: He meant the dog.
Gracie Allen: No, he wouldn't do that. The dog might bite him back!

Perry: You have a lot of interesting neighbors around here.
Gracie Allen: Yes, especially the ones who live in the neighborhood.

Gracie Allen: I was just talking to Mr. Henderson a little while ago, and he told me the Vanderlips' silver had been stolen and his dog was missing. So I said, "Oh Mr. Henderson, that's silly. I'm sure your dog didn't steal the Vanderlips' silverware!"

Perry: Say Gracie, we were wondering, where's your wall safe?
Gracie Allen: Where's my wall safe? Well, it's safe everyplace. The ceiling's a little weak though.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Christmas with Mamie Kelly (#2.7)" (1951)
[Gracie has wrapped George's Christmas present]
Harry Morton: What is it, Gracie?
Gracie Allen: Guess.
Harry Morton: It could be anything.
Gracie Allen: That's what it is. Oh, and George has wanted one for a long time!

Harry Morton: Oh Gracie, I've been looking for you all over! I've got Blanche's Christmas presents here, will you hide them for me?
Gracie Allen: What is it?
Harry Morton: I got her a red alligator bag and and shoes to match.
Gracie Allen: Oh, it's lovely, Harry! But I always thought alligators were brown.
Harry Morton: It's dyed.
Gracie Allen: Oh, well, I hope it has if they made a bag and shoes out of it.

Jill Kelly: Tell us a story, Aunt Gracie!
Gracie Allen: Well, alright. I know a lot of stories that I used to know when I was a little girl. Now, which one do you want to hear?
Jill Kelly: Dickens' Christmas Carol.
Gracie Allen: Oh, yes. Isn't that the one that starts, "Once upon a time," and it ends with, "and they lived happily ever after?"
George Burns: Yeah, I think that's the one, yes.
Gracie Allen: Yeah... Now if I could just remember that part in between.

Gracie Allen: Once upon a time, on a beautiful Christmas morning, Scrooge and Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim went for a walk in the woods while their breakfast was cooling. So, while they were gone, a dear little girl came and knocked on the door. And naturally, nobody answered so she went inside to see who it was, and...
George Burns: Gracie, that's not the way I heard it.
Gracie Allen: Who told it to you?
George Burns: My mother.
Gracie Allen: Oh. Well, this is by Dickens... So, this little girl saw the breakfast cooling and she decided to taste it. So she tried the first bowl and it was too hot, and she tried the second bowl and it was too cold, and she tried the third bowl and it was just right and she ate it all up!
George Burns: That was Goldilocks.
Gracie Allen: No, it was porridge... Well anyway, this poor little girl had two rich step-sisters and then along came Prince Charming with a glass slipper, so he tried it on the first step-sister and it was too hot, and he tried it on the second step-sister and it was too cold, and he tried it on the poor little girl and it just fit! And she married him and guess who got all the money?
George Burns: Walt Disney.

Gracie Allen: Mamie, do you know it was love at first sight? Well, when I saw George walk out on the stage, I said, "There's the man I'm going to marry." Oh, something hit me!
Mamie Kelly: Really?
Gracie Allen: Yes, it was my mother.

Gracie Allen: The thing was, my mother thought that I was too young to marry George.
Mamie Kelly: Is there much difference between you and George?
Gracie Allen: Well sure, he's a man, you know.
Mamie Kelly: No, I mean is there much difference between your ages?
Gracie Allen: Well, there is now but there wasn't any when we got married.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Too Much Pot Roast (#8.2)" (1957)
Gracie Allen: Isn't it a lovely day? I'm glad we're having lunch out in the garden.
George Burns: Yeah, it was a good idea.
Gracie Allen: Yes! Isn't the air wonderful?
George Burns: Yeah, and I notice that we get more of it outdoors than we do indoors.
Gracie Allen: Yeah, you know, and it's surprising because we've got more windows indoors.
George Burns: That's because the man who designed our house built the outdoors better.
Gracie Allen: Well, naturally! He had more room to work in.
George Burns: [to camera] I'm sorry I started it.

George Burns: What's Ronnie studying?
Gracie Allen: Greek philosophy.
George Burns: Oh, like Aristotle, Plato, Socrates?
Gracie Allen: Well, I don't know the professor's name, but it must be one of those three.

Gracie Allen: Isn't it wonderful, the interest he's taking in his studies?
George Burns: Gracie, I think Ronnie's studying the same thing I studied when I was his age.
Gracie Allen: Oh George, you never went to college!
George Burns: Yeah, but I used to stand outside and whistle at them as they walked in!

Prof. Maynard Henderson: Mrs. Burns, I'm Professor Henderson and, if you don't mind, I think I should talk ONLY to the head of the household.
Gracie Allen: Oh.
Prof. Maynard Henderson: Is Mr. Burns home?
Gracie Allen: Well yes, he's in the garden - but if we whisper he won't hear us.
Prof. Maynard Henderson: I... I would like to talk to Mr. Burns.
Gracie Allen: Oh, alright. It's sweet of you to want to include him. You know, he likes to know what's going on!

Gracie Allen: My, you're so helpful! I may be able to talk to you without using my brain at all!

George Burns: [Gracie hired models to pose as servants] Where did you get these girls?
Gracie Allen: From a model agency.
George Burns: What does that cost?
Gracie Allen: Oh, about a hundred-thousand dollars. You see, it's a four-story building and it's very modern, and it has glass all the way...
George Burns: No, not what the building cost. What do the girls cost?
Gracie Allen: Oh, they each get twenty-five dollars an hour.
George Burns: This is murder! Who's got that kinda money?
Gracie Allen: Well, they'll have it as soon as you pay them.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Gracie on Train/Murder (#3.19)" (1953)
Blanche Morton: Honey, you must have misunderstood the man on the train. Now if this Mr. Lindstrom intended murdering his wife, he isn't going to tell a stranger.
Gracie Allen: But I'm not a stranger, you've known me for years and he told me!

Detective Sawyer: Mrs. Burns, you say that this man on the train told you he was going to kill his wife. Let's start at the beginning.
Gracie Allen: Alright. Uh, I was born in San Francisco and my mother and father...
Detective Sawyer: Hold it! Hold it! That's not the beginning I meant.
Gracie Allen: Well that's the only beginning I ever had!

Gracie Allen: Well I remember people I saw when I was only four years old.
Detective Sawyer: So you've got a good memory for faces then?
Gracie Allen: Of course I have. When I was for years old I was too short to see their faces but I remember their knees!

Detective Sawyer: Mrs. Burns, exactly where were you when the man told you that he was going to kill his wife?
Gracie Allen: You mean when he started to tell me or when he finished?
Detective Sawyer: What difference does it make?
Gracie Allen: Ten miles, the train was going very fast!

Harry von Zell: What are they in jail for?
Gracie Allen: Well, they locked up Harry on suspicion of murder, and then they locked up George so I guess he suspects Harry too.

Harry von Zell: Is George getting a lawyer?
Gracie Allen: He doesn't need one, he's already in jail.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: George Becomes a Dictator (#6.10)" (1955)
Gracie Allen: He's a wonderful husband and I've been married to him for years - and the only regret I've ever had is that I'm not a man so I could get to know him better!

Gracie Allen: Blanche, you're always laughing at George and, believe me, if he was your husband you'd find nothing to laugh about!

Gracie Allen: You know, some people may dislike George but I want you all to remember one thing. For every five people who don't like George there are fifty who don't even know him, and you can all put that in your hat and smoke it!

Gracie Allen: Well, then we visited the Metropolitan Museum and the guide showed us the skeleton of this tremendous animal, and he said the bones of this dinosaur were dug up recently in Siberia and it's believed to be the biggest animal that ever lived. So I said, "Well, it couldn't have been the BIGGEST animal. What about the one who buried the bones?"

Gracie Allen: First we went to Grant's Tomb and then to The Lincoln Tunnel, and I said it was nothing but favoritism.
George Burns: Favoritism?
Gracie Allen: Well, yes. I said, "If they could bury Grant in a tomb, they certainly could have found a better spot for Lincoln."
George Burns: Well, look at where they put poor Washington, under a bridge.
Gracie Allen: Well, that's gratitude for you.

Gracie Allen: The last place we visited was The Statue of Liberty and, George, did you know that there were steps inside and you could climb right up through the body?
George Burns: Sure, I knew that.
Gracie Allen: Well, so I went right up to the top and it was kinda drafty up there and I sneezed and... I had the funniest sensation.
George Burns: Well, what was so funny about it?
Gracie Allen: Well, it was the first time I ever caught cold in somebody else's head.

A Damsel in Distress (1937)
Jerry Halliday: What's today?
Gracie: Oh, I don't know.
George: Well, you can tell if you look at that newspaper on your desk.
Gracie: Oh, this is no help, George. It's yesterday's paper.

Lord John Marshmorton: Miss Allen, is he coming here tonight, your friend Mr. Halliday?
Gracie: Oh, well sure he's not coming here and do you know why he's not coming here tonight? Because he wasn't invited, that's why he's not coming here tonight, Lord Marshmallow.
George: Gracie, it's Marshmorton, not Marshmallow.
Gracie: That's what I said, Marshmallow.
George: Look, Gracie, "marshmallow" is soft and mushy.
Gracie: Oh, please, George! You don't know this gentleman well enough to say that about him.
George: [to Lord Marshmorton] I'm sorry, would you explain that please?
Lord John Marshmorton: Certainly. Miss Allen, have you ever seen a toasted marshmallow?
Gracie: No, but I'm dying to see that. I bet you're a scream!

Gracie: [Gracie answers the telephone] It's a Hawaiian.
George: A Hawaiian?
Gracie: Well he must be. He says he's Brown from The Morning Sun.

Gracie: It's lots of fun having fun, even if you don't enjoy it!

Gracie: You know, if it weren't for two things you'd be a terrific dancer.
George: What's that?
Gracie: Your feet.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Harry Morton's Cocktail Party (#6.5)" (1955)
Ronnie Burns: I have the makings of a fine dramatic actor. I've got everything I need except for one thing.
Gracie Allen: Oh, what is that?
Ronnie Burns: A motorcycle.

Gracie Allen: Do you need a motorcycle?
Ronnie Burns: Mother, HE had one.
Gracie Allen: Who?
Ronnie Burns: He!
Gracie Allen: He, who?
Ronnie Burns: Mother, Marlon Brando!
Gracie Allen: Oh! Oh, well, if Marlon Brando's mother has a motorcycle, I'll get one too.

Gracie Allen: Ronnie, I don't think you can come right out and ask your father for a motorcycle. Now, for instance, if I want a new dress, I ask him for something very expensive like a mink coat, and then he settles for the dress!

