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Donbot (Character)
from "Futurama" (1999)

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"Futurama: Bender Gets Made (#2.17)" (2000)
Donbot: We're the Robot Mafia. The entire Robot Mafia.

Donbot: Get a load of the ball bearings on this guy.

Donbot: All right, let's mafia things up. Joey, burn down the ship. Clamps, burn down the crew.

Robot Who Owes Money: Donbot, I beg you. I can't make this week's loan payment. Look into your hard drive and open your mercy file!
Donbot: File not found.
[Clamps and Joey Mousepad shoot the robot. A lot]
Donbot: Let that be a warning to you!
Robot Who Owes Money: [stands up full of holes but otherwise unscathed] Thank you, Donbot!

"Futurama: Bendless Love (#3.6)" (2001)
Joey Mousepad: Yo, get an eyeload of that filthy scab with the beard waving his filthy scab money. It's an insult to you, boss.
Donbot: Yeah. That cash oughta be slushing my fund and kicking my back.
Clamps: I'm greasing up my hoozits!
Donbot: Whoa, whoa, Clamps. Not yet. Let's just keep an eye on him and see if he does it a couple more times.

Joey Mousepad: He's flashing his cash loaf again.
Donbot: How many times is that? Two or three?
Clamps: Three.
Donbot: All right, that's the necessary number of times. That scab's gonna have a little on-the-job accident.
Joey Mousepad: With all due respect, Donbot, I don't think we should rely on an accident to happen. Let's kill him ourselves.

"Futurama: Viva Mars Vegas (#7.11)" (2012)
Donbot: Clamps, break something over his head.
Clamps: Everything in here is broken.
Donbot: Then find the least broken thing and hit him over the head with it.
Clamps: This Judith Krantz novel only has part of its front cover missing.