Uncle Iroh
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Biography for
Uncle Iroh (Character)
from "Avatar: The Last Airbender" (2005)

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General Iroh, also known as the 'Dragon Of The West', was once a powerful Fire Nation general and crown price. He lost his will to continue his siege at Ba Sing Se following the death of his only son, Lu Tien. His older brother, Ozai, made a power grab for the Fire Lord throne, seeing Iroh's departure from battle as a disgrace. Ozai later banished Iroh and his own son Zuko.

"Uncle" Iroh and Zuko spend many years searching the world for the Avatar together before becoming fugitives of the Fire Nation and living as refugees in Ba Sing Se.

Iroh becomes a wise father figure to Zuko, who initially wants to find and capture the Avatar to regain his honor and birth right. Iroh, who embraces the balance of all four elements, encourages Zuko to follow his own destiny.

Background: Iroh is a tea lover, although he once poisoned himself attempting to make tea from a White Jade plant. Iroh's favorite tea is Gingseng.

A wise old man, Iroh frequently dispenses advice and witty proverbs to help Zuko walk along the right path. Though he is from the Fire Nation, Iroh is never malevolent and would rather fight with logic, although he remains capable in combat, even using his large belly to throw enemies off their feet.

A member of the secret society, the Order of the White Lotus, Iroh is revealed to be a grand master, having studied all over the world the different techniques of fighting. It is believed he won his nickname 'Dragon of the West' by killing off the last living dragon in the world.