Gracie Allen: [Gracie tries to help Ronnie get a motorcycle] George, Ronnie wants a locomotive.
George Burns: Ronnie wants a locomotive?
Gracie Allen: How about a speedboat?
George Burns: A speedboat?
Gracie Allen: Well, he needs something to go to school in. Taxis are very expensive!
George Burns: How 'bout a pair of roller-skates?
Gracie Allen: Let's split it down the middle and get him a motorcycle.
[Gracie pats Ronnie's chest]
Gracie Allen: See how it works, Ronnie?

George Burns: [Gracie blathers on about her Uncle Harvey] And now, Gracie, say goodnight.
Gracie Allen: You don't want to hear about the job he had helping that plumber? Well, the only reason he lost the job is because he did what the plumber told him to.
George Burns: That's why he LOST it?
Gracie Allen: Well, yes. You see, what happened was they were trying to hammer some pipe through a hole in the wall, so the plumber held it and he said to Uncle Harvey, "Now, when I nod my head, you hit it with that big hammer."
George Burns: So?
Gracie Allen: So the plumber did and Uncle Harvey did.
George Burns: And Uncle Harvey isn't working for the plumber anymore.
Gracie Allen: There is no plumber anymore!

Here Comes Cookie (1935)
Harrison Allen: [Grace emerges from underneath her bed with a book] Gracie, what were you doing with that book under the bed?
Gracie Allen: Someone told me to read 'Dr. Jekyll' and hide.

Gracie Allen: [Entering her bedroom] Good morning, Miss Gracie. Your coffee.
Botts: [to Botts] Oh, I really shouldn't drink coffee in the morning. It keeps me awake all day.

George Burns: I just lost my mind.
Gracie Allen: What a shame. Where did you have it last?

Gracie Allen: I just bought the wedding ring and my complete torso.

George Burns: What's the matter? Don't you feel well? I've never seen that expression on your face before.
Gracie Allen: I'm thinking.
George Burns: Oh, well, maybe that's it.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: With or Without Glasses (#8.9)" (1957)
Gracie Allen: George, there's a very lovely dinner-dress at Magnon's that I'd like to buy, but if you raise Ronnie's allowance, I won't get it.
George Burns: Say no more. Ronnie, your allowance is raised five bucks a week.
Gracie Allen: Oh, so that's the kinda of a man you are, huh? You're willing to squander money on your son, but your wife can go around in rags!

Professor Henderson: I believe Mrs. Burns and I can find a solution.
Gracie Allen: Well, of course! When we put our two brains together, we'll wind up with one.

Gracie Allen: I'd better call my friend, Blanche Morton.
Professor Henderson: Will she help you?
Gracie Allen: Oh, yes! After I think of the plans, she explains them to me.

Gracie Allen: Now, do you know what to do?
Blanche Morton: No!
Gracie Allen: Oh well, don't worry. I've got a plan, so whatever I do you follow me, but if it isn't right, you start and then I'll follow you.

Gracie Allen: Oh, operas are such fun! You know, you keep thinking the music'll turn out to be a tune and it keeps fooling you!

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Questions and Answers (#6.37)" (1956)
Mrs. Millicent Sohmers: Getting back to these questions, now this is a very general literary quiz which you must pass to qualify for our club.
Gracie Allen: Oh, I love quizzes! Do the questions have to be answered correctly?
Mrs. Millicent Sohmers: It would help.

Mrs. Millicent Sohmers: In order to be sure to make you a member of our club, I brought you these questions and these answers, and before the other members of the committee come, you can take a peek at them.
Gracie Allen: Well, peeking at the other members wouldn't do any good - but peeking at these answers will!

Mrs. Millicent Sohmers: I wanted to be sure that you'd memorized the information I left for you so that we could destroy the list before the committee got here, if you know what I mean.
Gracie Allen: Oh, yes! Oh, you think of everything, Mrs. Sohmers. Your mind is so wonderfully crooked!

Mrs. Millicent Sohmers: [Gracie is supposed to memorize the answers to a quiz but she instead memorizes the questions] You didn't learn the answers?
Gracie Allen: Well, I thought the questions were much more important.
Mrs. Millicent Sohmers: How did you arrive at that conclusion?
Gracie Allen: Well, I've been watching a quiz show and I noticed that people who know the answers come and go but the man who knows the questions comes back every week.

Gracie Allen: In school, I got very good marks in literature and I would've done much better if I wasn't distracted by that little Ernie Bergman.
George Burns: What did he do to distract you?
Gracie Allen: Well, how would you feel if the boy who sat in front of you kept dipping his pigtails into the inkwells?
George Burns: The boy - and he had pigtails?
Gracie Allen: He used to bring them to school; his father was a butcher.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: The Football Game (#2.3)" (1951)
Mr. Phillips, the Gardener: Say, this certainly is a nice day today, isn't it?
Gracie Allen: It certainly is but that's one of those things we can do nothing about.

Gracie Allen: You know, last time I was to a game I sat next to Harry and he explained football to me.
Blanche Morton: That was the last time he went too.

Gracie Allen: My husband says he wants the leaves out of the pool every morning. I've got a whole garage full, I don't know what he's gonna do with them.

[Gracie picks up a can of Carnation milk]
Gracie Allen: Do you know something? Cows are smarter than people.
Sgt. Harris: Some people, yes.
Gracie Allen: And you know why? They're smart enough to put their milk in these little cans and you can't even get it out without punching a little hole in it!

[George picks up a thermos]
George Burns: What have you got in here?
Gracie Allen: Hot coffee for the game tonight.
George Burns: All you've got in here are brown ice cubes.
Gracie Allen: Sure, that's my own idea. You see, the minute the coffee starts to boil, I freeze it. Then when it melts it's nice and hot!

The Gracie Allen Murder Case (1939)
Detective: The Chief wants to see you.
Gracie Allen: The Chief? Oh, certainly! I just love Indians.

Maitre d': I'll get you a waiter right away.
Gracie Allen: Make it two. I'm starved.

Philo Vance: The question is, then, why would the killer have brought the body here?
Gracie Allen: Well, they've got a wonderful floor show.

Gracie Allen: How about some pansies?
Florist: Well, frankly, my pansies are drooping.
Gracie Allen: Oh, well then, you should wear suspenders.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: The African Hunter (#8.7)" (1957)
Blanche Morton: Honey, look, the best way to handle George is tell him the truth.
Gracie Allen: Oh! Now I see why you and Harry have so many fights.

Colonel Bradley: I'll never forget my first safari.
Gracie Allen: Oh, did you shoot it or capture it alive?
Colonel Bradley: No, no, Mrs. Burns, we travel on a safari.
Gracie Allen: Oh, then it's a domestic animal.

Gracie Allen: Any more questions?
George Burns: Yeah, just one. Who's the man upstairs in his underwear?
Gracie Allen: Any more questions?
George Burns: No, I like that one. Who is he?
Gracie Allen: Well, he's Colonel Bradley, a famous African hunter who spoke at our club meeting and I asked him to stay with us for a week.
George Burns: For a week? Don't you think you should have asked my permission?
Gracie Allen: Why?
George Burns: I'm the head of the house.
Gracie Allen: Oh George, I'm so relieved! You know, I thought you were mad at me, and here you are making jokes!

Colonel Bradley: Time certainly flew - I must have been telling you of my adventures for the last two hours! I hope you weren't bored.
Gracie Allen: Well, if I was, I was so interested I didn't even notice it.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Von Zell's Raises (#7.12)" (1956)
Gracie Allen: What are you doing, Ronnie?
Ronnie Burns: Oh, I'm going skiing.
Gracie Allen: Oh. Well, then you better get these skis straightened out. The way they're bent up in the front you're liable to trip and hurt yourself.

George Burns: Gracie, Ronnie and some of the kids are going up to Big Bear and they're looking for a chaperone.
Gracie Allen: Oh, well, I doubt if you'll find one up there. You'd be better off taking one with you.
George Burns: Uh, they want me as a chaperone.
Gracie Allen: Oh Ronnie, you couldn't have made a better choice! On our honeymoon he chaperoned my mother and me and we had a wonderful time!

Harry von Zell: After being with George for seven years, imagine him paying me that salary for the work I do - it's disgraceful!
Gracie Allen: Well, if you think your work is that disgraceful then you shouldn't ask for a raise.

Harry von Zell: Gracie, that's a wonderful idea!
Gracie Allen: Well, of course! They're the only kind I ever have!

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Ronnie's Bashful (#7.9)" (1956)
George Burns: Gracie, Harry has enough on his mind, he doesn't need you to drive him crazy.
Gracie Allen: Well, I know but until he gets a wife, at least I can help!

Harry von Zell: I know I've been doing a lot of raving but when you meet Vivian tonight you'll understand why I'm so excited about her. What a gorgeous doll!
Gracie Allen: Well, thank you, Harry, and I'm sure Vivian is too.

George Burns: Are we dressing tonight?
Harry von Zell: Yeah, I'm wearing my dinner jacket.
George Burns: Then I will too.
Gracie Allen: George, you'd better wear your own because if he keeps eating there'll hardly be enough room in his dinner jacket for him!

George Burns: Gracie, when we go out tonight, Von Zell told his girl he's only 32, so let's keep it that way.
Gracie Allen: How did you happen to tell her a thing like that?
Harry von Zell: Well, I - I didn't exactly tell her that, Gracie. You see, I just said that I'm about 4 years older than she is, and she turned out to be 28, so what could I do?
Gracie Allen: Well, you were certainly a gentleman to lie to her like that because if you told the truth, the poor girl would have to be about 46!

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: The Stolen Car (#8.15)" (1958)
Gracie Allen: [Ronnie needs a story for the school paper] I've got just the thing! It was a big surprise to the Vanderlips when it happened. Thier cat had six kittens!
Ronnie Burns: No, mother, but I need a story that's exciting.
Gracie Allen: The cat's name is Henry.
George Burns: Well, Ronnie, if you don't use it, I'm sure Walter Winchell will grab it.
Gracie Allen: Oh! If Winchell dares to grab Henry in his condition, he'll hear from me!

Ronnie Burns: You know, Mother, it's a strange thing that your schemes always seem to work out.
Gracie Allen: Well, try it anyway. Maybe this one will.

Blanche Morton: I'm sorry to bring our troubles over to your house, Gracie.
Gracie Allen: Well, that's alright, Blanche. You know, it's a good idea for a husband and wife to do all their quarreling somewhere else, it keeps their own home nice and happy.

Blanche Morton: Gracie, do you think it's right for us to keep putting these things over on our husbands?
Gracie Allen: Well, always remember, Blanche, it's the battle between two different ways of life. Men and women.
Blanche Morton: A battle of the sexes.
Gracie Allen: Sex has nothing to do with it. We have to use tricks because who gets pushed around?
Blanche Morton: Right! And who has to beg for money?
Gracie Allen: Right! And who has to do all the work?
Blanche Morton: Right! And who has to take all the orders?
Gracie Allen: Right! So if we didn't use trickery, they'd have us doing these things!
Blanche Morton: Ri...

