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Quotes for
Willoughby (Character)
from The Four Feathers (1978) (TV)

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The Four Feathers (2002)
Willoughby: [speaking of Harry leaving the regiment] We've been sent to war and the very next day he resigns. There's no doubt about it.
Jack Durrance: What's that supposed to mean?
Willoughby: I think it's perfectly clear what it means.
Castleton: Tom, don't be absurd!
William Trench: Shut up, Vicar.
Willoughby: It means he's a coward, Jack.
Jack Durrance: Say that to his face.
Willoughby: I would have done only he left the barracks before I had a chance.
Jack Durrance: Alright then, say it to my face.
William Trench: Easy, Jack.
Willoughby: Harry is a disgrace. He disgraced the regement.
Jack Durrance: He is the best soldier in the regement!
Willoughby: Obviously not when it counts. I will tell him. But not to his face. He doesn't deserve it. He deserves to be treated with the same contempt he treated us.
Jack Durrance: What contempt?
Willoughby: Did he talk to you about it? Did he talk to any of you? He's left with his back exposed and he didn't even have the courage to tell us. He was my friend too, Jack.
Jack Durrance: He'll be there.

Harry Faversham: Willoughby, you look wonderful, darling.
Jack Durrance: Princess Willoughby.
Harry Faversham: Miss Willoughby.
William Trench: A hair is out of place there, Tom.
Willoughby: When are you gentlemen going to grow up?
Harry Faversham: Gentlemen! Did he call us gentlemen?
Jack Durrance: I believe he did.
Harry Faversham: I won't take that from him.
Jack Durrance: Nor will I.