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: The Japanese Texan (#8.20)" (1958)
Gracie Allen: Oh, your Texas accent isn't so bad. When I'm speaking to you, I hardly noticed it except when you answer me.

Gracie Allen: I'll make George do it.
Blanche Morton: Well, what if he says no?
Gracie Allen: Look, that might stop me but I'm sure you'll never take no for an answer.

Blanche Morton: Gracie, you're giving a dinner party tonight to celebrate your tenth?
Gracie Allen: Yeah.
Blanche Morton: Your tenth what?
Gracie Allen: Blanche, one thing at a time. Look, I thought of the number and I'm sure when the time comes I'll be able to think of something to go with it.

Gracie Allen: What is it?
Bonnie Sue McAfee: Well, it's my career as an actress. I'm mighty discouraged cuz I don't seem to be gettin' anywhere!
Gracie Allen: Oh, Bonnie Sue, some people don't get famous until after they're dead, so cheer up - you've got lots of time for that!

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Gracie Gets a Business Manager (#4.6)" (1953)
[Blanche gave Joe some books in exchange for mowing the lawn]
Gracie Allen: What are those?
Joe Hardy: Oh, those are encyclopedias. I got them for cutting grass.
Gracie Allen: Oh, you should take 'em back and make them give you a lawnmower!

Gracie Allen: You know, people are so silly! They're always complaining about the shape the world's in and I think round is a nice shape!

[Gracie looks in a book and plans a world trip]
Gracie Allen: Oh, here's Italy! Oh, we'll have a wonderful time listening to the beautiful music while we're riding in one of those Gorgonzolas on the canals of Venice.
George Burns: Gorgonzola is a cheese.
Gracie Allen: Well, what do you care as long as it doesn't leak?

Blanche Morton: I just remembered, I have a cake burning in the oven.
[Blanche runs home]
Gracie Allen: Well, what's she so excited about? That's where I burn mine too.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Gracie Gives a Wedding (#1.26)" (1951)
Harry Morton: Gracie, have you seen my wife?
Gracie Allen: Well, that's a silly question. I see her every day - she lives next door!

Harry Morton: Gracie, will you tell Blanche to come home and fix my eggs?
Gracie Allen: Yeah, well, I'll tell her but it won't pay to fix them. Once they're broken, it's cheaper to buy new ones.

Gracie Allen: [on telephone] Hello, information? Tell me, if a girl marries a sailor, where's a nice place for them to go on their honeymoon?

Mrs. Nelson: Oh, because of you, Carol and her husband will be happy for the rest of their lives!
Gracie Allen: Well, I just hope they live that long so they can enjoy it!

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: The Musical Version (#6.6)" (1955)
Gracie Allen: [singing] Life with him is so lugubrious, whatever that may mean, I'm sure. He calls me sweetie-pie but never tells me why - now you see what I must endure!

Gracie Allen: [singing] He serenades me with that gravel voice. I have to listen cuz I have no choice. Why do I stand for it? I love him, that's why!

Gracie Allen: [singing] He'll keep repeating all his corny jokes and makin' snide remarks about my folks. Why do I stand for it? I love him, that's why!

Gracie Allen: [singing] He'll start a quarrel over silly things like wreckin' cars or losin' diamond rings! Why do I stand for it? I love him, that's why!

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Ronnie Gets an Agent (#6.17)" (1956)
George Burns: [Ronnie worries that his parents will embarrass him] When Mr. Fletcher gets here, there'll be no jokes and no attempts at being funny.
Gracie Allen: Well, it would be silly for Mr. Fletcher to tell jokes. You know, laughs are very hard to get. Ask your father, he's been trying to get them for years!

George Burns: Ronnie, I'm your father and I know best.
Ronnie Burns: But, Dad!
George Burns: I don't care what Mr...
Gracie Allen: Now, wait a minute! None of these family arguments! One of you is guessing and the other one knows what he's talking about, and you can benefit by his experience. So George, why don't you listen to Ronnie?

Ronnie Burns: Mother, don't you think I'm old enough to make my own decisions?
Gracie Allen: I certainly do. You're very grown up and I'm proud of you.
Ronnie Burns: I wish Dad felt that way.
Gracie Allen: Oh, sure. He doesn't remember, but you're much older than he was when he was your age.

Ronnie Burns: You know, Mom, it's real swell of you and Dad to give this dinner for Sally tonight.
George Burns: Oh Ronnie, any friend of yours is a friend of ours.
Ronnie Burns: And to include her parents.
Gracie Allen: Well, why wouldn't we include them? Any parents of a girlfriend of yours are friends of our parents's girlfriend too!

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Ronnie Meets Sabrina (#6.3)" (1955)
Gracie Allen: Oh, dear! Are these the smallest olives you could get?
Peter the Waiter: Yes ma'am, but why do you want the small ones? The large ones are so much better!
Gracie Allen: I know, but the little ones make the sandwiches look bigger.

George Burns: Ronnie, why don't you get into something nice? Do you always have to wear that leather jacket and those sneakers?
Ronnie Burns: All the kids in school dress this way, Dad. It's part of the Stanislavsky method.
Gracie Allen: Well, just because Stanislavsky is a sloppy boy, that's no reason for you to be!

Gracie Allen: Ronnie, will you come in here, please? As soon as your father figures out what to say, he wants to talk to you.

George Burns: Louise must have been a very popular girl.
Gracie Allen: Oh, she was! You know, Barney isn't the only man she could have married. She was once engaged to a nearsighted Scotsman, but - oh, they would have been married except he disappeared.
George Burns: What happened to him?
Gracie Allen: Well, who knows? One day while he was in a rowboat he mistook an octopus for his bagpipes, and when he started blowing them, he...
George Burns: Never mind.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Politeness Never Pays (#6.18)" (1956)
Gracie Allen: You know, George used to be attentive.
Blanche Morton: Oh, Harry too, but no more. Last night we were hurrying to go to a movie and do you know that Harry wouldn't zip up my dress?
Gracie Allen: Oh, he should be ashamed of himself!
Blanche Morton: Well, George is just as bad.
Gracie Allen: Well, if your own husband won't do it, why should George? He won't even zip up mine.

Gracie Allen: You know what's wrong with you husbands? You're all thoughtless. If you'd been a husband when I met you, I bet I never would have married you.

Gracie Allen: A wife has to break down her husband's resistance, and I'm gonna keep working on you until you're broken down.
[Gracie walks away]
George Burns: She's a little late for that.

Ronnie Burns: Goodnight, goodnight. Parting is such sweet sorrow.
Gracie Allen: That I shall say goodnight 'til it be morrow.
Ronnie Burns: I didn't know you knew Shakespeare.
Gracie Allen: Shakespeare? Your father told me he wrote that!

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: The Star Maker (#8.6)" (1957)
Gracie Allen: Don't worry, Brian. You're not going back to Texas. You're gonna take that examination, and you're gonna pass.
Brian McAfee: I don't know how, ma'am. My grades have been lower than a hog's stomach at feedin' time.

Ronnie Burns: Mother, while you talk to Brian, can I take Bonnie Sue out in the garden and show her how nice the lawn looks now that it's been mowed?
Gracie Allen: Well, of course! Oh, Bonnie Sue, do you close your eyes when you get kissed?
Bonnie Sue McAfee: Always, ma'am.
Gracie Allen: Well, that's alright, you can see our lawn some other time.

Gracie Allen: [George comes into the room] So, as I was saying, Bonnie Sue, have you noticed how much weather we've been having lately?
Bonnie Sue McAfee: Yes, and most of it's been nice too!
Gracie Allen: Yeah!
Ronnie Burns: Yeah, except for the days that it's been raining.
Gracie Allen: You know, people are funny, they can have weather 24 hours a day and never get tired of it!
George Burns: This is a real interesting conversation.
Gracie Allen: Oh well, I'm glad you like it, dear, because as long as you stay in this room, that's what you're gonna hear.
George Burns: I'm still not leaving.

Gracie Allen: I've noticed when it gets down below 40, the rest of me is cold too.
George Burns: Gracie, I'm always warm because I've been over 40 for years.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: The Interview (#7.7)" (1956)
Mr. Jenkins: How do you do, Mrs. Burns? I've often watched you on television and it's a pleasure to meet you.
Gracie Allen: Well, thank you.
Mr. Jenkins: I've gotten many a laugh from that zany character of yours.
Gracie Allen: Oh, well, so have I - and he's a good husband too!

Gracie Allen: Oh, it's so nice of you to come and visit us here in California.
Mrs. Millicent Sohmers: Well, it was on impulse, I just decided to come at the last moment.
Gracie Allen: Well, that's the most fun. You know, I never make up my mind to go anywhere until I'm there!

Blanche Morton: By the way, Mrs. Sohmers, did you have a pleasant trip?
Mrs. Millicent Sohmers: Oh, oh, oh yes! The only difficulty I had was getting a taxi at the airport.
Gracie Allen: Well, while you were at the airport, why didn't you take a plane? They're much more comfortable than riding in a taxi all the way to California!

George Burns: Well, Gracie, Halloween'll be here the day after tomorrow. What do you think we ought to do?
Gracie Allen: What's the difference? No matter what we do, it'll be here the day after tomorrow anyhow.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: George Goes Skiing (#6.16)" (1956)
Blanche Morton: I think it's wonderful the way you and Jim share things together.
Mr. Boardman: Yes, I've always believed in a strong father and son relationship.
Gracie Allen: Oh, so have I! In fact, if a son and father weren't related to each other, they wouldn't even be in the same family!

Blanche Morton: Anyhow, I admire what you've done with Jim.
Mr. Boardman: Well, I felt it was my duty to share his experiences. Of course, I wasn't always able to keep him out of mischief. You know, boys will be boys.
Gracie Allen: Well, when they're young it's the nicest thing they could be.

Mr. Boardman: When he joined the Boy Scouts, I became Scoutmaster to the troupe in which he belonged. Oh, I shared many happy moments with Jim and the other lads.
Gracie Allen: Oh, it must have been fun!
Mr. Boardman: Yes, it was. I taught them how to build campfires, how to boil meat on a stick and how to bake potatoes in their skins.
Gracie Allen: I hope it was a big campfire.
Mr. Boardman: Why?
Gracie Allen: Well, otherwise the boys might have caught cold, sitting around with nothing on, waiting for the meat and potatoes to be cooked.
Mr. Boardman: No, I meant they were in their jackets.
Gracie Allen: Well, they could have caught cold from here down too, you know!
Blanche Morton: Oh no, no, honey, the baked potatoes were in their jackets.
Gracie Allen: Well, alright, that kept their jackets warm, but from here down they were still in trouble!
Mr. Boardman: Mrs. Burns, the jackets were on the potatoes.
Gracie Allen: Oh. Then the boys were cold from here up too. What kind of a Scoutmaster were you?

Blanche Morton: Mr. Boardman's a wonderful father! Gee, George should be more like him. He should do more things with his son and be closer to him.
Gracie Allen: Why should George do things with Mr. Boardman's son? He's got a son of his own to be close to!

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Ronnie Arrives (#6.2)" (1955)
Gracie Allen: I bought two lovely pairs of brown leather shoes, and two beautiful navy blue dresses with white lace collars, and two hats exactly alike, and two red blouses.
Peter the Waiter: Mrs. Burns, why do you buy two of everything?
Gracie Allen: To make my husband happy.
Peter the Waiter: I beg your pardon?
Gracie Allen: Well, you see, when I come home with a lot of packages, he always says, "Gracie, send half of them back." So I do!

Ronnie Burns: I don't want to do comedy, I wanna take a crack at serious drama.
Gracie Allen: But Ronnie, we've done comedy all our lives and we're proud of what we've done, and we thought you were too. Well, all our lives we've hoped and dreamed that someday you'd join us. Well, this comes as quite a shock. I - I don't know what to say.
Ronnie Burns: Dad, did you hear that? What a reading, what feeling, what emotion! What a dramatic actress she might have been if you hadn't put her in comedy.
Gracie Allen: Really, Ronnie?
Ronnie Burns: Sure, mother!
Gracie Allen: Oh, George Burns, you ought to be ashamed of yourself! You've wrecked my career!

Velma Rogers: So you're Ronnie's mother. It's hard to believe - you look so young!
Gracie Allen: Well, thank you!
Velma Rogers: I'm sure people must mistake you for sister and brother.
Gracie Allen: Well, I have been taken for Ronnie's sister - but never his brother!

Gracie Allen: [to Ronnie] I know showbusiness will be just as good to you as it has been to your father and me!
George Burns: He doesn't mean comedy showbusiness. He wants to be a dramatic actor. He doesn't want to be funny, doesn't wanna get laughs.
Gracie Allen: Wonderful! That means you can step right into your father's shoes!

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: The Home Graduation (#7.38)" (1957)
Gracie Allen: Ronnie, would it make me conceited if I said you're probably the handsomest boy in Beverly Hills?
Ronnie Burns: Well, no. It might make me conceited but why should it do it to you?
Gracie Allen: Well, because I'm your mother and everybody says you look just like me.
Ronnie Burns: Thank you, Mother. And you are the most beautiful woman in Beverly Hills.
Gracie Allen: Oh, now you see, you are getting conceited!
Ronnie Burns: I'm getting conceited?
Gracie Allen: Well, sure! If I'm the most beautiful woman and you look like me, then you're the handsomest boy!
Ronnie Burns: Mother, we just went around in a complete circle.
Gracie Allen: Yeah, but didn't we have fun going around together?

Gracie Allen: I know I've got a wonderful idea but I can't think of it.
Blanche Morton: Well, maybe I can help you think of something. You know what they say, "Two heads are better than one."
Harry Morton: In this particular case, I don't believe they are even the equivalent of one.
Blanche Morton: Well, why don't you help us? With four heads we can't miss.

Gracie Allen: I know nine different ways to get money out of your father.
Ronnie Burns: Oh, really? Well, I just ask him for it.
Gracie Allen: Ask him? Oh, now I know ten ways!

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Going to Houston (#7.29)" (1957)
Gracie Allen: I think every boy should have a chance to finish college. He'll remember all those wonderful things he learned there long after he's forgotten them!

George Burns: Gracie, can I have my lunch? I got a lot of work to do this afternoon.
Gracie Allen: Lunch? Lunch! A boy's future is at stake and all you think of is lunch! Can't you get your mind out of your stomach?
George Burns: If it was in there, I wouldn't be hungry.

Gracie Allen: You know, sometimes, George Burns, I don't understand you at all!
George Burns: Sometimes I can say the same thing.
Gracie Allen: Well, if you can't even understand yourself, you're worse off than I thought!

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Invitation to the Party (#8.14)" (1957)
Blanche Morton: I think I'll wear my long pink gown with a very simple necklace, and pink gloves, and - oh, what about shoes?
Gracie Allen: Oh, well, no matter how long your gown is, I still think you should wear them!

Mr. Jansen: Ah, Mrs. Burns, I have something for you. I only give these to my very best customers. It's a new calendar.
Gracie Allen: Well, thank you! Oh, you're such a reliable plumber, I'm sure your calendar will be accurate.
Mr. Jansen: I hope so! Aren't you gonna hang it up?
Gracie Allen: Oh no, you see, the bank already sent me one for next year so I'll save this one for the year after that.

Mr. Jansen: You having trouble with your pipes again?
Gracie Allen: Yes, the water won't go down the sink.
Mr. Jansen: Oh, then it must be your drain. Well, that's Beverly Hills for ya. Above the ground it's a lovely community... but below the ground it's no better than anyplace else.
Gracie Allen: That is true. And vice-versa.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Ronnie's Twenty-One (#7.43)" (1957)
Gracie Allen: If I give him some silly prepared story, he'll be able to tell by the expression on my face that I'm lying. But if even I don't know what I'm gonna tell him, how can he possibly know I'm lying?

Blanche Morton: I can't get over the fact that Ronnie's 21 now.
Gracie Allen: Yeah, he's a man now, we'll have to treat him as one.
Blanche Morton: Well, as I was telling Harry, Ronnie seems like the same sweet little boy he always was, but Harry disagrees.
Gracie Allen: Oh?
Blanche Morton: Yeah, Harry feels he's more mature, that any day now he'll be swept away by some pretty face and fly the coop.
Gracie Allen: Oh, dear. I know how you feel, dear, but someday I expect Ronnie to do the same thing.
Blanche Morton: What?
Gracie Allen: Well, I wouldn't worry. If Harry gets tired of you, he could also get tired of a pretty face too!
Blanche Morton: No, honey, you didn't understand - I meant Ronnie!
Gracie Allen: Oh, Blanche! Why would Ronnie get tired of you? He isn't your husband! He's a friend, and he loves you just as all of us do!

Gracie Allen: That's life. Time passes and the baby bird must leave its nest, the butterfly its cocoon and the little sardine its can, and all we mothers can do is stand by the shore and wave goodbye.
George Burns: To the bird, the butterfly or the sardine?

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Happy Hmm Hmm (#1.8)" (1951)
Blanche Morton: I wondered if you wanted to go to The May Company with me. They're having a January linen sale.
Gracie Allen: Oh no, I don't want any. When I buy linen, I want it to last longer than that.

Blanche Morton: Say honey, do you mind if I ask you how old George is?
Gracie Allen: No, go right ahead.
Blanche Morton: Well, how old is he?
Gracie Allen: I don't know.
Blanche Morton: You don't know his age?
Gracie Allen: Well, how could I? He keeps changing every year!
Blanche Morton: Oh but, honey, everybody's age changes.
Gracie Allen: Yeah, and it's so confusing! People should do what I do. When you get to the age that's most becoming, stay there!

Blanche Morton: [Gracie can't remember why she circled a day on the calendar] Maybe you've got a date with the dentist.
Gracie Allen: Oh, Blanche! George wouldn't let me go out with him, he's a married man!

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Gracie Gets an Extension Visa for Jeanette Duval (#5.37)" (1955)
Jean Parnell: I've been an exchange teacher here for almost a year, but I guess I can't hide my Canadian ancestry.
Blanche Morton: Oh, that must be very interesting! How does this exchange business work?
Jean Parnell: It's a very good plan. While I'm here teaching French to American students, one of your teachers is up taking my place with my French-Canadian children.
Gracie Allen: Well, that sounds like a nice change for your French-Canadian children, but how does your wife like it?
Jean Parnell: What?
Gracie Allen: Well, just when your family gets used to this other man, why, you'll be back!

Gracie Allen: One time my uncle ran away at 9 to join the circus.
George Burns: At 9?
Gracie Allen: Yes, but he missed his wife and children so much that at 9:30 he was home again.

Harry von Zell: It's funny, I've never heard you mention her before. Is she an old friend of yours?
Gracie Allen: No, she's younger than I am, but I like her in spite of it.

College Holiday (1936)
George Hymen: All I want to know is why are we riding in a chariot with four white horses when there are hundreds of taxi cabs?
Calliope 'Gracie' Dove: Well, four horses couldn't get into a taxi cab. Even if they had money!

George Hymen: Why are you driving so fast?
Calliope 'Gracie' Dove: Well, I want to get to my daddy before I have an accident.

J. Davis Bowster: I hope I come up to your expectations.
Calliope 'Gracie' Dove: Oh yes, on account of I'm not expecting too much.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: The Publicity Romance (#7.34)" (1957)
Ronnie Burns: On such short notice, I didn't know what to tell Kathy so I told her I was staying at the studio and working late.
Gracie Allen: Shame on you, Ronnie! There's no excuse for telling such a silly lie, even on such short notice!
Ronnie Burns: Should I have told Kathy the truth?
Gracie Allen: Well, you should be able to think up something better than that too!
Ronnie Burns: What?
Gracie Allen: Unless the truth was interesting. Was it?
Ronnie Burns: Oh, Mother!
Gracie Allen: Well, come on and tell me! Your father is dying to know!

Ralph Grainger: Why is it all those Italian actresses have such beautiful shapes?
Gracie Allen: Well, it's because of their diet. You know, the Italian people eat a lot of olives, and you know how round olives are.
Ralph Grainger: Well, the girls I end up with must eat nothing but celery.

Ronnie Burns: I don't know what to do. She's beautiful and sweet and charming, but sometimes she mixes me up so I just don't know where I am.
George Burns: Why don't you do what I did? Marry the girl!
Gracie Allen: Oh George, don't give Ronnie wrong advice. You know you married ME!

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: The General (#8.1)" (1957)
Gracie Allen: Ronnie, why don't you and Kay go out to the garden?
Ronnie Burns: Oh, alright.
Gracie Allen: And while you're out there, you might tell her some of the things every young bride should know.
Ronnie Burns: No, mother, those things I don't think I'm qualified to tell a bride!
Gracie Allen: Oh, stop being so modest! You make wonderful coffee and toast - tell her how you do it!

Blanche Morton: [young men are unable to enroll at the U.S. military academy Westpoint if they are married] Oh, I see your problem. You can't go to Westpoint if you're married.
Gracie Allen: Oh, that can't be true. I happen to know that President Eisenhower went to Westpoint - so how do you explain Mamie?

Gracie Allen: Don't just sit there and mope, cheer up! Things are always the darkest before the dawn... and the dawn must be very near, cuz I've never seen things look blacker.

We're Not Dressing (1934)
Gracie Martin: [seeing Doris Worthington in a pit] We just caught Tarzan's mate!
George Martin: Tarzan is a character in a book.
Gracie Martin: Well, maybe he got out!

George Martin: [watching through binoculars] Gracie, my gun! A bird!
Gracie Martin: What?
George Martin: A bird! A bird!
Gracie Martin: O, my goodness. Here.
[hands him a live duck]
George Martin: Not a duck. My gun! How can you shoot with a duck?
Gracie Martin: Well, my father used to shoot ducks. But maybe that duck wasn't loaded, eh?
George Martin: The duck wasn't loaded but I'd like to bet that your father was.
Gracie Martin: Well, if he wasn't then why did the duck shoot my father because I always thought...
George Martin: Quiet! Quiet! Well, I missed him. He's gone and that was a stratospheric duck and very rare.
Gracie Martin: Well, I am just as glad that you missed him because I don't like rare ducks. I like my ducks well-done.
Gracie Martin: Now, take my uncle.
George Martin: *You* take your uncle.
Gracie Martin: They did.

Gracie Martin: My uncle is a hunter.
George Martin: I'd rather not hear about it.
Gracie Martin: My uncle always goes out duck hunting. Now, Monday he takes four dogs, and Tuesday he takes three dogs, and Wednesday...
George Martin: Gracie! Gracie, why does he take four dogs Monday and three dogs Tuesday?
Gracie Martin: Well, because the other dog won't follow him on Tuesday.
George Martin: Why?
Gracie Martin: Because he shot him on Monday.
George Martin: Nice work. He aims at little innocent birds and shoots dogs.
Gracie Martin: Yeah, all except one dog. His favorite dog. His name is Scram.
George Martin: Your uncle's name is Scram?
Gracie Martin: Oh stop, no, the *dog's* name is Scram. You see, that saves my uncle a lot of money calling him Scram.
George Martin: Because the dog's name is Scram that saves your uncle a lot of money?
Gracie Martin: For sure. You see, when he calls the dog to feed, he hollers "Scram, Scram" and the dog runs away.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Appearances Are Deceiving (#6.14)" (1956)
Gracie Allen: Is there anything you want me to say to your Aunt Hazel?
Ronnie Burns: Who?
Gracie Allen: Your Aunt Hazel. Your aunt, my sister, Bessie's sister, Pearl's sister, my mother's daughter and my father's, and your Uncle Fred's wife... I wonder how Hazel finds time to do all those things.

Gracie Allen: How long does it take for a birthday cake to fly to San Francisco?
George Burns: Well, that's a normal, everyday question, so I'll give you a normal, everyday answer. What are you talking about?
Gracie Allen: Well, tomorrow's my sister Hazel's birthday and I mailed her a cake this afternoon. I hope she gets it in time.
George Burns: Hope you didn't light the candles.
Gracie Allen: Oh George, please! There weren't even any candles on the cake. You know Hazel, how she's always trying to hide her age. With all those candles it would remind her of it.
George Burns: So what did you do?
Gracie Allen: Well, I helped her. I baked the candles inside the cake.

Gracie Allen: I saw this man trying to tie a package, so I said, "Can I help you?" And he said, "Oh, I wish you would. I've been working on this knot so long my tongue is hanging out. Would you put your finger on it for me?"
George Burns: Gracie, you didn't!
Gracie Allen: No.
George Burns: Good.
Gracie Allen: Well, I couldn't. When I tried, he wouldn't even open his mouth!

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: The Newlyweds (#6.27)" (1956)
Harry Morton: You know, I cannot understand why the Vanderlips allowed Emily to come to New York by herself. She's a grown girl but they treat her as if she were a baby.
Gracie Allen: And they've been doing it ever since she was born!

Emily Vanderlip: [Gracie catches Emily kissing Frank] I just happened to trip and I fell into his arms.
Gracie Allen: Well, I hope you didn't bruise your lips!

Gracie Allen: Mr. Maddis, I have a complaint. I don't think you should allow a man to hang around the hotel and flirt with girls!
Mr. Maddis: Mrs. Burns, we all understand Mr. Von Zell. He's harmless.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Ronnie's Elopement (#6.11)" (1955)
Gracie Allen: [Blanche and Gracie look at dinner menus] Everything looks so good. Blanche, what are you gonna have?
Blanche Morton: I don't know. I think I'll have just what you have.
Gracie Allen: Oh, wonderful, I'll have the same thing.

Blanche Morton: Peter, what would you recommend?
Peter the Waiter: That couple over there just had some lobsters.
Blanche Morton: Oh, lobsters.
Peter the Waiter: They're here from Baltimore, they're here to see the sights.
Gracie Allen: Oh. Well, if they're here to see the sights, it would spoil their fun if we ate them.

Gracie Allen: Oh you know, sometimes we women get so sick and tired of the kind of men we married, we wish we hadn't married them. And if there were any other kinda men, we wouldn'ta married them either!
George Burns: What have we rats been doing now?
Gracie Allen: Oh, dear, I don't mean you. I was talking about men, so don't take it personally.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Ronnie Gets a Movie Role (#7.31)" (1957)
Ronnie Burns: Mother, I feel uncomfortable lying to Dad.
Gracie Allen: Oh, well, I understand. Our honeymoon was almost over before I felt comfortable doing it.

Gracie Allen: Remember what your father says. "Whether a man knows anything or not he should have an education to go with it."
Ronnie Burns: Mother, that doesn't make sense.
Gracie Allen: Sure, that's why your father wants you to have an education so you won't say things like that.

Blanche Morton: You always get away with it, but don't you ever tell George the truth?
Gracie Allen: Of course! But only when I wanna confuse him.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Jack Benny Steals George's Joke (#2.16)" (1952)
[George and Gracie are on a train]
Gracie Allen: Oh George, I'm on a diet, do you mind if I ride backwards while I eat?
George Burns: What's that got to do with a diet?
Gracie Allen: Well, when you ride backwards, the train keeps pulling you away from the food and you don't eat too much!

[Blanche calls out to Gracie from the living room]
Blanche Morton: How is everything up in San Francisco?
Gracie Allen: Oh, I'm not up in San Francisco, I'm up in the bedroom.

Gracie Allen: George and Jack Benny had a terrible fight.
Blanche Morton: George and Jack Benny, after all these years?
Gracie Allen: Yeah, isn't it awful? And they're not even talking.
Blanche Morton: Oh, I just can't believe it. Why, I thought they were closer than Damon and Pythias!
Gracie Allen: Damon and Pythias? Are they as close as Minneapolis and St. Paul?
Blanche Morton: No, no, honey, they're in mythology.
Gracie Allen: Oh, Blanche! They're in Minnesota!

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: The Income Tax Man (#1.12)" (1951)
Ralph Hanley: For medical you put down one full length mirror, $50.
Gracie Allen: That's right, I got it for my father so he won't get pnuemonia.
Ralph Hanley: How's that?
Gracie Allen: Well you see before he only had a half-length mirror, so when he went outside he forgot his pants.

Gracie Allen: Do the Republicans have to pay for Mr. Truman's salary?
Ralph Hanley: Yes they do.
Gracie Allen: Isn't that just rubbing it in?

Ralph Hanley: I'm here to help you with your income taxes.
Gracie Allen: Oh we're glad, we got tired of paying them all ourselves.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Mrs. Sohmers Needs a Psychologist (#6.39)" (1956)
Ronnie Burns: Remember last winter, I thought I lost my skis? Guess where they turned up.
Gracie Allen: Where all skis turn up, in front!

Mrs. Sohmers: Actually, I had no right to lose my temper and start pounding with my gavel on the table. I should have used my head.
Blanche Morton: No, no, Gracie, she...
Mrs. Sohmers: Shhh! Well, go ahead, Mrs. Burns. Aren't you gonna say that I would be foolish to bang my head on the table while I had a gavel?
Gracie Allen: Oh, no! It would be rude to say anything that silly - but it's alright for you to say because you're president of the club.

Gracie Allen: Oh, Blanche, would you keep this egg in your kitchen? Because I have the other one in mine.
Mrs. Sohmers: Why did you want Mrs. Morton to keep the egg here?
Gracie Allen: Oh, well, I'm making some cupcakes for Ronnie and the recipe said, "Separate two eggs."

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Anniversary Party (#6.9)" (1955)
Harry Von Zell: You know, Gracie, I'm really looking forward to your anniversary dinner tonight. Just think, you and George have been married twenty-six years.
Gracie Allen: Yes - and it only seems like yesterday that my mother tripped him, as he walked down the isle.
Harry Von Zell: I bet your family didn't approve.
Gracie Allen: Oh, yes! In fact, they applauded her when she did it.

Gracie Allen: Did you know that jealousy has broken up more homes than marriage?

Gracie Allen: I'll be right back.
George Burns: Gracie, where are you going?
Gracie Allen: Well, I, um - I just remembered I left the stove in the kitchen.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: An English Tea (#8.4)" (1957)
Gracie Allen: Now Pamela, this is the entrance hall, you see. And this is our stairway, and it either goes up or down - but from here it's better to go up.

Pamela Crawford: [Gracie tells an outrageous lie] I understand perfectly.
Gracie Allen: Oh, good! Then you remember because if I have to explain it later, I'll need your help.

Blanche Morton: Gracie, everybody that meets you loves you! I don't see why you're so nervous and excited. I'm sure you'll make a good impression on Lady Crawford.
Harry Morton: Perhaps. But what about George?
Gracie Allen: Well, I must have made a good impression on George or he never would have married me!

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: The Magic Act (#6.31)" (1956)
Mr. Colton: [on the phone] This is Edward Colton down at The Colton Theatrical Agency. Is Mr. Burns there?
Gracie Allen: I don't know. He's not here, but whether he's at The Colton Theatrical Agency, I couldn't say.

George Burns: You're gonna retire?
Gracie Allen: Yes, this hard work is too much for me. You see, you're a man and you're strong, but I'm a woman.
George Burns: Isn't this decision kind of sudden?
Gracie Allen: No! No, I decided to be a woman when I was still a little girl.

Mendoza The Great: I'm sure you'll have no trouble learning the trick. The equipment's outside the door. Would you like to run through it?
Gracie Allen: Well, maybe you can, you're a magician, but you'll have to open the door for me.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Gracie & George Try for a Day at the Beach (#5.33)" (1955)
Mrs. Johnson: Shall I wash the curtains in the bedroom?
Gracie Allen: No, in the laundry. We haven't got a washing machine in the bedroom.

Gracie Allen: I remember one Sunday my sister Hazel went to the beach, and she took along her two boys, Albert and Ed. Well, we buried Albert in the sand and then Ed would go in the water, and then we'd bury Ed and Albert would go in the water, and then we'd bury Albert and Ed would go in the water. Well, that went on all day.
George Burns: What was the idea?
Gracie Allen: They only had one bathing suit.
George Burns: I see what you mean.
Gracie Allen: And you know, one time we buried Albert and forgot where we buried him and Ed was arrested!
George Burns: Why?
Gracie Allen: Well, Albert was wearing the bathing suit.

Gracie Allen: The world lost a great man when he was born.
George Burns: The world lost a great man when he... I pass that line, I wouldn't touch it for a million dollars!

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: The Plumber's Union (#7.32)" (1957)
Gracie Allen: Mr. Jansen, you can depend on me. Didn't I think of the idea?
Mr. Jansen the Plumber: Yes!
Gracie Allen: Well, it's dependable because it's out of my head - and I am too!

George Burns: Gracie, what's going on?
Gracie Allen: Oh George, that's a very good question! Now see if you can think of a very good answer.

Gracie Allen: Maybe soon she can call you by your first name.
Mr. Jansen: Oh I hope not, my first name is ridiculous.
Gracie Allen: Oh, now why would your parents give you a silly name like that? Ridiculous Jansen!
Mr. Jansen: Oh no, no, no, Mrs. Burns, my name is Cuthbert.
Gracie Allen: Cuthbert?
Mr. Jansen: It was my father's name and he gave it to me when I was baptized.
Gracie Allen: Oh? Well, that was hardly worth getting wet for!

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: One Little Fight (#8.8)" (1957)
Gracie Allen: Oh, I wish you had heard what my mother said about friendship to my father when he came home late at night.
Ralph: Mrs. Burns, well, what did she say?
Ronnie Burns: Yeah!
Gracie Allen: Well, I don't know. They used to chase me out of the room - I was too young to listen!

Gracie Allen: Oh, now you see, George, you're not married to an ordinary woman!
George Burns: I know, that's why I love you.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: The Burnses and Mortons Going to Hawaii (#5.40)" (1955)
Blanche Morton: I'll never learn that dance!
Gracie Allen: Oh, of course you will. The Hula is nothing but swaying and shaking and wiggling in a lot of different places at the same time. Now, I've watched you walk and you look like you've got most of it down pat!

Blanche Morton: He spent a fortune on his foreign stamp collection but when I needed a new fall wardrobe, did he get it for me? No! I was down to the point where I didn't have a stitch on my back, and he went out and bought a bunch of foreign stamps!
Gracie Allen: Oh well, he must be out of his mind! Granted, you can stick those on you, but how do you get 'em off if you want to slip into something more comfortable?

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: High Blood Pressure (#8.25)" (1958)
Mr. Jansen: Whenever a doctor examines me, he always says, "Your blood pressure's too high!"
Gracie Allen: Oh, well, you're tall enough so if it's no higher than you are it won't show.

Mr. Jansen: What's wrong with the pipes?
Gracie Allen: Well, there's one that's leaking and I don't know which one it is.
Mr. Jansen: Oh, well, I'll find it. I've had problems like this before, but I always lick them.
Gracie Allen: To see which one is leaking, huh?

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Gracie Plays Talent Scout for Imitator (#5.32)" (1955)
Clara Bagley: Gracie, when your father fell on his head, what was he doing up in a tree?
Gracie Allen: Oh, well that's because he was nearsighted. You see, there was a woodpecker tapping up in the tree but my father didn't realize that so he climbed up to see who was knocking on the door. Why did you ask?
Clara Bagley: I-I-I... I don't know!

Gracie Allen: I'm awfully sorry, but my husband, this gentleman who's going to sleep in the guest room and cook his own meals from now on, is very, very stubborn.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: September and May (#8.5)" (1957)
Gracie Allen: Did you get the paint all off your hands, Blanche?
Blanche Morton: Oh yes, thank you, honey. But Gracie, if you had the back gate painted, why didn't you hang up a wet paint sign?
Gracie Allen: Oh, I did! I hung it on the tree. The gate looked so pretty now that it's freshly painted, I didn't want to spoil it with a sign.

Gracie Allen: You know, that man at the store was so silly! When I told him I wanted to paint my garden gate, he asked me if I wanted white paint or cream.
George Burns: And you said, "You don't put cream on gates, you put it on strawberries."
Gracie Allen: How did you know, dear?
George Burns: I think the way you do.
Gracie Allen: Oh sure! You know, when two people are as close as we are, we only need one brain between us.
George Burns: It's lucky we've got that.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: The Costume Party (#7.17)" (1956)
Gracie Allen: I'll put Roger next to George. You know, George is crazy about Roger.
Blanche Morton: George?
Gracie Allen: Yes, he even told me he wanted Roger to stay later than anybody else!
Blanche Morton: He said that?
Gracie Allen: Yes, he said, "Gracie, the last person I want to see at our party tonight is Roger!"

Roger Baker: Oh Gracie, I would like to bring a girl tonight if she wouldn't crowd your table.
Gracie Allen: Oh, I'm sure she wouldn't. But if she does, I'll have her sit on a chair like the rest of us.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Gracie the Artist (#1.2)" (1950)
Bill Goodwin: [Gracie prepares to paint a portrait of George] I have a wonderful idea, Gracie. Why don't you paint him in the nude?
Gracie Allen: Oh, I should say not! I'm gonna wear a smock.

George Burns: [to audience] Gracie and I will be back again in two weeks - and you were just charming. Now Gracie, what do you think of television?
Gracie Allen: Oh, I think it's wonderful! You know, I hardly ever watch radio anymore.

"Startime: George Burns in the Big Time (#1.7)" (1959/I)
Gracie Allen: Now George has the last laugh on the critics. They always said he was no comedian, but now that he's working alone he's got a chance to prove it!

George Burns: At my age, I couldn't start fishing and playing golf. I'm too old to retire.
Gracie Allen: Too old! Why, he's got years and years of retirement left in him!

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: George Needs Glasses (#6.20)" (1956)
Blanche Morton: [Reading newspaper] Oh, isn't that awful? Look what happened last night. "Grandmother Holds Up Bank President."
Gracie Allen: Oh, it certainly is. Wouldn't you think a man with all that responsibility would stay sober?

Gracie Allen: Are the lambchops good today?
Peter the Waiter: The lambchops are excellent, so is the leg of lamb. I'd say there was no difference between them.
Gracie Allen: Well, I wouldn't, and I'm surprised at you for saying so.
Peter the Waiter: I beg your pardon.
Gracie Allen: The chops are on the inside of the lamb and the legs are on the outside. If you were a lamb, you certainly wouldn't walk around on your chops!

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Cigarette Girl/Georgie Jessel/Teddy Bear (#3.18)" (1953)
Gracie Allen: Oh, you'll love George! Of course I admit that I did fidget a little when he first started beating me.
Mimi: He beats you?
Gracie Allen: Yes, oh but you won't mind it. With your beautiful complexion, black-and-blue marks will look stunning!

Gracie Allen: Harry, Mimi won't believe me when I tell her, so you tell her.
Harry von Zell: Tell her what?
Gracie Allen: Well, tell her it's true.
Harry von Zell: It's true.
Gracie Allen: Ah, you see?
Harry von Zell: Well, what's true?
Gracie Allen: What I just told Mimi.
Harry von Zell: Well, tell me.
Gracie Allen: Oh no, Harry! You'd never believe it.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Ronnie Finds a Friend an Apartment (#8.16)" (1958)
Gracie Allen: Now, if you two are planning to continue your fight about Ronnie coming home late, don't you dare do it! You fought enough last night! And especially you, George. You have no right to talk to Ronnie the way you did, after all, he's your son, not your husband.

Gracie Allen: Thanks to you, Ronnie has rented an apartment.
George Burns: Ronnie rented an apartment?
Gracie Allen: His landlord just phoned. Ronnie give him a check with the wrong date.
George Burns: Gracie, if I explain this, will ya listen?
Gracie Allen: Oh, you don't have to explain it. I know what it is to put a wrong date on a check, I do it every day!

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: A Hole in the Carpet (#8.12)" (1957)
Gracie Allen: You know, there's one thing I don't understand. If eggs are so healthy, why are chickens so anxious to get rid of 'em?

Mr. Connors: Mrs. Burns, according to a report I have, you had a slight accident in our store yesterday.
Gracie Allen: Yes, Mr. Connors, I fell down.
Mr. Connors: Well, we were wondering if you'd mind coming back in today.
Gracie Allen: Oh no, thanks. Falling down once was enough for a while!

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Gracie's Vegetarian Plot (#1.23)" (1951)
Blanche Morton: You know, with this diet you're supposed to do bending exercises and drink lots of water.
Gracie Allen: Yeah, well, I tried that this morning, and I kept spilling the water.

Professor Bradford: Take the carrot, for example. It helps one to improve one's vision. As a matter of fact, it actually helps you to see in the dark.
Gracie Allen: That's not true about carrots.
Professor Bradford: I beg your pardon.
Gracie Allen: They don't help to see in the dark. I took a carrot down the basement one night, and until I lit a match, I couldn't even see the carrot.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: A Weekend on Long Island (#6.26)" (1956)
Gracie Allen: Now all I have to do is get Blanche to invite us to Oyster Bay.
Ronnie Burns: Mother, then you weren't already invited?
Gracie Allen: Well, yes and no.
Ronnie Burns: Yes and no?
Gracie Allen: Well, uh, yes, the Mortons are invited and no, we aren't. But yes, Blanche said she wished we were going and no, at that time it didn't matter to me. But yes, now I'll accept whether she says yes or no.
Ronnie Burns: Oh, no!
Gracie Allen: Oh, yes!

Mrs. Millicent Sohmers: [Gracie invites herself to a party] I'd love have you but my house is just disorganized. It's the help, you know. My husband's terribly upset about it but you should understand how the domestic situation is these days, they come and they go.
Gracie Allen: Oh well, let 'em go. You're still a nice looking woman, you can get another husband.
Mrs. Millicent Sohmers: I was referring to the butler. He's not very satisfactory.
Gracie Allen: Well, maybe not as a husband. But since he's also a butler, at least he can help you with the housework.
Mrs. Millicent Sohmers: I am not married to my butler any more than I am married to my chauffeur or my gardener!
Gracie Allen: Well, I don't care how many husbands left you, you're a charming woman and I'm sure you'll find happiness with somebody.
Mrs. Millicent Sohmers: But they didn't leave me! They're all at my house!
Gracie Allen: Oh! Ohhh! Well, as long as three husbands are living there, no wonder it's disorganized!

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: The Triple Surprise Party (#6.38)" (1956)
[There's confusion about the guest of honor at Harry Morton's birthday party]
George Burns: So here's what happened. See, Blanche wanted to give Harry a surprise party, but she wouldn't tell it to Gracie because she knew Gracie couldn't keep a secret...
Gracie Allen: I couldn't keep a secret? Why, I can keep a secret better than anybody in this room! Why, when I went down to change Ronnie's presents, I bought myself three dresses and I'm gonna keep it a secret from George until... until...
George Burns: Until when?
Gracie Allen: Until I get him in a room with a crowd of people around and he can't do anything about it.

[Ronnie introduces his mother to Felicia]
Ronnie Burns: She's staying here at the St. Moritz, her father's a very big government engineer.
Gracie Allen: Oh? Well, when we go to Washington, we'll certainly ride on his train.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: The Night Out (#6.36)" (1956)
George Burns: We'll eat downstairs at Rumplemeyers.
Ronnie Burns: Oh, I'll be right with you, I just wanna take these slacks off.
Gracie Allen: Oh Ronnie, when you take the slacks off be sure and put on something else because we won't be alone in that restaurant.

Gracie Allen: And to think I believed him! Why, he doesn't even have the courtesy to believe half the lies I tell him!

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Lucille Vanderlip Gives a Barbeque Party (#5.39)" (1955)
George Burns: I've been trying to make a call for the last hour and somebody is using our telephone.
Gracie Allen: Oh, it's Blanche.
George Burns: I'm gonna lose my temper, hasn't she got one of her own?
Gracie Allen: Oh yeah, she has a very bad temper, so don't say anything to upset her or she'll never get off the phone.

Harry von Zell: I never heard George talk like that before - why, nothing he said made any sense! Haven't you noticed it?
Gracie Allen: I hadn't noticed a thing, he seems just as normal as I am.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: A Box of Cigars (#8.10)" (1957)
Gracie Allen: I've been helping people for years and I've always been able to do the things I didn't know how to do just as well as the ones I did. Sometimes even better.

Gracie Allen: You see, George, my mother and father were right. They always said that it takes two to make a quarrel, and nobody was better at it than they were!

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Gracie's Checking Account (#1.5)" (1950)
Gracie Allen: Well, I guess I'll be going, Harry. I'm sorry Blanche wasn't here. You know, when I phoned her this morning she said there was a salesman at the door with a bald head and I was dying to find out if she bought one!

Harry Morton: Officer, what seems to be the trouble?
Motorcycle Cop: She went through a 20 mile zone at 30 miles an hour.
Gracie Allen: So what? Yesterday, I went through that same zone at 10 miles an hour, so it owed me 10!

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Burnses and Mortons Choosing Movie to Attend (#4.37)" (1954)
Gracie Allen: You know, I like round tables better than square ones. When you bump into them the corners aren't as sharp.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Misunderstanding Over Buying Mountain Cabin (#3.27)" (1953)
[last lines]
George Burns: Well, Gracie, now that everything is peaceful and quiet, would you like to go to a movie?
Gracie Allen: Why, I'd love to!
George Burns: Would you like to see 'Hans Christian Andersen' with Danny Kaye?
Gracie Allen: I'd rather see it with you.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Gracie Buying a Ranch for George (#3.23)" (1953)
George Burns: Oh, the fellas in San Quintin, they love him, I guess?
Gracie Allen: Yes. Do you know that he figured out a way where they could break rocks without working?
George Burns: What was his plan?
Gracie Allen: Well, um, you wrap the rocks in packages, mark them 'Fragile' and send them through the mail.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Blanche and Brother Roger Move in with the Burnses (#5.35)" (1955)
Blanche Morton: You don't realize how terrible it is to have a husband who despises all your relatives.
Gracie Allen: Yes, I know I'm lucky. Now, with my husband it's just the opposite.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Gracie Adopts Great Dane Dog (#5.26)" (1955)
The Cop: We've had complaints about a large dog that's been disturbing your neighbors, barking and chasing people, damaging property, they say it even ruined a flower bed, and it belongs to you. Is that true?
Gracie Allen: Well, partly. All these flower beds belong to me, but they haven't been ruined and they certainly haven't been barking and chasing people.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Gracie Thinks Bob Cummings Is in Love with Her (#5.13)" (1954)
Gracie Allen: You've got to hold onto what you've got, like my Uncle Frank did. Now how about the time his cow was on the railroad track and the train was coming, and there was no time to get the cow off the track - did he give up? No, he sat right down and milked her for the last time.
George Burns: Well, that was holding onto what he had.
Gracie Allen: Well, of course! It wasn't his fault the train knocked her right out of his hands!
George Burns: Was Uncle Frank badly hurt?
Gracie Allen: Well, who knows? They buried him without finding out.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Morton Buys Iron Deer/Gracie Thinks George Needs Glasses (#4.1)" (1953)
Gracie Allen: [a new actor plays the part of Harry Morton] You know, George, I've been confused all day.
George Burns: I don't believe it.
Gracie Allen: There's something entirely different about Harry Morton this week. I finally figured out what it is. He never wore brown shoes before.
George Burns: Say goodnight, Gracie.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Uncle Clyde Comes to Visit/Renting Room (#3.13)" (1953)
Gracie Allen: [speaking to Mr. Fitzpatrick, whom she has mistaken for Uncle Clyde] I'm sure he won't know you, because Aunt Clara always said that nobody recognizes you sober, and George doesn't drink.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Gracie Buying Boat for George (#3.4)" (1952)
[first lines]
Gracie Allen: [singing while ironing] If you would like to see - the height of hospitality - the cream of kindly welcome - and the core of cordiality - joys of the olden times...

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: The Ugly Duckling (#7.19)" (1957)
Harry von Zell: You had Mario fix Mildred all up, and then you got her a beautiful dress, huh?
Gracie Allen: Yes, and George got her a date with Ronnie, and she'll be here soon, Harry - and oh, will Ronnie be surprised when he sees her!
Harry von Zell: You know, I just think it's wonderful, Gracie. And tonight, like the picture of Cinderella, she'll don a pair of glass slippers and be off to the ball in a pumpkin coach! You remember, Gracie, it was drawn by four little white mice?
Gracie Allen: I thought Walt Disney drew it!

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: The Beverly Hills Uplift Society (#2.2)" (1951)
Blanche Morton: I'll fix lunch for the girls while you're gone.
Gracie Allen: Blanche, how about some sandwiches and maybe a salad?
Blanche Morton: Alright. But you know, half the girls are on a diet. Do you think I ought to make it without dressing?
Gracie Allen: Well, as long as you're alone and pull down the shade, whose business is it?

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Ronnie's Royalty Check (#8.31)" (1958)
Gracie Allen: It's a mother's duty to worry about her children and if there's nothing to worry about, you might as well eliminate us mothers!

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Gracie Gets a Ticket 'Fixed' by the Judge (#5.28)" (1955)
Gracie Allen: I always tell you everything.
George Burns: What about last week, when you spent twenty-five dollars for a new hat? First you told me you found it on a bus, then you told me you made it out of an old feather-duster, then you said you were passing The May Company and it blew out and landed on your head!
Gracie Allen: I did?
George Burns: Yeah, you did. So you see, you don't tell me everything.
Gracie Allen: It was everything I could think of at the time!

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: A Paris Creation (#6.32)" (1956)
Harry von Zell: I'm glad I'm single. I could never afford a dress like that for my wife.
Gracie Allen: Oh, that's not true, Harry! You'll find when you get married that we wives can afford things our husbands haven't even got the money for!

Let's Dance (1933)
George: Strong like a horse, don't you think so?
Gracie: Well, I wouldn't know. I was never out with a horse.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Gracie Giving Party for Atomic Scientist (#3.2)" (1952)
Gracie Allen: You know, as Benjamin Franklin said, "A scientist shouldn't change his mind in the middle of the stream".
Blanche Morton: [incredulous] Benjamin Franklin said that?
Gracie Allen: No, I said it, but I gave him the credit - he hasn't said much, lately.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Teenage Girl Spends the Weekend (#1.16)" (1951)
Gracie Allen: [to Emily] Say something to me in geometry.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Gracie's Engagement Ring (#2.13)" (1952)
Gracie Allen: George?
George Burns: Yeah?
Gracie Allen: Say, tonight after our show can we go see a picture?
George Burns: Sure. Would you like to see the 'Death of a Salesman' with Fredric March?
Gracie Allen: Well, I'd rather go with you, but if you're busy, I'll go with him.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: No Seats for Friar's Club Dinner (#5.16)" (1955)
Jerry Hannigan: Haven't I seen you someplace?
Gracie Allen: I don't think so.
Jerry Hannigan: I'm sure I've seen you somewhere before.
Gracie Allen: Well I may have been there, but we must have been there at different times.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Gracie Consults Dr. Kirby's Problem Clinic (#5.30)" (1955)
June Higgins: I've been married to Jim Higgins for twenty-five years and we've been very happy. Now it may end.
Gracie Allen: Oh, that's nonsense! George and I have been married twenty-five years and, believe me, our happiness hasn't even started!

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: The Stolen Plants (#6.24)" (1956)
Harry Morton: [Gracie brings home some plants from Central Park] Those bulbs are property of the city. You have committed larceny - petty, it's true, but larceny nevertheless.
Gracie Allen: Well, I'm sorry it was so petty, but it's the first time I ever tried it.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: The Ladies' Club (#6.22)" (1956)
Gracie Allen: George, did you know that male and female skunks fall in love with each other because of thier sense of smell?
George Burns: Oh, really?
Gracie Allen: Yeah, they don't have any.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Wardrobe Woman Wins Free Trip to Hawaii (#3.1)" (1952)
Gracie Allen: Well, you'll love Honolulu. Oh, when George and I were there, we had a wonderful time.
Jane Adams: Really? Did you go by plane or by boat?
Gracie Allen: Well, I don't know - George bought the tickets.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Too Many Fathers (#8.18)" (1958)
Gracie Allen: I knew Ronnie was trying to get rid of me so, naturally, I listened outside. The next time you try to fool me, remember two things. That's a thin door and this is not a thick head.

International House (1933)
Nurse Allen: [on phone] No, the doctor isn't in just now. Oh, he won't be back for a long, long time. He went out on one of those eternity cases.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Back from Paris (#6.33)" (1956)
Gracie Allen: [Gracie plans to open a dress shop] You see, my husband is putting up the money, but nobody must know about it.
Gaston Broussard: Not even me?
Gracie Allen: Not even him!
Blanche Morton: Gracie means her husband is a silent partner.
Gracie Allen: Yeah, you see, the less he knows, the more silent he'll be!

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: George and Gracie Going to Opera 'Carmen' (#4.21)" (1954)
Gracie Allen: Mr. Vanderlip said you were a music critic. Now just what do you do?
Mrs. Quigley: Well, the newspaper usually gets me two seats for all the musical events and I go and cover them.
Gracie Allen: Oh? Oh, you're just being sensitive. You may be a little larger than most women, but you couldn't cover more than one seat.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Gracie Trying to Keep Mortons From Moving Away (#3.15)" (1953)
Blanche Morton: [preparing to bite into a spread slice of bread] Gracie, are you sure this is crabapple jelly?
Gracie Allen: Oh, sure - I used the best crabs and the best apples I could get.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: A Pain in the Back (#7.42)" (1957)
Gracie Allen: [complimenting George after he sings] Oh, dear, when you sing, it sounds like a songbird has built a nest in your throat.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Changing Names (#6.4)" (1955)
George Burns: [Gracie is on the phone with Blanche] Gracie, can't you talk to Blanche in our bedroom?
Gracie Allen: No, she's not in our bedroom. If she were she wouldn't call me on the phone, she'd just stick her head out.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: George's Mother-in-Law Trouble (#5.14)" (1955)
Telephone Operator: [Gracie places a telephone call to her mother] Is this a person-to-person call?
Gracie Allen: Well, I am as far as I know - and I'm sure my mother is!
Telephone Operator: I mean, will you speak to anyone else at that number?
Gracie Allen: Well that depends. Who else is there?
Telephone Operator: I mean, will you speak to anyone who answers?
Gracie Allen: Well why shouldn't I speak to them? They're my family, we get along fine!
Telephone Operator: But you do wish to speak to your mother first?
Gracie Allen: No, she can speak to me first if she wants to.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: The English Playwright (#6.25)" (1956)
Mr. Curtis: You're a widow?
Gracie Allen: Yes, I have been ever since I've been married.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Gracie Tries to Select George's Next Wife (#5.27)" (1955)
Mrs. Adams: I'm a divorcee, but I'm willing to try again.
Gracie Allen: What happened the first time?
Mrs. Adams: Well, it was just one of those things. We had a beautiful home, car. I wanted to have a baby, but he wanted to call it off.
Gracie Allen: Oh well, it's lucky you left him. If he wanted to call the first baby Off, imagine what he'd name the second!

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Gracie Thinks George Is Going to Commit Suicide (#3.11)" (1952)
Harry von Zell: [worried that George may try to kill himself] What a terrible situation. Look, Gracie, you've got to hide all the knives in the house - anything he can use as a weapon.
Gracie Allen: Oh, yes.
Harry von Zell: But first, you better get his razor.
Gracie Allen: [scoffing] Oh, Harry. If he's gonna kill himself, why would he bother shaving?

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Blanche Wants New Car/Gracie Gets Von Zell a Wife (#3.20)" (1953)
Harry von Zell: Well, I imagine the reason that Harry won't buy Mrs. Morton a car is it's income tax time. He's probably got a problem.
Gracie Allen: [scoffs] Oh, problem. My brother Willie's got a problem. He has to pay twelve-hundred dollars tax, and he hasn't worked all year.
Harry von Zell: Then how could that be possible?
Gracie Allen: Well, he didn't know how to make out his tax, so he went down to the tax bureau, and he stood in line, and he copied from the man in front of him.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: The Property Tax Assessor (#1.3)" (1950)
Gracie Allen: Walking is good for you. It contains vitamins.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Cyrano De Bergerac (#6.23)" (1956)
Jim Boardman: Mrs. Burns, your wig might not fit my head. Is it alright if I stretch it?
Gracie Allen: Oh no, your head's a nice shape! If anything, I'd stretch the wig.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Gracie Wants the House Painted (#5.31)" (1955)
George Burns: Gracie, look we're getting nowhere with this argument. You think I'm wrong, I think you're wrong. Isn't there some way we can agree?
Gracie Allen: There are two ways. We can both think I'm right or we can both think you're wrong!

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Going to Palm Springs (#7.21)" (1957)
Blanche Morton: [Harry Von Zell has laryngitis] You know something, Harry, you don't need a doctor. Why don't you go home and drink a glass of warm milk after a hot bath?
Gracie Allen: Oh look, she means alright, Harry, but after you drink a hot bath you wouldn't have any room for the milk.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: New Dresses for the Concert (#2.6)" (1951)
Blanche Morton: Say Gracie, did the Beverly Hills Uplift Society ever get a musical group for the concert Saturday night?
Gracie Allen: Oh yes, we've got the Monetti String Ensemble.
Blanche Morton: Oh really? They're a very famous sextet.
Gracie Allen: Oh? Well, as long as they behave themselves at the concert.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Gracie Is Brilliant (#8.22)" (1958)
Blanche Morton: I was going to phone you and ask you to go shopping with me but I thought I better check first and see if your line was busy.
Gracie Allen: No, it's not, Blanche, so call me as soon as you get home.
Blanche Morton: I certainly will. And if my line is busy, you call me.
Gracie Allen: Or vice-versa.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: The Missing Stamp (#7.10)" (1956)
Gracie Allen: Blanche, Harry, I hope I'm not interrupting anything.
Harry Morton: Oh no, no, nothing of the kind. We were just having a friendly litte discussion, weren't we, dear?
Blanche Morton: Yes, darling.
Gracie Allen: Oh, well then I'm glad I waited outside and didn't come in in the middle of that awful fight.

The Antique Shop (1931)
Customer: What did you take up at school?
Miss Allen: Space.
Customer: Space?
Miss Allen: Yes. What did you take up?
Customer: Anything that wasn't nailed down.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Ronnie's Fan Club (#8.23)" (1958)
Gracie Allen: Here's the twenty dollars you asked me to get for your date tonight. I got it from your father.
Ronnie Burns: Oh, I better go thank him.
Gracie Allen: Oh no, you don't have to - I left a note in his pants pocket thanking him.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: The Texan Italian (#8.3)" (1957)
Ronnie Burns: Mother, you gotta be very careful because Bonnie Sue's very upset.
Gracie Allen: Oh, you can trust me! Most of the people I help are upset!

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Gracie Helps Lola (#6.8)" (1955)
George Burns: [Gracie discusses each of her aunt's nine husbands] Who was number eight?
Gracie Allen: A doctor, Uncle Leo. Oh, a fine man and very successful.
George Burns: Oh, finally picked a good one, huh?
Gracie Allen: Yes, and they were very happy for several days.
George Burns: Then what happened?
Gracie Allen: Well, then he began coming home every night and telling her everything his patients had told him that day, and it made her very nervous and so she left him.
George Burns: Because his patients talked to him?
Gracie Allen: He was a tree surgeon.
George Burns: Um, who came after Uncle Leo?
Gracie Allen: A couple men in white coats.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Gracie and the Jury (#8.29)" (1958)
Gracie Allen: [interrupting examination of the defendant, while she sits in the jury box] Your Honor, I don't see why we waste so much time. Anyone can see this man is innocent, and that hat sale is going to be over at two o'clock.
Judge Strickland: [angrily waving his finger from the bench] Mrs. Burns, I may hold you in contempt!
Gracie Allen: [indignantly] Nobody holds me anyplace - I happen to be married!

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Emily Vanderlip's Elopement (#4.35)" (1954)
Gracie Allen: I always say if you have something to say, it's better to come right out and say it instead of waiting to say it until you've forgotten what you have to say, so I'll come right to the point... or have I passed it?

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Gracie Helps Morton Get CPA Account (#4.2)" (1953)
[first lines]
George Burns: [looking into the bag of groceries that Gracie brought home] Hey, you did a lot of shopping. What'd you buy?
Gracie Allen: Oh, some potatoes, and peas, and a bottle of bourbon, some corn...
George Burns: Bottle of bourbon?
Gracie Allen: Yeah, I'm fixing stewed chicken for dinner tonight.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: The Burnses and Mortons Go to New York (#6.1)" (1955)
Reporter #1: Gracie, I interviewed you two years ago. Was that the last time you were here?
Gracie Allen: No, this is the last time. That was the time before this.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: The Twenty-Four Dresses (#6.34)" (1956)
Yvette: This Mrs. Sohmers, she is wealthy?
Ronnie Burns: Oh yes, she and her husband are very rich. They have a big house on Long Island full of servants, and every winter they go to Florida on thier yacht.
Gracie Allen: Well, that's nice for the servants, but where do Mr. and Mrs. Sohmers go?
Ronnie Burns: Mother, THEY go to Florida on the yacht I was mentioning.
Gracie Allen: Oh. Well, then they can't be so wealthy if they have to borrow thier servants' yacht.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Misery Loves Company (#8.11)" (1957)
Blanche Morton: Gracie, let's go in and cheer Ralph up.
Gracie Allen: Oh, and I know how to do it! Isn't there a saying that misery loves company?
Blanche Morton: Yeah.
Gracie Allen: Well, come on, Blanche! We'll be so miserable he'll have to cheer us up!

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Trip to Palm Springs (#2.12)" (1952)
Gracie Allen: You know, every time I see Errol Flynn, he reminds me of George.
George Burns: Really?
Gracie Allen: Yes, he always says, "How's your husband?"

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Vanderlip Buys Black Negligee for His Wife (#4.30)" (1954)
Gracie Allen: Men are so deceitful. They look you right in the face while they're doing things behind your back!

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Gracie Takes Spanish Lessons (#3.29)" (1953)
Gracie Allen: You know, wouldn't you think that they would invent cars with the fenders already dented so if you happen to hit something it would straighten themselves out?

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Gracie Becomes a Portrait Artist After Museum Visit (#5.22)" (1955)
[first lines]
Gracie Allen: [finishing breakfast at the kitchen table] Did you enjoy your breakfast?
George Burns: Delicious.
Gracie Allen: Would you like some more eggs, Dear?
George Burns: [extending his cup to Gracie] No, thanks. How about some coffee?
Gracie Allen: [peering into George's cup] Oh, thanks - but you hardly have enough for yourself.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Space Patrol Kids Visit (#1.24)" (1951)
Gracie Allen: Now children, it's cold today so if you're going swimming, wear your sweaters.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Gracie Hires a Safecracker for Her Wall Safe (#5.29)" (1955)
Blanche Morton: Gracie, doesn't George have to have those bonds by tonight? And isn't Mark Plumb coming by to pick them up? And if he doesn't pick them up, isn't George going to lose a lot of money? And what is George gonna say about this?
Gracie Allen: Blanche, whose friend are you?
Blanche Morton: Yours.
Gracie Allen: Well then, stop thinking of questions for George and think of a few answers for me!

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Ronnie Moves to the Village (#6.7)" (1955)
Gracie Allen: I think I know a way of finding out about Ronnie without him knowing I'm there.
Blanche Morton: Look, Gracie, before you do whatever it is you're thinking of doing, would you take a little friendly advice?
Gracie Allen: Well, sure.
Blanche Morton: I think it's going to be silly.
Gracie Allen: Oh Blanche, this is no time to give me silly advice when I'm worrying about Ronnie!

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Gracie Goes to Psychiatrist for Blanche's Dream (#4.23)" (1954)
[first lines]
Blanche Morton: Well, you're right, Gracie. Maybe I shouldn't worry, but I've had that same dream five nights in a row.
Gracie Allen: Oh no, Blanche, you know dreams *can* be disturbing. I had a dream once that I went to a party with nothing on but a hat. Oh, it was awful.
Blanche Morton: I can imagine!
Gracie Allen: Well sure. There was another woman there wearing the same hat.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Company for Christmas (#6.12)" (1955)
Gracie Allen: I believe in being absolutely sincere whether I mean it or not.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Gracie Gets a Valet for George (#5.18)" (1955)
Harry Morton: Well, Gracie, this is quite a surprise. Eight o'clock, isn't that a bit early?
Gracie Allen: Well no, it's no surprise. Eight o'clock is always early - unless it's at night, and then it's late.

"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Gracie Thinks Harry Morton Is in Love With Her (#3.14)" (1953)
George Burns: I guess kleptomaniacs run in your family?
Gracie Allen: They have to.